TV Zombie


Norah whispered softly to her pup as she carried her home.
“Please don’t die on me. You’re my baby, you got me through college, and law school. I need you.”
Lacie’s breathing was shallow, she no longer whimpered, and her little body was limp.
“Almost home baby, almost safe.”
Why aren’t the lights on along the driveway?
She thought of calling John again, but changed her mind. As she stepped onto the asphalt driveway, the lights came back on, dimly at first, slowly growing brighter.
Must have been a power cut.
Then lights became abnormally bright and one by one, as she passed them, the bulbs exploded. Holding Lacie close, she continued slowly towards the house.
Somethings wrong here, very wrong.
A strange blue light spilled from the open drapes in the living room window. She left the path and walked across the lawn to see what it was. Peering into her own house she saw the silhouette of her husband John. He was standing in front of the television, staring at a screen that showed nothing but blue static. Norah watched him for thirty seconds or more. He began to speak, but not in his normal voice. The words were monotone and in a language she’d never heard.
What the hell is going on here?
Her husband turned around and walked towards the window. Nora held
her breath.
Don’t let him see me!
Why was she suddenly afraid of her husband? His face was blank, expressionless.
Did he see me?
He closed the drapes, shutting her out. The static grew louder, it surrounded her. Norah became dizzy, she wanted to throw up.
I have to get Lacie to the vet.
A loud pulsing buzz erupted from Norah’s hom. It made the air feel heavy and oppresive.
Lacie whimpered weakly, spurring Norah to take action, but two steps were all she managed before her legs gave way. Norah’s brain switched off moments before her body made contact with the soft wet grass.

Alice in Wonderland or Fringe Science? An unusual day a the office.

I followed the good Doctor into the stairway leading down from the roof. He secured the door tightly behind him. “That will keep them out” he said. I somehow doubted it, I had seen what Daleks could do! Even the old MK. 1’s scared me. I knew the new models could hover and fly. I dreaded to think what else they could do.Mk 1 Dalek I ran down the stairs as quickly as I could, expecting the door to explode and come hurtling towards me at any moment.

It was silent, no banging, nothing. I sighed with premature relief. We raced down to the third floor and stopped by the door to my office. Dr. Who opened the door for me and bade me goodbye. “You can’t leave me now, what happens next?”

“That my dear, is up to you, I have universes to save” he said as he let go of the door. I stood still wondering if my strange morning was going to improve or deteriorate. I heard excited voices close by and went to investigate. A huddle of attorney’s were standing in the west conference room, their faces pressed up against the glass. I followed the direction of their gaze just in time to see an old-fashioned telephone box disappear. I was unable to control my laughter and everyone turned around to look at me. “What’s wrong? Anyone would think  you had never seen the Tardis before” I said. They turned around and looked at me. Ted spoke up. “The Tardis? I would love to see the Tardis, maybe it will be on another truck”

Tardis“What were you all looking at?” I asked, still laughing. He pointed to the accident on the Interstate below our window.

“A truck just dumped its load on the road. He was carrying Dalek’s”

I looked out at the highway. He was right, there were three wrecked Dalek’s blocking the highway. I looked up to the skies for signs of their spaceship, but all I saw was clear blue sky. “You didn’t see the Tardis down there?” I asked.

“No, did we miss it? Damn”dalek-recovery-roadside-relay-homestart

I stood there looking at the highway as they loaded what remained of the Daleks onto a trailer. I hoped the knew what they were doing. I wondered why these guys were talking about Daleks like it was the most natural thing in the world.

“Ted, why would a truck be carrying Daleks?” I asked, trying to sound casual.

“It’s the new Cirque de Soleil show. Dr. Who through the ages.” He replied rolling his eyes at my ignorance. “The tickets cost a fortune, but I am going to get some. Best show on Earth”

“Is it set in the second world war?” I asked remembering my encounter with the Nazi’s on the way to work.

“Dr. Who didn’t start until 1963. World War II ended long before that. Your history isn’t very good is it?”

I smiled and walked into my office wondering what was going to happen next.

Alice in Wonderland or Fringe Science – The Flight!

Now I really dislike flying, but when my precious red Audi left the road and banked into the clouds it was both exciting and exhilarating. Bullets flew past me on either side, leaving trails like small comets, but none of them hit me.

Audi-A7-2010I knew nothing about flying but I certainly knew how to drive, so that’s what I did. When I could no longer see bullets, I leveled and drove exactly the way I would on the road, checking my mirrors for cops, because I wasn’t sure if what I was doing was strictly legal. I chuckled to myself, wondering if cop cars could fly too….I doubted it. Then I laughed a little insanely. What the hell was I doing? I was flying to work in my car. I had no idea where I was. The ground was way below me. It only took me a few seconds to activated the Sat Nav and the confident pushy lady started to guide me, opening the conversation with”You are cruising at two thousand feet and ninety-five miles an hour”

I didn’t know those words were in her vocabulary.

It certainly wouldn’t take me long to get to work. I worried a little about landing, never having done it before. “You are approaching 5251 DTC Boulevard, would you like to use your automatic pilot to land?” Automatic Pilot? The car manual never mentioned I had one of those. “Yes Please” I said.

The car started to descend and with no help from me. In no time at all I felt the car hovering above the top of the building, inching slowly to the ground. The landing was smooth. I jumped as the driver side door opened and an image that had been locked away in my brain since childhood stood there beckoning me. “Dr. Who I presume” I said giggling a little as he took my hand.

dr-who-2“I have been expecting you, we need to get inside quickly. Trouble is approaching”

“My car, what about my car?” I asked, worried something would happen to my beautiful red Audi. I watched in amazement as it folded in on itself, transforming into the size of a matchbox toy. I grabbed it quickly and put it safely in my purse.

“Run” The good Doctor said as he looked up to the sky. I followed the direction of his gaze. My heart stood still as I saw huge space ship hovering a few hundred feet above me. Its massive door was already open and a line of Daleks were making ready to descend. I Fled. These things have terrified me since I was five years old.



This mini series of blogs is a little different from my usual writing style. I like to experiment and this is exactly what I am doing. Hopefully you are enjoying it. My stories are usually about ghosts and the paranormal. My new novel ‘Dead of July’ is a paranormal thriller based on true events that happened in July 1982. Check out the preview below.


Fringe Science or Alice in Wonderland (Part 2)

I turned onto the main road and sped away as fast as I could. The oversized eagle flew high above me, casting its shadow over my car. Close escape. I looked ahead of me, concentrating on the road. A deer strolled across the road ahead,  which was not an unusual sight, so I slowed down to give it time to cross safely.


I needn’t have bothered. It became breakfast for the oversized eagle. I watched horrified as the deer’s legs made the motion of running, but came into contact with nothing but air. I put my foot down and escaped. As I drove along the strangely silent road, I wondered if I was having a ‘flashback’ from my younger days. My brother always warned me this would happen. Why didn’t I listen to him? I had only dropped acid a handful of times in my teens, but it seemed that finally I was paying the price. The road ahead was blocked. I slowed down as I approached two German tanks with swastikas clearly visible.  Preparing to die, I stopped.


A man in German Army uniform approached the car, a rifle slung over his shoulder, boots clicking on the road and he approached. Strangely he had no color. He looked like he had just walked out a of a black and white movie. I was frozen with fear. He bent down and tapped on my window. I jumped and pressed the button to open it. He spoke to me in German and strangely I understood him.

“Where are you going?” he asked

“I am on my way to work.” I replied as though in a dream “Are you going to kill me?”

“Why should I kill you ?” he asked, as he spun around and discharged his rifle into a passing coyote. A coyote that was the size of a large lion.

“No reason, I just don’t know why you are here.” I said. He grinned at me and showed me his large teeth. Each tooth  had a swastika engraved on it.

“You drive a German car, you are one of us, now go safely to work and work hard. Hard work brings rewards”

I drove away. Was I dreaming or hallucinating? I sunk my teeth into my lip, hoping to wake up. I didn’t. There were more cars on the road now, they looked like cartoons.


The y didn’t seem to be driving in straight lines, or on round wheels. It was a strange feeling. I was going a little too fast, hoping to leave this madness behind, when without warning, there was an explosion directly in front of me. I pulled the steering wheel back towards me and left the ground like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Below me I heard gunfire!