Face in the Mirror

Once when I was a teenager I wondered

What it would be like to be my mother for a day

To see the world through her eyes

And feel the way she felt in every way


Then I began to wonder I about who I really was

Could I now be my mother and was my mother me

What if our places changed and I had gotten old

Would anyone know the difference, would anyone be able to see


I’ve thought about it often as time has passed me by

I look in the mirror to see a face that isn’t mine

My thoughts belong to the girl I used to be

But the face is my mother’s, it just happened over time












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Girl on the Beach – almost in print!

My first book, almost ready to go to print!!!!!

I was so incredibly excited when I got to read the first fully edited version of this story. It read much better than the original.  A good editor knows how to break down the British/US language barriers, and there are some. (Thanks Jenni Gasparrini)

When I saw the first sketch of the cover Mike Brooker prepared, I was thrilled. When I saw the finished product, I was totally blown away! Isn’t it fabulous?

Now with the help of Jenni Gasparrini, Mike Brooker, and the ever helpful, ever patient Nick Taylor from Darkfire Productions http://darkfireproductions.com my book will soon be available to buy as a paperback.

At the end of March, I am flying to Portland, Oregon to meet an old friend and read a couple of chapters of my book to her book club. They are having a ‘Girl(s) on the Beach’ weekend, which will be a great book launch for me.  Thanks Patty, for giving me the opportunity to share this story with you and your friends.

I am having so much fun with this it should be illegal!

Keep checking in! Share my excitement, it’s catching.

To purchase  the e-book for $4.99 please click on the links below!

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

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Guy at the Bar on Amazon until Friday! $2


Raw and original


Hard to believe the year is almost over! I covered a lot of ground this year, but it was really just a practice run for the task ahead of me.

I have learned ‘patience’ whilst I wait for editors and cover artists to do their thing!

I have learned to edit my work as I write!

I have leaned an awful lot about Social Media, networking, internet marketing.

Next year is going to be tough and busy in many ways so I need to learn to ‘switch off’ sometimes and recharge my tired brain.

My humble (and amusing) unedited version of ‘Guy at the Bar’ is still for sale on Amazon. On Friday it will be taken down and will not be on sale again until it is edited and has a new cover. If anyone wants  copy of the first, unedited book I published, so you can laugh and say “I knew her when” you can still buy it for two dollars. When it is “polished” and relaunched, it will be $7.

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Twitter – ColoradoBrit – That would be me and I’m Twittering, or did I just Tweet?

I can’t believe I just joined twitter.  Someone told me it would be a good idea.  WHY DID I LISTEN?  Oh well, never mind, lets see what happens.  Brain huring too much to do any more today.  I wrote a big chunk of ‘Flat Country Snow’ Last night.  Hope to finish it within a week.

If I have any friends out there on twitter, please look for me and send me an invite to join you.  I am jumping in to everything with both feet.