Lost Boys of Mexico

I walked along the beach alone at sunset, 

Blood red was the water that rippled in the ebbing tide,

Why didn’t I bring my camera?

Whispers all around me, what are they saying?

“We are lost, please help us”

I stop dead in my tracks, who said that?

“Me, and me, me too, please help us”

I look around me to a throng of olive-skinned, wide-eyed boys, waif like creatures, tears running down their faces.

Where did the come from?

“We have been lost for so long, help us find our way”


The Anniversary

She sat at home and waited.


The table was set with the best glasses, candles flickered setting the mood. Fifty years of marriage to the same man. Had there been regrets? Never! Had there been bad times. Of course, marriage wasn’t a rose garden. Sadie was sixty-nine years old, a year younger than her husband. They had been married for a life time and this was something to celebrate.

Mike had popped out to get another bottle of wine, that was almost an hour ago. It should have only take twenty minutes, where was he? Had he bumped into someone he knew and forgotten about this special night? She called his cell phone and heard it ringing across the room. He hadn’t taken it with him.

She blew out the candles and went to the window to watch for his car, just as she had done every year for the past five years, since he was killed in a car crash on their anniversary.



The sun was setting like an orange fireball, sliding slowly into the ocean. She began to cry, something was wrong. Mike should be back by now. Had he been in an accident? Where was he? She shivered. Something was wrong. She was confused.

The door opened and Sadie signed with relief, turning round, ready to scold her husband for taking so long. It wasn’t Mike though, it was her son John. She dried her eyes and gave him a hug. “Oh John, I’m glad you are here, I am worried about your dad, I think he got lost, he only went for a bottle of wine, but he’s been gone for an hour”.

John hugged her tight, his eyes filling with tears. “Mum, what smells so good? Shall we eat? I brought a bottle of wine, look it’s your favorite.”

“But, we have to wait for……”

“Look at the beautiful sunset” John said as he opened the wine. “Let’s eat out on the deck”

“Oh what a good idea, I will put the food out. Your dad likes to sit on the deck. I made enough for three” Sadie said.

John walked out onto the deck while his mother busied herself in the kitchen. He called his sister “Jeannie, I just made it in time. Mum is a little worse this year, but I distracted her. She had cooked the usual anniversary dinner. We are going to eat it out on the deck while the sun sets.”

He could hear his sister crying “I miss dad too. It’s five years today, how could this have happened on their anniversary? How will she ever forget?”

“Got to go” John said and hung up as his mother served dinner.

“I cooked Mike’s favorite. I wish he was here” she said

“Me too, Mum”

Not sure where I got the idea for this story, it just came to me. Maybe as I thought about my mum and how much she missed my dad after he died. It made me cry a little. 

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Sunsets around the World

Those of you who have been following my blog will know I love sunsets. I would like to share some of my favorites sunsets with you. All of these photographs were taken by me.

September sunset in Colorado!

Nuevo Vallarta Mexico – May 2012

Snowy Colorado – October 2011

Cabo San Lucas - December 2009

Cabo San Lucas – December 2009

Sunsets are pretty special. It marks the end of another day.