Who will join the Circus?

The bus turned off the main road and onto a dirt track, I had no idea where we were, or if I was anywhere near home. I didn’t feel threatened in any way, so I was no longer scared, but I really needed to get home. My parents would be in bed already, but they would notice my empty bed in the morning and worry. We rumbled along slowly, the headlights illuminating nothing at all, we were in the middle of nowhere.

Were were we? I started to hear music, circus music. I pressed my face up against the window and in the distance I saw light. It was hard to make out what it was because my face reflected in the window. As though reading my mind, the lights went off in the bus, allowing me to see outside. What I saw in the distance were big bright tents. The Circus really was in town.

The atmosphere on the bus changed. The little people started throwing each other around, literally. Snake girl started to dance gracefully to the sound of an Indian flute. Jack started juggling. The bearded lady took out a mirror and rearranged her beard, combing it and making it shine. There was and air of excitement.

Bernard continued reading his book solemnly. I felt sorry for him, he didn’t seem to fit in. “Whats going on, why is everyone so excited?” I asked.

“They are all practicing their acts for the circus. They need to audition just like movie stars”

“Don’t you have to audition too?”

“No, I just walk around looking scary, no one else looks like me. I get a job every year.”

Bernard carried on reading while I sat and watched the show. The bus trundled along the bumpy road getting closer to the brightly lit tents. The music was louder and the juggling and acrobatics on the bus became more frantic. Finally we stopped in a brightly lit parking lot. We parked next to big camper van which was surrounded by shiny motorcycles. Painted on the gas tanks were the words ‘death rider’. A twelve-foot man walked past, was he on stilts, or was he the tallest man on earth?

I was caught up in the atmosphere and began to feel excited. Hitler stood up and escorted his bearded beauty from the bus.  Jack gestured for snake girl to go ahead of him, wanting to keep his eye on her writhing locks. I wanted to keep my eye on the little people and watched the somersault their way to the front of the bus before standing up.

Bernard and I got off the bus together and stood still for a while watching the chaos in front of us. I was still worried about getting home, but I was distracted by the craziness of the night.

I love to write. My first two short stories are available on Amazon for a little while longer before I take them down to re-edit. My first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ is currently with my editor and will be available in Spring of 2013. I write about what I know. Ghosts!

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

Journey to Insanity

The Clown rolled backwards at the sound of my scream. He fell on his bottom between the seats and sat there looking dazed. Although I felt a little sorry for him I remained in my hiding place, unsure of my surroundings. Where had this bus come from?  Currently I was on a bus driven by Hitler and the only other passenger was a clown.

The bus stopped again and I heard the door open. We were in the middle of the County Durham Countryside. There were no lights and the moon was hiding behind a cloud. I heard the sound of slow heavy footsteps as another passenger climbed the steps and paid his fare.

I looked across to where the clown, who was still sitting on the floor. His eyes were wide and he was trembling. He scuttled across to me without standing up. We crouched at the back of the bus, peeping above the seat in front to see who was about to share our journey.

We weren’t quite expecting to lock eyes with Frankenstein . It was pointless hiding anymore so the clown and I huddled together on the back seat of the bus. I couldn’t believe I was holding hands with a clown.

To be honest, although the latest passenger looked like Frankenstein, he certainly wasn’t scary. Instead he looked quite sad. He was tall and not very well-coordinated. His head was a little flat on top, and he had a big scar on his forehead, but he looked rather shy.

He sat sideways on the seat in front so he could talk to us. “Hello” he said “my name is Bernard”

The clown and I laughed. Bernard looked hurt and turned his back. “I’m sorry” I said “I didn’t mean to laugh, I just didn’t expect you to be called Bernard. My name is Poppy.”

“Poppy, Poppy.” said the clown “You don’t look like a flower. My name is Jack”

“Jack’s are alway heros and you don’t look like a hero.” I replied, a little annoyed.

Bernard turned around and smiled at us. “I know, everyone thinks I should be called Frankie like the monster.”

I felt safe again and started to think of Herman Munster, from the TV show. Bernard looked like Herman Munster, he wasn’t scary at all.

“What are you laughing at” a voice hissed. An awful voice filled with hatred and venom.

Another passenger had crept aboard, a passenger I really didn’t want to get close to.


She slithered down the middle of the bus and made herself comfortable on the back seat next to Jack, who was holding my hand so tightly it hurt.

Her body moved constantly as she rattled and hissed. She was beautiful, but deadly. I was unable to speak. Bernard moved to the front of the bus. I saw Hitler’s reflection in the rear view mirror. He was enjoying the show.

I have fun with my blogs and I hope you do too! Writing gives me great pleasure. It allows me to escape from everyday life and fantasize. It is also a great way to practice my writing skills and practise makes perfect. 

My first two short stories are available on Amazon for a little while longer. In March, my first full lenght nove ‘Dead of July”(Preview) Dead of July will be released and my short stories will be taken down to re-edit. I am also in the process of writing my second novel ‘September Souls’ which is set in the London Blitz. Follow my blog and have fun with me. 

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK