Escaping Trump’s America

Yes, I’m writing again!!!
Not many words yet, but they’re starting to flow. Below are a few lines from the first chapter of my “work in progress”. It’s a true story written with heartfelt emotion. I hope I can finish it…not as young as I used to be.

****August 2020****

Fear and panic set in and my legs gave way beneath me. I flopped down onto my suitcase and cried. When would I see my beautiful daughter again?
Retirement to Italy had long been my dream, but now it felt like a nightmare. I couldn’t cancel my flight because my husband had flown out a month before me.
The long trip ahead involved four different airports and three flights. All of this during a pandemic of such magnitude, I felt the world would end. Thousands of people were dying every day. What was I thinking?
Come on, pull yourself together.
I couldn’t. My strength was gone and I had no choice but to sit on my suitcase until the tears dried up. It took a while! Luckily, because of the pandemic, the airport wasn’t busy. Those brave (or stupid) travelers who passed by kept as far away from me as possible. Can’t say I blamed them. They probably thought they could catch COVID from the tears streaming down my face. Maybe they could! Who knew?
No one really knew anything for sure.

Summer in Abruzzo

Parties, weddings, sunsets, food!

Making the most of summer in Abruzzo. It’s a whirlwind of fun!


I started writing my children’s book in March 2020. At the time I wasn’t sure why. Princess Tess is cute, funny, and it was definitely fun looking after her, but why did I write about her? Looking back, I think I have the answer.
The world, as I knew it, was beginning to fall apart.
The coronavirus was slowly rearing its ugly head. My husband was in Italy, and I wasn’t sure he’d make it back, luckily he did.
As the year continued, the US suffered the worst racial problems I’d ever witnessed, and being married to a Jamaican, that worried me. I was scared for my husband and for my daughter. I’d never seen such hatred displayed in public. It was ugly and terrifying.
Last, but not least, there was Brexit, which threatened our move to the Italy as British Citizens. We hadn’t planned to move until 2022, but Brexit forced our hand.
When I look back at last year, and the stress of it all, I wonder how I survived. With the help of some great friends and colleges, I made it through some very tough times. We sold our family home, which to my surprise and horror, was snapped up quickly. We gave away, sold and donated all of our furniture. I left a job I loved and moved to Italy. Most of this was condensed into three months.
So why did I write a children’s book about a funny mixed up pup? It was my great escape!
Watch out for “Princess Tess Mess”, which is currently being illustrated by my daughter.

This Old Budding Writer


Wow! For a few minutes this morning I have time to sit and reflect on my life. I’m 63 and a budding writer! I was born in County Durham, raised in North Yorkshire (Brompton on Swale). When I was 20, I got married and moved to Dorset. In my late thirties I moved with my husband and daughter to Colorado. Now this old girl is retiring and moving to Abruzzo, Italy! I’ve been around a bit! In a little over a month I’ll be sitting at the kitchen table of my new home, looking at the view and easing another story from my old, but overactive brain…I hope you’ll read it.


Trouble Focusing


I have so much trouble focusing these days. I say this because I’ve written nothing in a couple of weeks.
“Lingering Evil” lingers without much progress!
It isn’t deserted or forgotten, but when writing is a struggle, you have to leave it until it flows.
My day job keeps me busy. My home in Italy is always on my mind. It’s the “Holiday” season in the US so there is always something going on.
Longing for the day I retire. I can rise early, drink my cappuccino and look out of my window at the beautiful village of Colledimezzo. There is no question in my mind that this will inspire me to write. I think a lot more stories will emerge too!