Stories to Tell

I started writing again just over 10 years ago. Not really sure what sparked it. I hadn’t written since I was in my early (troubled teens).
Suddenly, when I hit my fifties, stories began flooding my brain and screaming to be let out.
The first story to emerge was “Guy at the Bar”, which brought back lovely memories of a small village in North Yorkshire called Brompton on Swale. Tears flowed as I wrote about my parents, how I miss them. If there really is an after life, they’ll be looking down at me and shaking their head and saying, “Our Sandra, a rebel to the end.”
Guy at the Bar wasn’t a best seller, but it piqued my interest and more stories followed. I recently re-wrote Guy at the Bar, and bundled it into a collection of short, slightly scary stories, called “Ghosts on the Sand and other chilling tales.” It’s still for sale on Amazon, along with my second book “Dead of July.”
Ghosts on the Sand Dead of July – Amazon
Now I’m retired and have a little more time on my hands so I’m writing again. I’ve just finished a Children’s book, inspired by my daughter’s pup Tess. I took care of Tess for a short time while my daughter and her husband vacationed in Japan. I never knew dogs could be so funny, or have so much character. I adjusted my mindset to write for children. I also had to think like a puppy. It was a blast to write. “Princess Tess and her Mess” will be published sometime this year.
The pictures above are my mum and dad. I never stop missing them. On the right is the King William IV, where Guy at the Bar came to life.
Writing makes me happy!

A Disturbing Encounter


The King Bill was a friendly welcoming place where all the locals hung out. It was an old stone building with big bay windows, low ceilings, and whitewashed walls. During the cold winter months, a fire burned in the bar and another in the snug. The snug was a small room where the women would gather and enjoy catching up with the latest gossip. With its comfy chairs and carpeted floor, it was a home away from home

My disturbing encounter in the King Bill happened on a Saturday night in spring of 1975. It was almost closing time. I sat alone on a tall bar stool enjoying a quiet drink, when I heard a noise in the hallway by the front door.
“Are you all right, mate?” an unseen voice asked.
“Stupid damn doormat.”

At that point a stranger entered, brushing himself down. Based on his comment, he’d fallen as he came through the door from the street. He made himself comfortable on the stool next to mine, and ordered a pint of bitter with a whiskey chaser. Liz, the landlady and owner of the pub, was serving behind the bar, and was about to call last orders, so he was lucky to get a drink at all.

He was a tall, skinny man—gangly, almost—with a mop of unruly, dark curly hair. A pair of very thick heavy spectacles covered most of his face. The lenses magnified his eyes, making them look huge and out of proportion. He downed half of his pint in one gulp, wiped the froth from his mouth, and then drank his whiskey. He turned to me with a silly drunken smile on his face.


floating“Hello, who’s there”

June was afraid, but only mildly. She lay on something so soft it could have been a cloud. Invisible fingers caressed her body in places she didn’t know existed. It was alarmingly pleasant. She was naked!

She’d never take drugs before, so had no idea the calm she felt, was sedative induced. It just felt good.

Her body moved so she faced downwards, there was nothing beneath her, nothing holding her. I’m floating. Gentle warmth enveloped her, starting between her thighs and moving across her skin like an invisible blanket. She tingled with pleasure. This must be heaven. 

June closed her eyes and drifted into ecstasy…….

A noise close to her head startled her, she smiled, hoping for more fingers on her body.

“Hey, are you alright, Miss?”

What? June opened her eyes and came face to face with a young man, a Police Officer. Where am I? 

“Your door’s locked! Are you okay?”

She looked around confused. She was in the driver’s seat of her car. It was daylight! Opening the door, she got out, bent over and threw up. The police officer stepped back just in time. He spoke into a radio that was clipped to his jacket.

“The car fits the description. I have a young girl here, looks to be 17, and matches the photo. Throwing up. May have had too much to drink. Is Leslie close, a female police officer would be nice right now.”

June sat in the car, but kept the door open.

“Hi, I’m hoping you’re June, your dad called us because you didn’t come home last night, were you drinking?”

“What? No! I don’t drink. I pulled over because I was scared to drive in the mist. I couldn’t see the road. Then my car wouldn’t start. Cell phone was dead.” She began to cry.

“Don’t cry.”

Her cell phone vibrated on the passenger seat. It was her dad calling her. How can that be?

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Pigeons, Time and my Life Fly By

Wood PigeonI am awakened by the sound of Wood Pigeons. I smile and roll over snuggling into my warm bed. It’s Saturday so I am in no hurry to move.

No school today. My mum only works for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning and will be home soon. We always enjoy breakfast together before getting ready for the one o clock bus into Darlington.

Saturday is shopping day. First stop is ‘Pietro’s’ where my mum gets her hair fixed. Pietro is a very handsome Italian, he makes my mum blush, and that makes me laugh. Next stop Woolworth’s, where I always get a treat. We wander around the ‘covered in market’ for Yorkshire Curds, meat and whatever else takes our fancy, and we finish up in the Co-op.

Sometimes we buy fish and chips and eat them on the way home.

Yes, I like Saturdays.  CIMG0145

I like shopping with my mum in Darlington. I love the little village of Summerhouse, my home.

Finally I open my eyes, ready to enjoy the day.

Something isn’t right. I rub my eyes and look again.

This isn’t my cozy bedroom in Summerhouse. It’s a lovely room, but not mine, or is it?

I see white wooden shutters on the windows with a green and gold chaise beneath them. I look towards the double doors leading out to the stairs, and the vaulted ceiling of the room beyond.

This is a lovely house, but it isn’t Summerhouse, this is Colorado.

It’s not 1963 anymore and I am not six years old.

In what seems the ‘blink of an eye’ the years flew by. Where did they go?

The year is 2013 and I am old. My mum passed away a long time ago.

The Wood Pidgeon is still outside, but I think he is mocking me now.



SHOW YOURSELF – You are in my house

We once had a cat called Luna. Like all cats she had character, like all cats she saw things we didn’t. There was a certain area in our living room, high up on the wall, she would stare at. Sometimes she would hiss or mew while here eyes were fixed there. Sometimes she would just run off into another room. I tried on several occasions, to see what she could see, but never did.

Black and white catThis Christmas my daughter came to stay with us, as she does every year, accompanied by her funny little dog. On Christmas day we all settled down to watch movies. The lights were out and we focused on the television screen, all except the little dog, who sat with her back to the television, staring at the wall above me. I looked, but saw nothing. No reflections, no shadows, nothing.

She started to growl and barked a couple of times, looking ready to attack thin air, but what she was growling at was way above her head so finally she gave up.

This is not an unfamiliar occurence, we have had a ‘presence’ in every house we lived in, but this one has been sleeping for a while.

What revived it? I don’t know.

Is it here for a while? I don’t know.

Who is it? I don’t know.

This could be the same ‘presence’ that shared our house thirty-five years ago when we were first married and lived in Dorset? It was much more active them, moving things around and scaring our neighbors when they came to visit.

It could be the same spirit that lived with us in Germany, where it played with us a little, but not quite so much.

When we lived in Hampshire, it was extremely active again, particularly around our young daughter, who appeared to have conversations with something on the ceiling way before she could talk properly.


I don’t remember any visitations when we lived in Kent. The locals probably scared it away.

After moving here to Colorado things were quiet for a while, until we moved to our house in Franktown. My daughter was the first to encounter something this house. She actually saw a lady in old-fashioned costume, sitting in our living room one day when she came home from school sick. It was daylight, not the usual night-time haunting.

On occasions the door to her bedroom would rattle and burst open during the night. My husband and I both saw someone glide up the stairs one night, before disappearing. We couldn’t make out any features, just a shadowy presence.

Obviously this presence means us no harm, but it would be nice to know who it is as they seem to have stuck by us for over thirty-five years.

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I have also written two short stories based on my visitations and premonitions Girl on the Beach (UK) and Girl on the Beach (US) are still available on Amazon. They are free if you are a Prime Member. My first short story ‘Guy at the Bar’ has been taken down for re-editing. 

In March my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be published. This story is set in Germany in 1982 and is a roller coaster ride covering the experiences of a young British Army wife, who got involved with the Russian Mafia (living and dead). Watch out for it and give it a try.

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Courting in the Yorkshire Dales. Ghost or UFO?

When I was in my late teens, and just after I met my husband, I had a very strange experience. Was it a ghost or was it a UFO? I will never know for sure.

We were driving along a dark country road in North Yorkshire, looking for a quiet place to do a little ‘courting’.

I was driving my bright yellow Vauxhall Viva. My first car. The road was narrow and dark, but that wasn’t unusual in the Richmond area. 

Suddenly a light appeared at the front of the car. It was shining down from the sky illuminating the road ahead of us.

My ‘soon to be’ husband didn’t pay much attention to it, and nor did I at first.

The light shone through the front window of my car, then it shone through the back window. It was really bright and I was totally freaked out.

Was there a UFO up there in the sky? If there was, I certainly wasn’t going to look for it. I put my foot down and bumped along the country road as fast as I could, trying to find a place to hide.

I drove through an open gate and into a field, where I tried to hide under a large Chestnut tree.

How I expected to hide a bright yellow car under a Chestnut tree I don’t know. Not sure if there were Satellites around in 1976, but if there were my bright yellow car would have been visible to one.

My imagination was running wild, and it surprises me that my husband still married me. I was acting like a crazy person.

Maybe it was a big malevolent ghost in the sky, waiting to pluck me out of my car.

I never did find out what was up there, I didn’t want to. Instead I covered my face with my hands and waited for it to go away. 

I wouldn’t allow my boyfriend open the door and get out of the car to investigate, so he never found out what it was either.

Could an airplane be flying that low, or that slow? Possibly, but there was no sound. It was a silent light dancing around my car, as though playing with me.

I have many such stories to tell, most of them taking place in the Yorkshire Dales after dark.


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In a couple of months my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released. It is a roller coaster of a story which takes place in Germany in July 1982.

It follows the experiences of a young girl, married to a British Soldier, and the trouble she gets  into after helping a young German girl escape from an evil man who abused her. 

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Book Previews!

As I learn a little more about the writing and publishing world, I find more ways to allow you to preview my work.

Attached are previews from my three books.

‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ are already for sale as E-book and P-books.

‘Dead of July’ is with my editor and will be released soon.

When ‘Dead of July’ is released I have decided to do a further edit my first two stories and re-release them. Both have recieved great reviews, but as I learn more I want to make them even better. My readers deserve it.

Writing and publishing are a learning process and I am loving it, but still learning.…      (Girl on the Beach)…      (Guy at the Bar)…        (Dead of July available soon)