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When I published my two short stories I used Smashwords,and sold quite a few copies. Because Smashwords was new and Amazon was bigger and much more established I decided to use Amazon exclusively. I did pretty well on sales at first, but then got lost in the billions of bigger, better and more recognized authors.

As an unknown I’ve decided to give Smashwords a try again, why wouldn’t I. It converts my books to just about any type of eReader out there giving me a much wider audience. Dead of July is $3.99 on both Smashwords and Amazon. 

Give me a boost, click on either of the links below and buy a copy! I’d love to hear your review.


Dead of July – Amazon

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Marianna was on her knees next to me, still gripping the belt with one hand. Quick as a flash, she brought up her other hand, fist clenched, ready to punch me in the face. I raised my arm and blocked her. She was strong. I thought my arm would break. Tugging the belt out of my grasp, she prepared to swing it again. I fell to the ground with my hands clasped behind my head, trying to protect myself, waiting for the next blow. She wasn’t used to someone fighting back and I could tell her temper was bubbling out of control. I know she meant to kill me.


Book Sale!

I’m fairly new to the world of writing, and unknown to all be a few. My marketing skills aren’t great. I have a family, a home and a full-time job. Why would anyone want to spend $4.99 to read my book? I get it!

Starting August 4th for one week only, the kindle edition of Dead of July will be on sale for $1.99. Give it a try, take a chance on me! I would love to hear from you after you read it.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July – Reader Review

I want to share this reader review with you all. It’s a good review, but the main reason I am sharing it is because it’s the ‘reader reaction’ I aim for when I write. I want my books to draw emotion and feelings from those who read them. I want my characters to appeal to my readers. Enjoy this review and then hopefully you will purchase and enjoy my book.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

The book introduces you to its protagonist, Sheila. Sheila has a special gift – she can see and talk to ghosts… We meet her in 1982, living and working in Dortmund with her husband, Les. Everything is pretty normal – until she meets a very young and desperate young woman. Anna is terrified by the man she lives with. Sheila immediately wants to rescue her. Suddenly, everything is different. Her home is haunted, and even at work she cannot go ahead in peace as usual. I will not tell you more about the story than shown in the Amazon plot description. This would spoil the fun of reading this book yourself.

With Dead of July, Sandra Thompson shows us Germany and a typical German base of the British Army. Each character is cleverly portrayed, the reader can relate. Some situations made me roar with laughter, other situations made me want to comfort Sheila. I had a great time reading Dead of July.

It’s good to be back!

I feel as though I’ve been gone for an awful long time. It’s been a welcome absence. There’s nothing like a good wedding and getting together with friends and family, but now its back to business.

Remember this book? It was my first short story. I took it off the shelves over a year ago because I know I can do better. I’ve re-read this book several times and decided to re-write it and tweak it a little before re-releasing it as young adult fiction. I always like the story a lot, most of it is true. Of course I have to embellish a little to keep the story interesting. Who wants to read a boring book? I’m pretty sure I’ll keep the same title. Hopefully it will be on sale before Christmas. Watch out for it. A Christmas present for a young teenager perhaps?

Girl on the Beach by Sandra Thompson

My current novel, Dead of July, is on sale now. Sales are slow, but I’m not exactly famous yet. When I am, the price will go up, so why don’t you give it a try while it’s still cheap……yes my sales pitch is awful. of July by Sandra Thompson

Thanks for stopping by and have a jolly wonderful evening. My glass of Rioja is taking care of mine. Cheers!

A Blast from the Past

Dead of July_Cover_in-templateIts thirty-one years ago since I moved to Dortmund, West Germany. THIRTY ONE YEARS! I was twenty-five and life was exciting. So exciting I decided to write a story about it.

Since I started writing the story, something funny has happened. All of the people I knew back in 1982, have started to make their way back into my life. I LOVE IT!

Sharon, Michael, Jennie, Gilbert and now our old friend Patrick (Cass).

Our time in Germany was fun, life was exciting.

Since 1995, I have lived in Colorado. I am an American citizen now, and love everything this country has to offer, but I often think about the friends my husband and I made in Dortmund, the place my daughter was born.

Writing my book “Dead of July” was a pleasure and brought back many good memories. Its been difficult writing and working full-time, but I managed. Now the finished book is with the printer, as well as well as being formatted for kindle. Hopefully it will be for sale before Christmas. When the make it into a movie (in my dreams) I think Idris Elba can lay the lead….

The humor and character of the British soldiers (and their wives) who served with the Royal Highland Gunners (19 Field Regiment) and The Royal Army Pay Corps in Dortmund in the eighties were the inspiration for my story.


Sheila was only five years old when she came face to face with her first ghost. It was her cousin who had recently died of leukemia.

Two years later when she was seven, Sheila had a terrifying premonition about a horrific plane crash in France. The crash took the lives of two people close to her and made the news a few days later.

Sheila’s Grandfather visited her less than an hour after committing suicide. He sat on the end of her bed and talked to her before she even knew he was dead.

Dreams and premonitions haunted Sheila throughout her life and eventually she learned to live with them. What choice did she have?

In 1982, while living in Germany, Sheila encountered a very different type of ghost….

A nasty malevolent Russian, and this visitation almost killed her.


Preview – Dead of July!


Dead of July (Small)

eBook by the end of November.

An exciting, amusing and heartwarming story following the life a young “British Army Wife” and the trouble she gets into while living in Germany.

Sheila moved to Dortmund, in 1982 with her husband, a British Soldier. She enjoyed the life there immensely, until she got involved with two evil Russians that is.

She had a chance encounter with a young and badly beaten young German girl in a park close to home. The girl’s name was Anna. After helping Anna escape from her violent captor, Sheila’s life changed for the worse. Danger, in the form of two murderous Russians, followed her day and night, no matter where she was.

This story has many twists and turns, just when you think Sheila is safe, danger slides out of the shadows.

Paperback in December.


Dead of July – A German Ghost Story

Dead of July (Small)

He threw his head back and laughed before focusing on me again. “You are mine now,” he said. His thick, well-groomed mustache didn’t cover the snarling lips beneath it. He laughed again. Could this also be the man I saw lurking in the shadows? I immediately locked the car door, but was unable to wind up the window before his face appeared beside me, his disgusting odor seeping into my space. I was too terrified to move. His arm shot through the car window and grabbed my neck.

“You are going to pay for what you did,” he said with a heavy, guttural accent. “You will never be rid of me.” His fingers crawled around my neck to the back of my head, pulling me toward him. I was too terrified to resist. He leaned forward through the window so our faces were touching and kissed me roughly on the lips, biting me as he did so. The smell of his stale breath made me want to vomit. I jerked my head away.

“Get off me you pig!” I screamed, hoping someone would hear me. “Just who the hell do you think you are?”


Yup, I’m almost finished. I have my beta reader report and I am making a few minor changes before sending my book for the final edit. It’s taken almost three years to perfect this story. I have labored long and hard. The fruits of my labor should be available to purchase as an e-book and paperback at the end of November, just in time for Christmas.

I enjoyed being a British Army Wife, and had the most fun in Dortmund, with the RAPC attached to The Royal Highland Gunners. Army wives Rule!

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Dead of July

Why ‘Dead of July’?

When I started writing this story I named it ‘A Walk in the Park’ because the story started when a young English girl, married to a British Soldier took a walk in a small park near her home in Dortmund, Germany. A pleasurable afternoon of sunbathing, reading and enjoying a beer and a bratwurst, turned into something sinister.

This is a thrilling story of drugs, guns, and human trafficking with a paranormal twist. There are a few laughs along the way because you can’t be around the British Army (especially off duty) without having a little fun.

This thrilling story with its twists and turns starts and ends in July, so my friend Jennifer Candee Zaharewicz, suggested I call it ‘Dead of July’. A perfect title. When will it be released? In the dead of July of course.

Preview Dead of July

Dead of July (Small)[4] Color 1

A Girl Abroad – Germany 1982

In 1982, when I was 25, I moved to Dortmund , West Germany with my husband. He was a British Soldier in the Royal Army Pay Corps and was attached to the Royal Highland Gunners (19 Field Regiment) stationed in Ubique Barracks.

It was a great adventure for me. After staying with friends for a few weeks, we managed to find an apartment in an area called Borsigplatz. I loved that area, it reminded me of Italy, probably because of the amount of Italians who favored it too. When we first moved I didn’t have a job, and spent long days wandering aroung the streets, shopping, taking photos and learning the German language from the locals. I was a born traveller and living in a Foreign country was like a dream come true.


Borzigplatz 2

This is Borsigplatz, a large round-a-bout where six roads met. One of the roads was called Osterholtzstrasse. The trams ran along Osterholzstrasse and right past RobertStrasse, the street on which I lived. They were happy days, I was young and full of hope. 1982 was a good year, made even better by the World Cup which was played in Barcelona. The World Cup final was between Italy and West Germany. What a battle that was! I have wonderful memories of that game, along with the parties afterwards.

Why am I telling you about this? Because it is what inspired me to write ‘Dead of July’, my first full length novel, which will be released in July of this year (2013). It is thirty-one years since I lived in Germany, but the memories are still with me. I hope you enjoy my story. Preview Dead of July


I have written a couple of short stories, one of which is currently being edited. ‘Girl on the Beach’ is still available for $0.99 from the links below. It is a little rough around the edges, but it has received some great reviews. It is a simple story about a little girl who has a premonition. It is set in Blackpool in the early sixties. Give it a try.

I am very excited about the upcoming release of ‘Dead of July’. Follow my blog and my Facebook page for release details.

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