Guy at the Bar – Back to Books

Well I have goofed around long enough, time to get back to books.  ‘Guy at the Bar’ will be coming off Amazon soon.  If anyone wants to buy the $2 version of it, you have a limited time to do so. I will be getting it tidied up, edited and will re-publish it very shortly.  ‘Girl on the Beach’ will be available on Amazon and other eBook sites soon. I may also put this in print in a month or so, depending on finances, sales etc.  ‘A Walk in the Park’, if that indeed remains the title, will be finished pretty soon.  It is my longest book yet. This weekend I will be posting the second chapter of ‘Flat Country Snow’, the story that makes me smile. Stay tuned and enjoy my journey.  I am in no great hurry, but one day, I will make a living at this.  Have a great weekend and get your fill of wonderful World Cup Football.  Be Happy!

‘Guy at the Bar’ or ‘Girl on the Beach’?

Give me some feedback.  Which did you think was the best?  Be honest!

I enjoyed writing them both. Guy at the bar will always be may favorite because it was the first one I plucked up courage to share.  I am hoping I get better with experience, but who knows.  Have a FANTASTIC long weekend everyone. Grill, entertain and relax.

Stephen King – Under the Dome

Yup, talking about a book I didn’t write!  Did anyone read ‘Under the Dome’ yet? I started it, but haven’t picked it up in weeks because of my own writing projects.  I am about to take a break and pick up where I left off (easy with a kindle).  I enjoyed the beginning!  He is pretty brutal, but does it in that ‘Stephen King’ way, so it’s what you come to expect from him.  Any views?  Which is your favorite Stephen King book?  ‘The Stand’ has to be one of my favorites, along with ‘Salem’s Lot. I really enjoyed Duma Key too.  Love his short story collections!!!!  Been reading Mr. King for the last 30 years.  He is my favorite without a doubt!

Plane Reading!

Aren’t we all happy we are at home and not at work! Tomorrow I am posting the last chapter of my ‘girl on the beach’ story. It’s quite emotional!  I would like to thank everyone so  much for all of the  feedback and encouragement you have given me. Writing is something I love and want to continue doing for a long time. I hope to start posting chapters of ‘Flat Country Snow’ in June, but need to re-read it first as it is a little different. Remember ‘Guy at the bar’ is available on for anyone who wants to download the whole thing and read it on their kindle, iPad or iPhone. ($2) I am trademarking my stories under the name Plane Reading, because most of them are just the right length for the average flight within the US.  ingenious right? Well I thought it was, just trying to make a living.  Things to do, people to see, places to go……busy Saturday!  Keep reading!

A Walk in the Park

I got such a boost from realizing that people were actually paying money to read ‘Guy at the Bar’, that I jumped back into my 1982 Germany story, which I had not looked at for a week or so. Watch for it! Anyone remember this guy?  Look at that hair style.  This is Paulo Rossi, hero for Italy in the 1982 World Cup.  He plays a part in my story too, well not personally, but he is mentioned.

I have an editor!

Yes I feel very important, you guys have all been reading my unedited stories (and probably laughing at my mistakes).  Now I am going to have this current ‘Girl on the Beach’ story published on-line in a professional manner, edited and squeaky clean with a front cover and everything.  I hope someone buys it! Watch out of  ‘Flat Country Snow’. Its short and a little different. I may publish the ‘raw and unedited’ version on my blog…….feedback please. Good or bad, I need opinions. Happy Reading my friends.

The Evil Cossack

Hi folks, here is a snippet of the story I am currently working on, which I think is going to be called ‘A walk in the Park’. You guessed it, I am in trouble again.  I am half way through this book, not quite sure how it will end so watch out for it.  It is set in Germany in the early eighties, fun times!

I was just about to pull out of camp when someone ran in front of me and thumped the front of the Volvo as he did so. I screeched to a halt thinking I had hit him, but the bang I heard must only have been his fist on the bonnet of the car. This man stood directly in front of me and looked into my eyes. I got a good look at him this time. He was menacing, and dark and he looked very angry. It was the man I had been seeing in the shadows for the last week. This had to be Viktor! I immediately locked the car door, but before I could close the window, he was there, his disgusting smell seeping in through the open window. “You are going to pay for what you did” he said, with an accent that was heavy and strong. I couldn’t speak. I was terrified. There was something evil about this man, how did he know where to find me? Was he following me? I turned and looked over my shoulder, I was going to reverse back into camp, where there were people and I would be safe. I threw the car into reverse and looked in my rearview mirror. He was there behind me. I shifted into first gear and he was there again in front of me. How could he move so fast?

Colorado Fog! Look outside, its like a Ghost Story!


Foggy Morning

It certainly sets the atmosphere, I wish I could stay at home and write.  Watch out for my next Chapter of ‘Girl on the Beach’ or will it be ‘Lost on the Beach’, who knows, but I am going to publish it this weekend. I will update you on my epublishing and audio ventures too.  Exciting Times.  Enjoy the Colorado fog, we don’t get it too often.

Blackpool Tower Zoo – Back in the Day

The Zoo

It occurred to me that although I had heard lots of stories about the Zoo at the bottom of Blackpool Tower, I had never seen it.  I have not looked at the history, but from the photos I found on the internet, it looks like it may have been closed long before my trips to Blackpool.  It was more of a menagerie that a zoo.  My only recollection of  Tower Zoo,  are the stories I heard about ‘Young Albert’.  I hope all of these photos and snippets of information, bring my story to life.  I am enjoying myself with this, and I hope  you are too.  It’s nice to re-visit the past!  Have a good weekend and watch out for Chapter Three of my Blackpool Story, which I will post next week.  It is still a ‘Story with no name’.  I hope someone is going to change that for me. Looking forward to giving someone a gift certificate for $25. Its nice to win something and help someone (me) at the same time.  Happy Reading!