Ghost Month or Candy Fest?

As Halloween approaches we fill our bowls with candy and await the steady flow of neighborhood kids! Is that what the Holiday is about? I think not.

When I was in my teens, and living in England, we didn’t really celebrate Halloween this way. No one knocked at your door seeking candy. Halloween was a non-event for some. For others it was a time to explore the forbidden, and scare yourself.

I would read Ghost stories by candle light, not because there was no electricity, but because I wanted to scare myself.

Someone once told me that if you stood in front of a mirror on Halloween, and recited ‘the Lords prayer’ backwards, you would invoke the Devil.

Yes, I tried it. Scared myself half to death in the process. Needless to say the Devil did not appear. In hindsight, its a very good thing he didn’t appear (assuming the Devil is male) because I am not sure what I would have done had I turned around to see the ugly horned one behind me.

If you have any unusual Halloween experiences to share, let me know.

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