Vampire Lust!


His lips touched my earlobe as he spoke. The feeling made my body tingle. It was strange, but exciting. It was also terrifying. I was thirteen and his touch stirred emotions I’d never felt before. Repulsion and excitement coursed through my body. I pulled away from him.

“I’m fine, I can walk on my own”

His dead eyes came to life. They shone with amusement, excitement, lust! He was using my mum to get to me. He wanted something from me? What was it? What did I have that he wanted?


Breaking Through!


I’d almost given up on myself. I love to write, been doing it since I started High School. I wrote when I was unhappy. I wrote when I was happy. So much in my head! I’ve only published one novel I’m proud to admit is mine. It’s never going to be on the best seller list, but I’m not ashamed of it. It was my introduction to publishing.

Dead of July – Amazon

I have three more stories finished and ready to put into a compilation, “Ghosts on the Sand and other Chilling Tales”. Whats holding me up? My last story “The Engineer”. This story started with nothing but a title floating around in my head. At first it was set in Northern Italy, but it moved across Europe to North Yorkshire, before getting lost in my brain. The Engineer is back now, struggling to be free,  hammering at my temples, scratching the back of my eyeballs, fighting his way out. I need to get his story finished before he finishes me. I’ve heard he drinks blood!


Wild Garlic

Orig9 9

“Roberto is that wild garlic?” Mum asked, looking at the white pungent bunch of flowers he held.

“Yes, Phoebe, it is, I picked them along the path by the river on the way here.”

He turned around to look directly at me menacingly.

“I hear it keeps vampires away!”

He smiled at me hungrily licking his lips, which were no longer dark against his perfect milky skin, but blood red. I knew it was my blood he wanted, not my mum’s. Terrified I fled the living room and slammed the door to the stairs; I shut my bedroom door too. My so-called Uncle wanted to hypnotize me. He wanted drink my blood.

I knew Garlic wasn’t going to protect me.

Lost Dog


“Lacie, come on, Lacie. Here girl, where are you?”
Norah shouted in vain, there was no sign or sound of her puppy. She took out her cell phone.
“No signal, Damn”
Then she heard something, a slight rustling in the bushes ahead. “Lacie?”
A whimper.
“I’m coming!”
Nora ran forward, grazing her legs as she almost tripped over a tree stump. Then she stopped and listened.
The moonlight cast a shadow, a long thin shadow. Thats not my dog!
Norah was nervous and prepared to turn and run, but the owner of the shadow appeared from behind a three. It was a young boy, he was hugging a small white dog close to his chest.
“Is this what you’re looking for?”
She ran forward and took the limp white bundle of fur into her arms, tears running down her cheeks. “Lacie, what happened?”
She buried her face in the familiar fuzzy mop of fur that was her beloved dog and smothered her with kisses. Lacie whimpered weakly, but didn’t move.
“What happened?” she asked the boy. There was no answer. When she looked up she was alone in the darkness.
“Come on pup, let’s get you home.”
Nora checked her cell phone again. She had a signal now and hit speed dial. After several rings she almost hung up, then she heard her husband’s voice. He sounded distant, distracted. Was someone there with him? No time to worry about that now.
“John, I’ve found Lacie, but she’s hurt.”
No response.
“John, did you hear me?”
The line went dead!




All Night Long

This wasn’t just your regular circus. There was no orchestra, no speakers pumping out music, but the big top was alive with sounds. All night long, I sat and watched, barely able to comprehend what was happening in front of me.  Was I dreaming, hallucinating or dead? In real life these people didn’t exist?

The first act could only be a supernatural being. The sad shape of a man floated through the air in front of my eyes. His aura made me want to cry. There was no trickery. The way he was moving was unexplainable and then, in a puff of smoke, he was gone.

There were Vampires too, not just people dressed in capes with false dentures. Although I didn’t feel threatened, I hoped they didn’t come too close. They introduced themselves as Nosferatu and were graceful and terrible as they danced before me. A beautiful pale ghost joined them, she had no blood to offer but danced their dance, passing through them gracefully.

Bernard’s alien bride swallowed fire and breathed out smoke and flames, creating a nebulous work of art that was there for a few seconds and then no more.

The little people and the clowns jumped and somersaulted through the audience, lightening the atmosphere between acts. Snake Girl walked the isles, spitting, hissing and scaring people half to death. The bearded lady appeared, her beard almost touching the floor.

Spectres of all shapes and sizes visited performed and floated among us. I daren’t look too closely at the audience knowing I was the odd one out. Those who were human looked like the living dead. Deformed and half crazed. Where was I?

I was both terrified and fascinated.

I heard the roaring and revving of engines behind me as without warning six powerful, shiny motorcycles sped by. They were ridden by metallic beings. As they sped down the aisle towards the center, three of them launched themselves in the air and proceeded to ride, in formation above us, fires spewing from their exhaust pipes.

When they left the tent, there was silence. No one shouted or applauded. I looked around me at the stillness. I was uncomfortable and felt that something was about to happen, and it may not be good.

Bernard was hurrying towards me so I stood up. He scooped me into his arms as he passed by. “Come on, time for you to leave” he said in a kid of whispered grow. I could hear an engine start-up outside and I was placed gently onto the back of the motorcycle. Jack was standing at the other side. He gave me a big kiss on my cheek. “Bye Poppy” he said and gave me a sad clown look. I had no time to speak as the motorcycle sped away. I looked behind me to see the tent fading away as thought it had never been there. My strange friends were fading too. I clung to the metallic rider and closed my eyes. I heard the sound of the engine no more as we left the earth and headed into the night. Did I sleep?

I found myself outside the front door of my own home and other than the sound of the birds awaking from their night-time slumber, it was silent. The sun was starting to cast its weak morning glow. I looked all around me and then to the sky, there was no sight nor sound of my ride home.

I quietly crept into the house, silently and carefully I climbed the stairs.  Once safely in my own bedroom, I slipped off my clothes and got into bed. Where had I been? I knew it wasn’t a dream, because I was still awake.

Maybe there were more dimensions to our world, and I had been a guest in one of them.

Exhausted, but safe in my own bed, I slept.

True Blood – The Vampire Fascination!

I have always loved Vampire movies. I scared myself so badly as a child that I could not go anywhere without wearing a cross for protection. Sometimes at night I slept with garlic under my pillow and my neck covered. I watched every new Vampire movie as soon as it was released. 

Bela Lugosi, Christopher Lee, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruz, Sir Anthony Hopkins, George Hamilton. Handsome or ugly Vampires are always bad, but we love to watch them. The undead have come a very long way. The Vampires of old were pale handsome men in suits who would rise from their coffins after dark. The new age Vampires are fast, vicious and in most cases, very handsome.  

I have to admit, I am a huge ‘True Blood’ fan. Not something to be taken seriously, but tremendous fun. Who couldn’t love Eric Northman?

I decided to do a little research for myself and discovered that Vampires of many different kinds do exist. Had I ever doubted it?

Wiki featured the article below, which I found interesting.

My favorite Vampire


Real Vampires are not immortal. They are not allergic to sunlight, silver, or garlic, or holy objects and a steak through the heart will kill anyone. Actually, a lot of vampires are Christian, so religion has nothing to do with vampirism. To get rid of the confusion, Vampires are completely human, except for a few traits. They tend to heal faster than humans and they need extra energy from a source other than food. Now when I say “need” I do not mean if they cannot get this extra energy that they will die.



Also, Vampirism is not a religion. A religion is a chosen lifestyle based on a certainGod and certain beliefs on that god. Vampires are born Vampires whether they like it or not. There is no choice in the matter. Vampires have no God they worship, and that includes satan (since a lot of people like to call us Satanists).


There are a few kinds of vampires.

Sanguine Vampires or the Element User Vampires. This is the most known type of Vampire. When most people hear the word Vampire they think bloodsuckers right? Well its true. Sanguine Vampires are the kind that drink blood. Unlike the myths, they do not stalk humans and kill them. They have specific human donors who are completely willing to what goes on between the Vampire and them. 

sanguine vampire

Psychic (Psy) Vampires or the Powerful Vampires. A person who will prey on the life energies of others. They are the type which have the ability to compel, teleport, phantomism, magic, tellekenesis, manipulate energy and reading the heart. Some Psy Vampires don’t even know what they are or what they do. They tend to steal the energy around them without knowing it. When the awakening process occurs with a Psy Vampire, he/she will start to notice that he/she is doing such.

psychic vampire symbol

There are several methods a Psychic Vampire can use to gain energy. There are Emotional Vampires that use attention-getting behaviors to attract people’s attention before draining their emotional energy. There are Sexual Vampires which feed directly upon the sexual energy created by their partners during sex. There are Pranic Vampires which feed directly on human vital energy. They will pull the energy to them from across a room or they may drain it with a touch.

Whatever the trait of  the Vampire, it’s all for the same purpose, to gain extra energy for themselves. They must feel their bodies do not create enough energy. Perhaps they feel they have a high spiritual metabolism and their body uses energy much more quickly than they can produce it. Every Vampire is different. Therefore every Vampire will have different traits and symptoms along with abilities.

Vampires or Zombies…….I’ll take Vampires any day.

(Preview) Dead of July

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