A Valentine’s Day Surprise


Valentine’s day 1984

Dortmund, Germany

“Congratulations, you’re going to be a mum.”
I was stunned!
“What? Are you sure?”

“Yes no doubt about it! You look surprised, you were planning a family weren’t you?”

“Yes, but I just didn’t expect it to happen this quickly?”
The young Army Captain’s piercing blue eyes focused on me from across the desk. “You are one of the lucky ones, some people try for years to get pregnant. You are happy about it right! You wanted this baby didn’t you?”

His handsome face looked concerned, “Do you want me to talk to your husband?”

“What, no, this is great news,” I replied, “I’m just not sure I know how to be a mum.”

The young Captain laughed out loud.

This is the sequel to my first novel Dead of July. It starts with good news, a baby, but soon things go bad and once again Sheila is fighting for her life and trying to preserve the life of her baby! 

Sharing the Love

It has been a frustrating and exhausting week, but I do believe I survived it. I’m happy to share yet another review from Amazon with you. A very lovely reader wrote this about ‘Dead of July’. It made my week worth while, so thank you “Reading Lady”.

I liked this book a lot. The mixture of supernatural with real-life danger was very well done. I’ll be looking for more books from this author.
Dead of July_Cover_in-template
I haven’t sold a heap of books, maybe around a hundred, but I never expected to be a best-selling author overnight. I don’t ever think I will be a best-selling author for that matter, but if everyone who reads my book enjoys it, I achieved my ambition.
If you haven’t bought your copy yet, and you’re a kindle reader, wait until March 3rd, when for 24 hours the price will be reduced to $1.99. On March 4th, it will be $2.99 and then it goes back up to the original price of $4.99.
I’m learning how to sell and market my book, (in my spare time). I believe Amazon also has another offer, where if you buy the paperback, you can purchase the eBook for half price. Save a penny where you can is what I say. 

Happy Valentines Day