headlights-1449254_960_720OK, I’m gonna be brave!

She edged her way forward, keeping her left foot close to the grass that marked the edge of the road.

Don’t want to be wandering along in the middle of the road in this fog.

June prayed for headlights! Prayed for a car to come. If it did it would be traveling slowly and she’d be able to stop it. All she needed was company! She tried to walk fast, but her pace was sluggish. The mist was holding her back. She might as well have been walking through molasses. It was sucking every ounce of energy from her.

Dad, why aren’t you looking for me, I’m late home, I’m lost. 

What was that? A shape moved quickly across her path. June stopped dead in her tracks.


Something touched her shoulder and she spun round.

“Not funny! Who’s there?”

The mist began to glow. She felt a weird warmth from behind. She turned around and looked into a pair of dazzling lights. Shielding her eyes with her hand she smiled and slowly walked towards them. At last! 

“Can you help me? My car broke down.”

The lights blinked and a door slid open between them.

Somethings wrong here. This isn’t a car, what is it?

June turned to run, but it was useless, she was pulled backwards. She tried to get some traction. She tried to escape. It was impossible. A strong magnetic force had taken hold of her. It pulled her toward the lights.

“Help! Somebody help me.”

She was sucked into a cavernous space. The lights went out. The door slammed shut and she was enveloped in a murky green darkness….

Courting in the Yorkshire Dales. Ghost or UFO?

When I was in my late teens, and just after I met my husband, I had a very strange experience. Was it a ghost or was it a UFO? I will never know for sure.

We were driving along a dark country road in North Yorkshire, looking for a quiet place to do a little ‘courting’.

I was driving my bright yellow Vauxhall Viva. My first car. The road was narrow and dark, but that wasn’t unusual in the Richmond area. 

Suddenly a light appeared at the front of the car. It was shining down from the sky illuminating the road ahead of us.

My ‘soon to be’ husband didn’t pay much attention to it, and nor did I at first.

The light shone through the front window of my car, then it shone through the back window. It was really bright and I was totally freaked out.

Was there a UFO up there in the sky? If there was, I certainly wasn’t going to look for it. I put my foot down and bumped along the country road as fast as I could, trying to find a place to hide.

I drove through an open gate and into a field, where I tried to hide under a large Chestnut tree.

How I expected to hide a bright yellow car under a Chestnut tree I don’t know. Not sure if there were Satellites around in 1976, but if there were my bright yellow car would have been visible to one.

My imagination was running wild, and it surprises me that my husband still married me. I was acting like a crazy person.

Maybe it was a big malevolent ghost in the sky, waiting to pluck me out of my car.

I never did find out what was up there, I didn’t want to. Instead I covered my face with my hands and waited for it to go away. 

I wouldn’t allow my boyfriend open the door and get out of the car to investigate, so he never found out what it was either.

Could an airplane be flying that low, or that slow? Possibly, but there was no sound. It was a silent light dancing around my car, as though playing with me.

I have many such stories to tell, most of them taking place in the Yorkshire Dales after dark.


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In a couple of months my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released. It is a roller coaster of a story which takes place in Germany in July 1982.

It follows the experiences of a young girl, married to a British Soldier, and the trouble she gets  into after helping a young German girl escape from an evil man who abused her. 

Keep checking in for updates.