Mr. Mercedes – Stephen King

Anyone who follows my blogs knows I am a HUGE Stephen King fan. I’ve read all of his books (some twice), and attended his book launch for Dr. Sleep in Boulder last year. It was an entertaining evening as he talked about his experiences as a writer, and read from his new book for us. He is a humble, down to earth and entertaining character. Dr. Sleep was a fantastic book and a great sequel to The Shining. Mr. Mercedes is another huge victory for Stephen King. The chapters are short, but gripping. I usually read in bed, and this book is robbing me of sleep. When I finish a chapter I say okay, I’ll read just one more, but one more becomes several more. Great book. His writing style changes a little in this book, but it works.

In my opinion Stephen King is a true master of writing. I read a great deal, but no one pulls me into a story the way he does. He could write about anything, but horror is his calling. The day he stops publishing will be a sad day for me.



In a million years I will never achieve Stephen King’s mastery of writing, but I will continue to try. My first novel Dead of July is currently available on Amazon.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Dr. Sleep – Stephen King – DAMMIT!

Dr. Sleep

When I finish reading a Stephen King novel, I alway say “DAMMIT!”

Why? Because while I am reading, I become one of the characters. When I finish, it’s almost like I died.

Before reading Dr. Sleep I re-read the shining, just to make sure young Dan (Doc) Torrence, and all that happened to him was still fresh in my mind.

I now live in Colorado, but when I first read The Shining I lived in England. I had just gotten married and lived, with my husband, on an army camp in Blandford, Dorset. I hadn’t even heard of Colorado.

This book more was even more enjoyable because I was lucky enough to hear Mr. King himself read from it. Yes I  got tickets to see him at the Chautauqua in Boulder. For around ninety minutes he amused and enthralled a sold out audience.

CA: Premiere Of Paramounts' Remake Of "The Manchurian Candidate" - Arrivals

I was afraid I would be disappointed when I heard Stephen King talk, but I wasn’t, I hold only admiration for him. He is a very ‘down to earth’ man who appears to be genuinely surprised at his success and grateful to each and every fan.

Now DAMMIT, I’ve finished Dr. Sleep and I regret it. I love this book. Although I am a woman on the wrong side of fifty, for a month I became Dan Torrance, recovering alcoholic. I could shine. Maybe the “shining” part is real, who knows.

I strongly recommend you read this book, but before you do,  read The Shining. Stephen King, thank you for allowing me to escape from reality for a while. Please don’t ever stop writing. I need you.

I have just completed my first novel. I wish I could say it would thrill you like a Stephen King masterpiece, but I’m not quite there yet. If you want to support an old girl, new to writing give it a try. ‘Dead of July’ will be available on Amazon as and e-book and paperback in mid December. I wrote my heart out for two years, and like how it turned out. A paranormal thriller with a touch of humor (because I’m funny). 




Dead of July (Small)

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Preview Dead of July

I’ve been working so hard on finishing my book, I’ve been a hermit, but its done!


The manuscript has been sent for lay out. 


I’m exhausted and brain-dead, but happy.

Watch out for it. Hoping to go to print and eBook in mid to late November.


I’m almost there!

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Preview Dead of July

Dead of July (Small)

Stephen King taught me to Read!

Well not quite, but he certainly made reading a lot more interesting. I can’t wait for each new book he releases.  As I got older (yes I’m in my fifties), reading became more difficult. Working at a computer all day and then working on my own novel at night, meant my eyes were pretty worn out and not able to read. Then this wonderful invention called ‘The Kindle’ came along. It enabled me to make the words bigger, I could read again!!!!

Last week I was lucky enough to see Stephen King himself. He came to the Chautauqua Auditorium in Boulder to talk about his life and promote ‘Dr. Sleep’, the sequel to the Shining. What a wonderful evening . He was very amusing and soon you fell into his talk, just as you all into his books. Boulder Colorado is where Stephen King lived while he wrote ‘The Shining’ so it was a fitting place for him to talk about its sequel. I am currently reading ‘The Shining’ for the second time. The last time I read it was 1977 and I wanted little Danny (Doc) Torrence to be fresh in my mind when I read about him as an adult. Can’t wait to start it.

Stephen King encourages aspiring authors, like myself, to read as much as possible. ‘How can you write if you don’t read?’ he said.

Below is a link to ‘The Daily Camera‘ and a review of the evening with Stephen King.

Stephen King in Boulder

His words truly inspired me. My own novel is almost finished. It’s nowhere near as good as any of Stephen King’s novels, but I have to start somewhere.

Dead of July (Small)

As I walked past the doorway to the landing, I heard movement. I froze. Who could be outside our door at this time of night? No one lived on the top floor but us. If someone was on our landing, it was not by accident.

A floorboard creaked outside.

This definitely wasn’t a stray cat. I pressed my face up against the door and peered through the little peephole. I jumped back quickly when I saw someone looking back at me. I began to shake. I couldn’t be imagining things . . . or could I? I plucked up courage and looked again. The eye was still there, startlingly wide, almost like it had been magnified. I screamed. 


Talking a night off to talk about ME!

I was born in 1957 in Bishop Auckland County, County Durham. My father was a violent man and beat my mother while I watched. I was only four when he gave her the beating that scared her so much she left him for good. She took hold of my hand and we walked out of the house with nothing more than the clothes we on our backs. We never looked back. She raised me on her own, working as a housekeeper in a large farm-house in Summerhouse County Durham. Although this photograph was taken recently, this is where I lived until I was ten years old.  Lovely isn’t it?

We found a home of our own.

We found a home of our own.

I saw my first ghost when I was five years old. I saw a relative who had died as a child. It really scared me, mainly because I was confused.

I had my first premonition when I was seven. My short story ‘Girl on the Beach’ is based on my first premonition.

When I was ten years old my mother re-married. My step father was a good man, but I resented him because I was no longer the center of my mother’s world. I became a troubled teen.

Girl on the Beach Cover Art Flat with Title (Small)


I had many strange unexplainable encounters during my teenage years. I saw my granddad after he died, before I even knew he was dead. He visited me in my bedroom just after he committed suicide.

“Granddad, if you can see me, I did what you asked me to do. I hope in heaven you don’t have Parkinson’s disease anymore. I never knew you well but the smile in you lively blue eyes was beautiful.”

At the age of seventeen I was chased home from my local pub by a nasty man who had lecherous thoughs in his head. He was twice my age. I based my short story ‘Guy at the Bar’ on this experience. Guy at the Bar (Blue Text)[11]

I didn’t trust men very much when I was young.

I was only 20 when I got married to a British soldier. My life changed a great deal. We moved around the country and I made many good friends. My confidence returned. I still had premonitions. I often had visitations from the deceased. My husband even experienced them. None of them were scary or threatening. A little inconvenient sometimes. They certainly scared our neighbors.

In 1984 my husband was posted to Dortmund, West Germany (the Berlin Wall was still firmly in place). We had a blast in Germany. I loved living in a foreign country.

‘Dead of July’ is written about my time in Germany. It is my first full length novel and is due to be published in the fall. I am very proud of this book. It is with beta readers now, prior to being edited. I know this story off by heart and have lived it several times. It may never be a best seller, but it took my three years to write and to me, it’s a masterpiece.

‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’ are no longer for sale, as I am re-writing them both and having them edited. As I write more (yes I have another book in the works), I want each story to be perfect. Both of these short stories will be available before Christmas. They tell you how I became who I am. I hope you enjoy them.

Now its time for me to say goodnight. It was nice to share a little of ‘me’ with you all. I may not be Stephen King, but I still tell a good tale.


Stephen King and Boulder Colorado

Cover of "The Shining [Blu-ray]"

I love Stephen King’s books. Every single one of them.

I am a budding writer myself, but know I will never aspire to his greatness. He truly is the master of horror.

This year I was determined to hear him speak, even if it meant flying to Maine.

My new novel is due to be released in the fall, and I just wanted to be near the great man in the hopes he would inspire me. Well folks, this year is a good year for me. Stephen King is coming to Colorado, my home state. The amazing Mr. King wrote ‘The Shining’ whilst staying in Boulder and is coming back to promote ‘Dr. Sleep’ a long-awaited sequel to ‘The Shining’.

I can hardly contain my excitement. I still lived in England when I read ‘The Shining’ and the though of moving to the US wasn’t even a spark of an idea in my brain. Now here I am, in the lovely State of Colorado, anticipating sitting in the audience and listening to the great man speak. Can’t wait.



Dr Sleep


My own little novel will be released in the fall. It won’t as masterfully written as Dr. Sleep, but I think you will enjoy it.

Dead of July (Small)[4] Color 1


Preview Dead of July

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Saturday Darkness

I woke up suddenly gasping for breath. Was I late for work? I pulled my thoughts together and realized it was Saturday. Darkness still enveloped the room so I tried to drift back into sleep, but sleep eluded me. I was wide awake in the darkness. Something was wrong. I cold feel danger. I sensed that I was not alone. Slowly I slid out of bed, hardly daring to breathe, and looked out of the window.


Something glowed in the mist. Low deep sounds reached my ears. Unexplainable noises I didn’t recognize. Noises that sounded like conversations between some strange beings. Was my overactive imagination getting the better of me again? Something I couldn’t make out slithered quickly across the ground, disturbing the mist. Another sound, hollow and echoing terrified me and I jumped back into bed, burying my head deeply under the covers.

The house was silent and still so I plucked up courage to look. Oh God who is that? Standing in the doorway was a tall dark shadow, reminding me of the dark man from a Stephen King novel. Was I dreaming?


The figure was still and silent. I froze, too scared to breathe. Who was he and how did he get here? Nebulous images swirled around his feet, but he remain still.

I prayed silently as I held my breath. I needed to breath. My oxygen starved brain was playing tricks with me as I watched the mist creep across the ceiling, eye looking down at me hungrily.

Why did I take my eyes off the shape in the doorway, the shape that was now standing beside my bed, leaning over me. No breath came from his thin dark lips as his face came close to mine. His eyes blinked open, red evil eyes that reflected the fires of hell.

I didn’t have time to scream. There was no one to hear me anyway.

I hope you enjoyed my burst of imagination, every once in a while, I have to write a very short story to make room for new ones to form in the dark place at the back of my brain. Headaches persist if I don’t open the door and allow these to escape. 

Check out my first short story – rough around the edges, but it got some good reviews. 

In July, my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released. It is currently with my editor Amy Eye, who is doing a fabulous job of  turning it into a first class read.

If you enjoyed this short story Follow me on Facebook and if you do visit my page, it would be lovely if you hit the ‘like’ button. I am trying to get as many followers as possible so help a new author feel famous.

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Stephen King

Not everyone likes the type of book Stephen King writes, but I do! I can’t get enough of him. His books are the only ones I am guaranteed to finish. When you open a Stephen King book you don’t read it, you fall into it.

Crazy looking guy.

Pretty crazy looking guy right!

I am ashamed to say I can’t remember which book I read first.  I read Carrie, Salem’s Lot and The Stand one after the other. I loved them all.

I have pre-ordered my copy of  11/22/63 and can’t wait for it to be released. I would have loved to have bought a ticket to the reception of his book tour in Dallas, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. It would have been great to hear the great man talk. Dallas would have been the perfect location considering the story 11/22/63.

One day I will meet Stephen King, or at least attend one of his receptions. He is not the reason I write, but he is definitely a huge influence on the way I write. He draws you into his novels and makes you feel comfortable there. That is how I want you to feel about mine.

Stephen King, I love your work and I salute you. Can’t wait to read 11/22/63. May even take a day off work to savour the moment.

Download your free copy of ‘Girl on the Beach’ for free from Girl on the Beach (US) and Guy at the Bar Amazon for $0.99.

If you live in the UK each book is available from Girl on the Beach (UK) and Guy at the Bar Amazon UK for around eighty-six pence. I can’t compete with Stephen King yet, but I am having fun trying.

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We checked into a hotel at Heathrow Airport yesterday and at first, it seemed like a great place to stay! We were greeted with a glass of champagne. The service at the front desk as exceptional. The hotel (which shall remain nameless) was dimly lit, but looked very grand! A porter helped us take our cases to our rooms and was very friendly and helpful! As soon as I got out of the elevator on the third floor I had misgivings.

Something felt wrong. Our rooms were not at all what we expected. Don’t get me wrong, they weren’t awful, but they weren’t good. The bed was well made and clean (actually looked comfortable too). The furniture in the rooms looked at least twenty years old, very dated. The rooms had been painted recently, but what was under the paint worried me! The bathroom had damp areas at the top of the walls and on the ceiling. It looked awful. The floor tiles were chipped.



Again, this wasn’t the big problem… was clean and we were only staying there one night. One of the problems was, this was an expensive hotel, I expected it to be better.

We stayed in our rooms only as long as it took to dump our cases, I didn’t like the ‘feel’ of the room. We went to the executive lounge, which felt great. It had been taken good care of and updated. It overlooked the runway and we watched the planes coming in to land. The lounge had a different atmosphere. Once we had checked into our flights on-line, we went down to the bar, anything to avoid those bedrooms. The champagne was obviously a ploy to get us buzzed enough not to notice the rooms.

The barman brought me a pint of lager instead of the half-pint I asked for. When it turned up, it tasted awful, everyone else’s drink was OK! We ordered dinner, everyone else’s was fine, but mine tasted like deep fried cotton wool, with a hint of antiseptic (even though I was eating the same thing as someone else). The lager tasted bad and the food tasted worse. We sat there in the dark even though it was only late afternoon. Candles flickered in glasses in the middle of our cheap veneered tables. I started to feel like I was a character in Stephen King’s ‘The Langoliers’.

I pulled myself together and ordered a glass of wine hoping it would taste better. WRONG! My Sauvignon Blanc tasted like bad water. I looked around me. Everyone else was eating and drinking with no complaints….was it just me? I was getting paranoid.

Our friends arrived! Great, a distraction! They went to the bar and purchased a bottle of Pinot Noir for themselves and Joanna, I declined a drink, too scared to drink anything else in the twilight zone I felt trapped in.

I watched with interest as they enjoyed their red wine.

As they prepared to order more drinks I had a brain wave. “Lets go to the Executive Lounge” I said “The drinks are free up there”

What I was really thinking was “It’s in the Good Zone”. I was hoping that everything would be back to normal up there. We took the elevator to the dimension known as ‘the third floor’ and used our special cards to get into the Executive Lounge.

The smiling waitress came over with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and offered to pour me a glass. Was she human, or was she part of the conspiracy? She looked normal – I tasted the wine – YES, it tasted exactly how it was supposed to. It tasted good. Maybe the spell was broken.

“Desserts and snacks are served” she told me. My friend and my daughter ate snacks and desserts and said they were delicious. Not me! The wine was good, so I was quitting while I was ahead!

We had a good evening in the Executive Lounge, but I didn’t venture back down to the bar, and still felt a little uncomfortable in the room.

If any of you are intending staying in a hotel at Heathrow Airport – speak to me first and I will tell you where NOT to stay.