Let me take you to Zombie Town……..

Zombie Town - by Laura Barbosa

 Illustration  by Laura Barbosa

Roxy and Laurie were about to descend on the parking attendant as he waited for the security guard. They were hungry and ready to taste human flesh for the second time. They were ready to FEAST. They had, after all, only nibbled on each other. The inhuman noise that came from their mouths as the lurched forward was bone chilling, but it alerted their victim of their intention. He jumped out-of-the-way and pushed past them, locking the door behind him.

“Ron, where are you, I have two newbies in my office, and they are hungry. First ones I have seen in some time, they are just kids too. Shame, but too late to be saved.”

Ted, the parking attendant screamed and jumped as someone tapped him on his shoulder.

“Here I am, did I scare you?”

Ted mopped his brow. “No I enjoy a good scream in the afternoon, and jumping is good for my heart. Yes you scared me you fool. I have two hungry teenagers locked in my office and I am more than a little jumpy”

Ron laughed and pulled something that looked a little like a stun gun from his belt. He pressed a button, making sure it was charged. Ted pulled a face. “Does that thing hurt them?” he asked.

Ron rolled his eyes “Hello, they are already dead, next stop Zombie Town”.

Ted’s phone rang. “Almost there Ted, is everyone OK”

“Yes, apart from the two young kids in my office.”

“Kids, what a shame. Kids adapt quickly though” the voice on the phone said.

Adapt, how could you adapt to being the walking dead? Ted shrugged his shoulders and looked across the parking lot at the approaching van. It was a heavy armor-plated military style vehicle. Ted and Ron stood aside as it backed up to the office door.

Ron rapped on the office door “I’m coming in girls, ready or not.”

He pushed the door open quickly and the two young girls blinked as bright light flooded the dark office. Ron shot his Zombie taser at them, making them both shudder and appear to go into some sort of trance. He eased behind them and prodded at them, pushing them forward. Docile, they climbed into the back of the van. Ted closed the door quickly, shuddering as he did so. “Such a shame, so young”

The van driver laughed “Don’t feel sorry for them, they live the life of Riley in Zombie Town.”

He got back into the van, singing as he did so.


Let me take you to Zombie Town, Let me take you to Zombie Town. 

Ron and Ted watched as the van pulled away. Two sad, hungry teenage faces looked back at them.

“Is there really a Zombie Town?” Ted asked.

“I doubt it. If they aren’t too far gone they will go to the lab for research. Better for them to be fully turned because incineration is quicker and much less painful than research.”

Ted went back into his office, where he shut and locked the door, before opening a bottle of scotch. He hated the Zombie disease. How long until it took over the world. With that thought, he began to drown his sorrows.

I hope you enjoyed my Zombie series. It was something different for me. Zombies seem to be the ‘in thing’ right now, but I’m over it. This was fun, but I’m done.

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