Lingering Evil – Shadows


“Who’s there?” I asked again.

Whispers in the darkness! Distorted shadows moved past the end of the bed and deepened in the corner of the room.

Les sat up sleepily. “What’s going on? Are you having one of your dreams?”

I sometimes had dreams that turned out to be premonitions, Les was used to them, but they were unpredictable.

“No, someone touched me!”

I was wide awake.

Gathering Shadows



What is happening to me? Why are the shadows closing in? What do I see lurking in the corner?

I am not ready to leave this world yet.

I close my eyes tightly shut and open them again, thats better.

The shadows are still there, but smaller, less intimidating. I stand up to put a light on.

I ache, my spine creaks.

Not so nimble as I used to be, I move more slowly.

Only yesterday I was 21 and in love.

The world was an exciting place full of adventures and I embraced it.

Now I see shadows gathering in the corners, shadows waiting to embrace me, but not yet.

I am not ready to die yet.