Riders on the Storm

DSC00612It was a shitty Monday at work. Chaotic and unpleasant. Annie stopped off at the supermarket on the way home to get a lottery ticket and a couple of pieces of fried chicken for dinner. Fried chicken was her comfort food.

A storm rolled in as she parked in her garage. The clouds boiled in the darkening sky.

“Yes! I love a good storm.” she said to herself as she dumped her chicken on the countertop and grabbed her camera from the table.

DSC00619Oh just look at those clouds, it’s going to be a good one, she said to no-one. Annie lived alone.

Standing on the deck for a better view, she captured the storm through the lens of her camera. Lightening flashed and thunder roared. It was a good way to end the day, nature in all its glory, showing its anger with the world.

Huge drops of rain splattered on the deck. “Bring it on” she yelled, her upturned face searching the skies for the best shot. She snapped photos, one after the other as the sky grew darker, not noticing the shapes appearing all around her. She saw only clouds.

“Open your eyes Annie” the wind howled, but Annie didn’t hear it.

She hummed to herself as she continued to snap photographs “Riders on the Storm”, it was her favorite song. Even at the mature age of 45, Annie was a wild one. Never married, no one could tame her. She pirouetted gracefully around the deck, dancing with the wind, her clothes sticking to her wet body, Devilalive for the first time in weeks.

Her camera was forgotten as she opened her arms to the skies.

The devil rode out in Colorado that night, looking for a soul to steal. As he looked down at Annie, he knew it would be easy pickings.

He reached his fiery hand down to scoop her up.

She never felt a thing.

When Annie failed to show up at work the following day, her colleges thought she was sick. After two days they began to worry.

On the third day, they called the police, who broke into her house.

Annie was nowhere to be seen, but they found her camera on the deck.

The photos captured there told a story. It was a story that would be told on dark nights around camp fires as teenagers shared their urban legends, only this one was true.

The Devil rode out in Colorado one night, looking for a soul to steal!

It was easy pickings.

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