Bohemian Ending!


I saw Bohemian Rhapsody yesterday, it inspired my writing a little. I’m currently writing the sequel to “Dead of July”, already chose the ending “Lingering Evil”.

Lingering Evil starts in February of 1984, two years after my last book ended. Sheila still lives in Germany, but her life has been fun. No more encounters with Evil Russians’ dead, or alive, until she finds out she’s pregnant. Then things change a little.

Where does Bohemian Rhapsody come into this? Live Aid! I think the Live Aid concert in July 1985 is a good place to end this book!

Dead of July

Ghosts on the Sand

The Irritated Spirit


No one enjoyed taking the elevator to the morgue. It was silent and depressing. A journey to a very cold hell, hidden in the bowels of the hospital! Dr. Lou Green was no different. He escorted detective Lorraine DeMarco to the gloomy dungeon. In normal circumstances he’d flirt with such a beautiful woman, but even her stunning looks and bright personality couldn’t lift his mood!
“Hi Lou, whats with the long face? Come one give me a smile.”
Lou looked at her. She was an olive-skinned beauty, unmarried, except to her career. Her perfect red lips curved in a smile and her eyes shone with mischief and humility.
“It’s the morgue. I feel defeated every time I come down here. A wall full of drawers, filled with dead folks defeats my purpose in this world.”
“You can’t save them all Lou! If their time’s up, they’re gonna go!”
“And tell me, why would the time be up on a 25-year-old girl? Who decided she should die?”
The elevator doors whooshed open and they stepped into the silent corridor that led to the room of the dead.
“I know, not good, but that’s why I’m here right? To find out what happened to her. You have the post-mortem results don’t you?”
“Not personally. You know I don’t do that, I’m just bringing you down here because Jack was called away. I couldn’t work on the dead, whats the point?”
Lorraine laughed, “Come on Lou, cheer up. A post-mortem helps us find the bastard that killed them.”
Lou opened the door to the morgue and shivered.
“I couldn’t work down here, I’d freeze to death.”
“It does seem colder than normal today,” Lorraine responded pulling her jacket tightly around her.
They walked along the wall of drawers until they found the one labeled Rosa Rosso. Lorraine chuckled.
“Death isn’t funny detective!”
“Oh come on, Rosa Rosso. She sounds like a stripper, where’s your sense of humor?”
Lou couldn’t find humor in the morgue and glowered at her as he slid the oversized drawer open.
The drawer was empty.
“Great, one’s escaped!”
They both turned towards the sound of the door at the end of the room closing, then ran towards it.
On the floor lay a toe tag. Detective DeMarco picked it up and read the name out loud.
“Rosa Rosso, dam Lou, one really did get away!”

Lost Dog


“Lacie, come on, Lacie. Here girl, where are you?”
Norah shouted in vain, there was no sign or sound of her puppy. She took out her cell phone.
“No signal, Damn”
Then she heard something, a slight rustling in the bushes ahead. “Lacie?”
A whimper.
“I’m coming!”
Nora ran forward, grazing her legs as she almost tripped over a tree stump. Then she stopped and listened.
The moonlight cast a shadow, a long thin shadow. Thats not my dog!
Norah was nervous and prepared to turn and run, but the owner of the shadow appeared from behind a three. It was a young boy, he was hugging a small white dog close to his chest.
“Is this what you’re looking for?”
She ran forward and took the limp white bundle of fur into her arms, tears running down her cheeks. “Lacie, what happened?”
She buried her face in the familiar fuzzy mop of fur that was her beloved dog and smothered her with kisses. Lacie whimpered weakly, but didn’t move.
“What happened?” she asked the boy. There was no answer. When she looked up she was alone in the darkness.
“Come on pup, let’s get you home.”
Nora checked her cell phone again. She had a signal now and hit speed dial. After several rings she almost hung up, then she heard her husband’s voice. He sounded distant, distracted. Was someone there with him? No time to worry about that now.
“John, I’ve found Lacie, but she’s hurt.”
No response.
“John, did you hear me?”
The line went dead!




The End!

EasbyStAgatha2Lindsay couldn’t remember if they gave her something to help her sleep, or if she was so traumatized she blocked everything out, but she didn’t recall getting in the ambulance. When she opened her eyes she found herself in a hospital bed with the worried face of her mam looking down at her.

“Oh thank God. I was worried you’d never open your eyes again,” she said as she planted a kiss on Lindsay’s cheek. “I had no idea what was happening or we’d have come back sooner.”

Lindsay smiled weakly. “It wouldn’t have changed anything.”

“I spoke to Mel’s mam at the funeral, she….”

“The Funeral! I missed the funeral? How long have I been in hospital?”

“Since yesterday afternoon, the funeral was this morning.”

“I wanted to go, I wanted to say good-bye.”

“You can say goodbye any time. It was a lovely service. Reverend Stegall made it very personal, he christened her you know, back in 1959.”

“He shouldn’t be burying her yet though, she’s too young, why did this happen?”

“It’s the bloody IRA, why do they do anything?”

“It wasn’t the IRA mam, the man who did this was grief-stricken at losing his sister. Cross fire with the British Army and the IRA. He lost his mind.”

“Yes, lost his mind and killed over a hundred people.” Lindsay’s mam said bitterly.

No one spoke for a while.

“There was a policewoman at the funeral, she asked after you.”

“Barbara? She was helping me.”

“Helping you with what?”

“Don’t worry about it now, I’ll tell you another time. You wouldn’t understand.”

Her mam’s eyes narrowed suspiciously. “You’re not in trouble again are you? Please tell me you weren’t smoking that cannabis stuff again. Didn’t you learn your lesson last time.”

“No mam, I haven’t smoked any cannabis, I told you I’m over that.”

A nurse walked into the room, saving Lindsay from a conversation that was making her anxious rather than soothing her.

“Hi Lindsay, the doctor’s coming in to check you out, he’ll probably give you the all clear to go home.” She looked at Lindsay’s mam. “Could you leave us for a few minutes please while we examine her.”

A young Indian doctor appeared in the doorway. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“Tired,” Lindsay replied.

“It’s shock, you have been trough a lot in the last week and sometimes, in these circumstances your brain shuts down because it can’t cope with anymore. It makes you tired. Sleep blocks out the pain. Sometimes its a good thing.”

The doctor pointed a light into Lindsay’s eyes as he spoke. He checked her pulse, put a stethoscope on her back, took her temperature and asked her questions. Lindsay answered automatically, but her attention was focused on the doorway.

“Was anyone else admitted to hospital with me, did anyone else survive?” she asked.

The nurse hung her head as she answered, “No, sorry pet, were they your friends. Two young men died at the scene. There was an explosion, they were dead before they hit the water.”

Lindsay continued to stare at the doorway where Michael stood. No one else saw him. He smiled at her. It was a beautiful smile.

“Michael, I’m sorry.” She said.

Both the doctor and the nurse followed Lindsay’s gaze, but all they saw was an empty doorway.

“We may have to keep you in for observation.” The doctor said with a worried look on his face.

“Did you find anything wrong with me?” Lindsay asked.

“No but….”

“Then I’m going home.”

And another short story comes to and end. My head is full of them, so pretty soon another will begin. I hope they give you some pleasure, I certainly enjoy writing them. I’ve provided a link to my first novel below. It took me a couple of years to write and perfect, but I think it was worth it. It may be the best $0.99 you’ll ever spend, who knows?

Dead of July

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Walking Dead? A visit from a dead friend!

0a81a5298b5af4dc9a1bab1dedbdb0b5“DED 1666? Are you sure?” The Sgt. asked “It’s a pretty unusual number, probably a custom plate.”

“Yes I’m sure.”

“A number like that should be easy to trace. You can’t remember the color, but you remember the plate number.”

“Like you said, it’s unusual.” The doorbell rang again. Pam left Lindsay and the Sgt. together and opened the door to Steve, Lindsay’s brother. He followed her into the kitchen. “I thought I’d pop by to make sure  you’re alright. I just opened the local newspaper and saw what happened at that disco. I heard the fire engines last night, but didn’t know where they were going. Isn’t that where you hang out sometimes?” Then he looked at Sargent Whitely. “Are you in trouble Lindsay?”

“No for once I’m not in trouble. I was at the disco last night, I left early. All of my friends were there. Now they’re dead.” Lindsay’s voice broke. She didn’t have a close relationship with her brother and he looked uncomfortable.

“What? There are no survivors? God, I didn’t know. That’s awful. Why didn’t you come to us last night. You shouldn’t be on your own. I’m not sure how to contact Mum and Dad, they’re in France somewhere.”

Lindsay looked a Steve. He was genuinely worried, a side of him she’d never seen before. “Whats the point in worrying them. They probably won’t hear the news in France, leave them be and let them enjoy their vacation. God knows they deserve it.”

Sgt Whitely interrupted, “I’m going to leave you in peace now. If you remember anything else please call me.” Lindsay nodded and Pam showed him out.

Steve looked at his sister. “Are you going to be okay?”

“I honestly don’t know.” Lindsay said. She felt numb, probably in shock. “I’m alive.”

Pam switched on the kettle. “It’s too early for anything stronger so we’ll make do with tea. That car you saw, you’d best watch out for it, it may be the bloody Irish. They might be watching you. Terrorist bastards.”

“IRA?” Steve looked at me alarmed. “Did the IRA do this?”

“No one knows. The locals are putting two and two together and making six. They are guessing its the IRA because Studio 2 is near an Army camp. No one really knows what happened. They say it may be a car bomb, but everyone is just jumping to conclusions.”

“Do you want to come and stay with Janie and I until this all blows over?” Steve asked.

“It’s never going to blow over, people are dead, how can that blow over? No, I’ll be alright here.” A noise from outside made everyone look towards the window. Lindsay screamed.

“What wrong?” Pam asked. Lindsay couldn’t speak, just pointed to the window.

Steve opened the back door. “Nothing here, it was probably a squirrel or something.

Lindsay was visibly shaking. “No one saw the face at the window?”

Pam and Steve looked at each other. Steve spoke “No, I didn’t see anything. Are you sure you don’t want to come and stay with Janie and I?”

“Don’t treat me like an invalid, I saw a someone at the window.”

“Did you recognize them? Who was it?” Pam asked.

“It looked like Mel.”

“Wasn’t Mel at Studio 2 with you last night? Did she leave with you?”

Lindsay hung her head. “No, she was dancing with someone when I left.” She daren’t add that the face she’d just seen at the window was charred, hair burned off and teeth protruding from lips that were no longer there. If she told them that, they’d think she’d lost her mind. 

My novel Dead of July is available on Amazon, more stories to be published this year. Check back soon for the next instalment of my short blog story. I hope you it creeps you out!

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



Bite me? Is that really what she said. The woman’s face changed before my eyes. Her ‘plush plum’ lipstick disappeared, sinking into her cracked lips. Was her skin decayed in front of my eyes? As crazy as it seems, I slapped myself across the face. I was dreaming, I must be. The slap didn’t wake me up, and my new crazy friend with the ‘plush plum’ make-up and matching jeans took a step closer. As she did so something fell to the ground. I looked down. It was a clump of hair with a little bit of scalp attached. I didn’t want to see anymore. I yanked the car door open started the engine as I locked myself in. Throwing the car into reverse, I hit the gas, but not before her terrifying face appeared at the passenger side window. “My name is Rachel, I’ll be seeing you.” she said. God, I hope not, I thought. Her face stamped itself in my memory. She looked sad, but worse than that, she looked hungry.

100104152-walking-dead-zombie-female-face.160x105This can’t really be happening, I told myself as I reversed out of my parking space. Had I stumbled onto the film set of ‘The Walking Dead’, but a version where the zombies talked. Or was this a flash back from  my mis-spent youth? My brother always told me it would catch up with me. I looked in my rearview mirror as I sped away. Rachel stood in the middle of the parking space I had just vacated. She waved at me, a horrific smile on her face. Two fingers crumbled and fell from her right hand as she waved. I looked away, not wanting to see anymore.

Pulling onto the highway, I drove home as quickly as I could without getting stopped for speeding, not that there was anyone to stop me, the roads were deserted. That seemed odd as it was early evening, and usually busy with people driving home from work. I reversed my red Audi into the garage, making it easy for a quick get-away if needed. I always parked this way, thinking I may need to escape from an intruder. When you live alone, it becomes a habit.  Tonight, it was more important than ever. I felt something may happen, and I wanted to be prepared.


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Let me take you to Zombie Town……..

Zombie Town - by Laura Barbosa

 Illustration  by Laura Barbosa

Roxy and Laurie were about to descend on the parking attendant as he waited for the security guard. They were hungry and ready to taste human flesh for the second time. They were ready to FEAST. They had, after all, only nibbled on each other. The inhuman noise that came from their mouths as the lurched forward was bone chilling, but it alerted their victim of their intention. He jumped out-of-the-way and pushed past them, locking the door behind him.

“Ron, where are you, I have two newbies in my office, and they are hungry. First ones I have seen in some time, they are just kids too. Shame, but too late to be saved.”

Ted, the parking attendant screamed and jumped as someone tapped him on his shoulder.

“Here I am, did I scare you?”

Ted mopped his brow. “No I enjoy a good scream in the afternoon, and jumping is good for my heart. Yes you scared me you fool. I have two hungry teenagers locked in my office and I am more than a little jumpy”

Ron laughed and pulled something that looked a little like a stun gun from his belt. He pressed a button, making sure it was charged. Ted pulled a face. “Does that thing hurt them?” he asked.

Ron rolled his eyes “Hello, they are already dead, next stop Zombie Town”.

Ted’s phone rang. “Almost there Ted, is everyone OK”

“Yes, apart from the two young kids in my office.”

“Kids, what a shame. Kids adapt quickly though” the voice on the phone said.

Adapt, how could you adapt to being the walking dead? Ted shrugged his shoulders and looked across the parking lot at the approaching van. It was a heavy armor-plated military style vehicle. Ted and Ron stood aside as it backed up to the office door.

Ron rapped on the office door “I’m coming in girls, ready or not.”

He pushed the door open quickly and the two young girls blinked as bright light flooded the dark office. Ron shot his Zombie taser at them, making them both shudder and appear to go into some sort of trance. He eased behind them and prodded at them, pushing them forward. Docile, they climbed into the back of the van. Ted closed the door quickly, shuddering as he did so. “Such a shame, so young”

The van driver laughed “Don’t feel sorry for them, they live the life of Riley in Zombie Town.”

He got back into the van, singing as he did so.


Let me take you to Zombie Town, Let me take you to Zombie Town. 

Ron and Ted watched as the van pulled away. Two sad, hungry teenage faces looked back at them.

“Is there really a Zombie Town?” Ted asked.

“I doubt it. If they aren’t too far gone they will go to the lab for research. Better for them to be fully turned because incineration is quicker and much less painful than research.”

Ted went back into his office, where he shut and locked the door, before opening a bottle of scotch. He hated the Zombie disease. How long until it took over the world. With that thought, he began to drown his sorrows.

I hope you enjoyed my Zombie series. It was something different for me. Zombies seem to be the ‘in thing’ right now, but I’m over it. This was fun, but I’m done.

Dead of July, my first novel will be released in a couple of months. I can’t wait to see it on the shelves. Watch out for it on Amazon and Smashwords  Preview Dead of July

My first short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is still available on Amazon and Smashwords. This story started my writing career, and I still enjoy reading it. Although I have received some great reviews, I am going to take it down for a re-edit. I strive for perfection and want to make my first book as good as my second.