Pigeons, Time and my Life Fly By

Wood PigeonI am awakened by the sound of Wood Pigeons. I smile and roll over snuggling into my warm bed. It’s Saturday so I am in no hurry to move.

No school today. My mum only works for a couple of hours on a Saturday morning and will be home soon. We always enjoy breakfast together before getting ready for the one o clock bus into Darlington.

Saturday is shopping day. First stop is ‘Pietro’s’ where my mum gets her hair fixed. Pietro is a very handsome Italian, he makes my mum blush, and that makes me laugh. Next stop Woolworth’s, where I always get a treat. We wander around the ‘covered in market’ for Yorkshire Curds, meat and whatever else takes our fancy, and we finish up in the Co-op.

Sometimes we buy fish and chips and eat them on the way home.

Yes, I like Saturdays.  CIMG0145

I like shopping with my mum in Darlington. I love the little village of Summerhouse, my home.

Finally I open my eyes, ready to enjoy the day.

Something isn’t right. I rub my eyes and look again.

This isn’t my cozy bedroom in Summerhouse. It’s a lovely room, but not mine, or is it?

I see white wooden shutters on the windows with a green and gold chaise beneath them. I look towards the double doors leading out to the stairs, and the vaulted ceiling of the room beyond.

This is a lovely house, but it isn’t Summerhouse, this is Colorado.

It’s not 1963 anymore and I am not six years old.

In what seems the ‘blink of an eye’ the years flew by. Where did they go?

The year is 2013 and I am old. My mum passed away a long time ago.

The Wood Pidgeon is still outside, but I think he is mocking me now.



Bickering Politicians!


Aren’t you tired of these bickering politicians? For goodness sake, the hot air that has been expelled in bickering could have heated a city during sub-zero temperatures.

I have to say, in the past, I have supported the Republicans. I do say in the past because since 2000, they brought this great country almost to its knees.

I don’t argue or debate politics because I don’t know that much about it, but what I see from the ‘birds eye view’ just disgusts me. Obama is currently our President, and I do like him. He is smart and logical and I think he is doing and excellent job, but could do much better if he didn’t have to put up with the constant bickering and battling that is thrown at him by the unruly, badly behaved Republican Party.  This display of bad manners and rudeness has shown me the Republicans in their true colors and they will never, ever get my vote again……this is coming from someone who voted conservative in England all of her life, and then was a staunch Republican here,

For heavens sake, keep religion out of politics, stop being bad losers and help this country be great again if you ever want to win back the respect and loyalty of those who once voted for you!

Just like the movies?

2002 Ford Mustang GT. Author created photo. Re...

Mustang GT


Summer on Sixteenth Streeet


Everything was new and exciting during our first six months in Colorado. As the weather got warmer, I was able to use the swimming pool and was soon a very dark brown. I made one or two friends, but mostly read and enjoyed the sunshine. I knew I would get bored eventually and, of course, I did. Joanna was at school and Lester at work! I knew I couldn’t get paid to work because I didn’t have a work visa, but that shouldn’t stop me from doing voluntary work right???? WRONG! I offered my services to a daycare, a new business that helped new mum’s cope with motherhood and a charity. Everyone loved the though of hiring me, but then treated me like some sort of threat after talking to their insurance companies. I felt like an alien all over again.

I did make a friend at the pool, she was about the same age as me and married with a couple of kids. She took me under her wing for a while and showed me around. When school finished for Summer we would pile in her car and to fun places like Water World. We had a blast at the water park, until we all had to take cover from one of the early summer hail storms that I was still getting used to. I saw my first funnel cloud when I was at Water World.

One Saturday evening my friend and her husband took Lester, Joanna and I for a night out in downtown Denver. They had dumped their kids with someone for the night and expected us to do the same with Joanna. They had not yet learned that where we went, Joanna went. All five of us squeezed into their Mustang GT and drove downtown. It was actually quite exciting. It was a warm summer night, and we sat outside a  brew pub, enjoying the atmosphere. I felt like I was on vacation, even though we had lived in the US for six months or so.

For the first time, I saw steam rising from the drains, just like in the movies!

I have fond memories of all the people we met when we first moved to the US. I didn’t appreciate at the time what a great help they were to me. I hope some of them may be reading my blog, even if their names are not mentioned, they will know who they are.