Lost Dog


“Lacie, come on, Lacie. Here girl, where are you?”
Norah shouted in vain, there was no sign or sound of her puppy. She took out her cell phone.
“No signal, Damn”
Then she heard something, a slight rustling in the bushes ahead. “Lacie?”
A whimper.
“I’m coming!”
Nora ran forward, grazing her legs as she almost tripped over a tree stump. Then she stopped and listened.
The moonlight cast a shadow, a long thin shadow. Thats not my dog!
Norah was nervous and prepared to turn and run, but the owner of the shadow appeared from behind a three. It was a young boy, he was hugging a small white dog close to his chest.
“Is this what you’re looking for?”
She ran forward and took the limp white bundle of fur into her arms, tears running down her cheeks. “Lacie, what happened?”
She buried her face in the familiar fuzzy mop of fur that was her beloved dog and smothered her with kisses. Lacie whimpered weakly, but didn’t move.
“What happened?” she asked the boy. There was no answer. When she looked up she was alone in the darkness.
“Come on pup, let’s get you home.”
Nora checked her cell phone again. She had a signal now and hit speed dial. After several rings she almost hung up, then she heard her husband’s voice. He sounded distant, distracted. Was someone there with him? No time to worry about that now.
“John, I’ve found Lacie, but she’s hurt.”
No response.
“John, did you hear me?”
The line went dead!




Night photos and wow what a week!

Night at my house

It was a race which started on Monday as soon as I got up, and ended last night when I finally got home.  It was a horror show of a week.  Not because of people, just schedules and time frames and work to be done and things going on and……well  you get the picture. Now here I am, on a Saturday morning, blogging, catching up with emails, doing expenses from my husband’s last trip, contemplating another cup of coffee and wondering what next week brings and if I can handle it? Of course I can!

Thought I would share some night-time photos with you.  Earlier in the week I shared the morning moon photo so I thought you would like to see what it is like when I get home.  Yes, it is a long day! When I hear noises outside, which of course could be coyote or deer, I pick up my camera and out I go, just in case one of my uninvited visitors appears.  I know its unlikely I could ever catch one on camera, but you NEVER KNOW!  See if you can pick out anything I can’t.