Watch out World, HERE I COME!

At last, I’ve reached the light at the end of the tunnel. It was a scary journey, but I made it. If you’ve been following this blog, you were probably waiting for the third installment of my “Mist” story.

It’ll be here soon!

Before I continued with it, I just wanted to explain my absence. I usually blog twice a week, once here and once on my travel blog. Over the last couple of years, my blogs have become less and less frequent. I didn’t realize it, but my health was deteriorating. It just crept up on me, and then BANG, I ended up in hospital!

It turned out to be a blessing in disguise, they got to the bottom of whats wrong with me (not gluten like they suspected) and I can manage it. An old gal like me takes a while to recover, but I’m almost there! I’m almost me again. My imagination is back, my stories are flowing and I’m raring to go.

Watch out world, here I come!hereicome



Alone Again!

FootstepsLes washed his anger away in the shower and came down for breakfast in a better mood.

“Time to get my kit together after breakfast, my flight leaves at two fifteen.”

“I’d forgotten you were flying today, I suppose it’s best, DC is a long flight, if you left it until tomorrow you’d miss a full day of work.”

“Yes, and we go live next week. Are you OK, you’re quiet?”

Had he really already forgotten my nightmare? 

“I’m fine.” I replied. Not that you care anyway. I returned to my thoughts.

Shall I visit the barn again, or shall I go and talk to the old guy down the road? Yes, this could be my next story, but I had to see how it ended before I began to write. 

“I said, what do you think?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up. Les was staring at me, waiting for an answer.  “Sorry, think about what?”

“Oh forget it,” he said irritated again.

“What did you ask me? I didn’t sleep well remember! I’ll probably try to nap this afternoon when you’re gone?”

“I said what do you think about flying out to DC in a couple of weeks instead of my flying home. You said you wanted to see where the President lives. How about it?”

“Yes, sounds great, I’d like that. Can you arrange a visit with him?” I replied, trying to be light-hearted and not show how I really felt. I really did enjoy traveling I’d wanted to go to DC for a while. DC and Boston were the only two US cities I hadn’t managed to cross off my bucket list yet.

I was relieved when Les finally left for the airport. I’d managed not to show it, but I really was hurt and upset with the way he’d talked to me. I needed him gone for a week to get over it. A nightmare was one thing, but surely he knew this was more. I waved him off, smiling as though nothing was wrong, but the smile faded as he drove away.

How am I going to handle this? 

My question was answered. As I turned to go back inside, a solitary figure appeared at the end of the drive. It was the old guy from the Stagecoach. He walked slowly towards me as though every step he took caused him great pain. I wasn’t sure if he’d even seen me standing at the door, his head hung so low his chin almost touched his chest.

I shivered as I looked at him, and the shadow that followed behind.

Gran, I hope you’re still looking out for me, I think I’m going to need you!

Working and Walking

041113-2nd-walk-300x225I’m sure many of you share my problem, no time for the gym. I love to work out and feel my heart racing, but I’m a part-time author and have a full-time and very demanding job. I decided a brisk lunch time walk was answer. Not quite a power walk, but a fast walk. I started walking a mile or so a day, and it felt good. Then I bought myself a Nike Fuel Band, wow, that certainly did the trick. I set the fuel at 2,500 and the steps at 10,000. Once I could see the numbers, it pushed me to exercise more. Now I’m walking three miles almost every day. If the weather doesn’t permit, I use the gym in my office building……I feel GREAT! So those of you who can’t find time to work out, use your lunch hour. It makes the day go much faster and energizes you, especially if you can walk outside.


Dead of July – A novel by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson


Ghosts – Stories – Me!

I started writing about my life a couple of years ago. Writing about my life meant writing about ghosts too. Can’t remember when I was without them.

I adapt my stories a little to make them more enjoyable, but they are all based on actual events so I can’t change them too much.

This is a pretty good likeness to the pub in which my first story took place.













My first book cover ‘Girl on the Beach’ will always be my favorite.

I needed to share my stories with the world and in my hurry to put them on Amazon for everyone to read, I failed to work with my editor as well as I should have. I know better now.

I am both amazed and happy to say that despite the less than perfect editing, I have had some pretty good reviews on both of these books. I have been following the Amazon reviews, but today discovered that ‘Good Reads’ and ‘Barnes and Noble’ published reviews also. Mostly good, but of course there were some that weren’t. It’s OK though. The critical reviews are what I need to learn from, and I did. What did I learn?

1. Work more closely with my editor and pay attention to her.

2. List my books in the right category. (these books were listed as suspense and should have been ghost stories)

3. Work more closely with your editor and pay attention to her.

You get the drift!

That being said, my first full length novel is now with my new editor Amy. It has taken us almost a month to finish the first chapter. I have added dialogue and made other changes on her recommendation. I am loving how this book is turning out. I suppose I am ‘growing’ as a writer. They say third time lucky and this is my third book. Getting it right has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with hard work.

Although this book is the third one I have published, it is the first one I am truly proud of. My first two short stories Girl on the Beach (US)  and Guy at the Bar Amazon were stepping-stones to my first full length novel.  Watch out for ‘Dead of July’ which will be released later this year. I think it will be worth the wait.

Sandra Thompson may become a best-selling author.

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

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My new editor is Amy Eye at and I am confident she will help make ‘Dead of July’ a book to remember.