Happy New Year


The party was in full swing and the bar was in front of her. Live music, dancing and chatter made the atmosphere intoxicating. She was pretty sure she’d be able to find a replacement for James. Monica didn’t see who took her coat, she barely felt it slide from her shoulders. Her eyes were fixed on the handsome young man with a cocktail shaker in his hand. He poured something orange and fruity into a champagne glass.
“Happy New Year,” he said as slid the champagne glass across the bar, “I made this for you.”
“Thank you, what is it?”
“Taste it, maybe I’ll name it after you if you like it.”
Monica found a stool and sat down, looking at her reflection in the mirror behind the bar as she did so. She adjusted her dress to show even more of her expensive cleavage.
“How do you like the cocktail. I can make you another if you like it.”
Monica took a sip. “Mmm, its heavenly.”
It really was, she’d never tasted anything like it before. It popped and fizzed in her mouth, a little like champagne, but better. She emptied the glass in no time.
The creator of the drink leaned towards her, so close she could feel his breath face.
“Whats your name sweet lady?”
“It’s Monica,” she whispered, “I’d love another drink.”
She watched him make the cocktail, his eyes were fixed on her the whole time, she liked the way he looked at her. He was handsome, somehow exotic. Oh I’m so glad I found this place, she thought. He slid the second drink across the counter, his fingers brushing the silk of her dress just below her nipples, as he released his grip on the glass. She shuddered with pleasure.
“Who’s party is this?” she asked.
“It’s mine.” he answered as he sat on the bar stool next to her. He saw the surprise on her face.
“What, did you thing I was the cocktail waiter?”
Monica took a sip of her drink, she was already feeling tipsy. The night had turned around, it was going to be the best New Years Eve ever.
“Lets dance.”
Monica emptied her glass, almost spilling it down her front when his hand rested on her knee and moved up her leg a little. Her whole body tingled with excitement. He slid off his chair. Monica looked for his reflection in the mirror, wanting to drink in his handsome face and body without being too obvious. That’s funny, he has no reflection, I must be really drunk. She felt his breath on her ear.
“Come, lets dance.”
He led her to the dance floor, his arm around her bare shoulders. The band played a slow song. He pulled her close.
“Whats your name?” Monica whispered, her voice husky with passion.
Troy was built like a god. Their eyes met and she felt him look into her soul.
Can this be really happening? He’s gorgeous, and obviously rich if this is his party. I wonder if he’s married. Who cares anyway, I’m going to . make him mine. I can tell he likes me.
He pulled her closer, she could feel every move he made. Troy kissed her, the tip of his tongue finding its way into her mouth, she melted into his arms, moaning with pleasure. The music stopped, but they continued to dance. Slowly, barely moving! Troy looked into her eyes.
“I want you.” he said.
“Is there somewhere we can go?” she groaned.
“No, I’m going to take you here, right now.”
She felt his tongue in her ear, then he kissed her lips. He pushed her back and kissed her perfect breasts, his lips resting on her nipples. Her eyes were closed, ecstatic she gave himself to her.
“Don’t stop, please don’t stop,” she muttered.
His hand pressed on the small of her back, pushing her closer. He was kissing her neck, he moved her hair, so he could see her prefect white skin and the vein that throbbed beneath it. He was hungry.
“Oh, yes, I’m yours, don’t stop.”
He sunk his teeth deep until he found warm liquid. She didn’t struggle, just collapsed into his arms. He carried Monica to a huge oak table, still feasting on her blood.
A small group of hungry vampires surrounded him, his inner circle. Troy looked up, blood dripping from his chin.
“Come join me, there’ plenty to go around.”

2017 Annus Mirabilis

img_0582No, I’m not learning Latin. Although if I have time, I may take Italian Lessons! For those of you who faithfully follow my blog, you’ll know I’ve been absent for a while. You could say I’m trying to get my $*%@ together again! I’ve been writing since I was in High School (and that’s a VERY long time ago), my head is full of stories, some true, some started by my late dad, and some in a back room of my brain, waiting to break free.

My absence was caused because my life has changed a little. I lost my job a couple of years ago, and my new position, with a much larger company, is much more taxing. I come home drained. I think I’ve finally gotten used to that. My health changed, fought with it for a while, but hopefully I have that under control too. Lastly my husband doesn’t travel any more, so the house is a little noisier. Now thats fixed that too. We had a small addition built, which gives me a little more privacy in my little study.

Now, I’m comfortable again and ready to hit the ground running.

I’m working on re-editing a couple of old stories, which will be released as a compilation later this year. It’ll be a cheap buy, because I want lots of folks to read it. Two of the stories were the first I ever published, and in my excitement to get them out there, I omitted making them perfect. I’m making them perfect now. (well as perfect as possible).

It feels good to be back, to be writing again!


New Year – New Haunting

To my amazement, my recluse husband did stay at the bar until Midnight. We sang Auld Lang syne and then grabbed the first transport home. It was only a mile to our house, but drinking and driving was never a good idea. Les tipped the driver $20. I looked at him in amazement, before laughing out loud. He wasn’t normally a good tipper, but alcohol had greased his wallet.

The fire had died long since and the house felt cold. We got ready for bed quickly, snuggling under the covers to stay warm. Les started snoring immediately his head hit the pillow, but I law awake for a long time, thinking about the teenager who’d died giving birth in the barn.

Why do these spirits pick me out?

A soft clear voice that only I could hear answered me.

“Because they can!”

It was the voice of my grandma, long since dead. A real character when she was alive and even more so after death. She visited me often. I liked having her around, even though she could be mischievous. My gran introduced me to my granddad who’d died long before I was born. It wasn’t scared to meet him, even though I was only six or seven at the time. He just appeared while we sat by a brook on the moors. I was glad I’d met him. My gift came from my gran.

What does this girl want from me grandma?

“That’s for you to find out hinney,” she answered in her Geordie accent. She’d lived in county Durham and Northumberland all of her life. I loved her accent! It made me feel warm inside. I’d tried to imitate it when I was younger, but spent too much time in North Yorkshire to perfect it.

Hearing my her voice (if only in my head) soothed me, and I drifted to sleep easily, but only to be wake up again a couple of hours later.

What was that?

Les turned over, but remained asleep. I’d heard something. What was it?

“Hush little baby don’t you cry, mama’s going to sing you a lullaby.

Can’t stay long so please, please sleep.

Mama’s dying don’t want you to weep” 

I sat bolt upright.

A soft glow shone through the bedroom door. It came from the living room below. The fire was out, but something flickered down there. I slid out of bed carefully, so as not to wake Les. The light was fading. I looked over the bannister from the landing to see a pale sad young face looking up, but not at me. She held a baby in her arms. Kissing it softly on the cheek, she held it out to someone. The baby disappeared and so did the girl.hqdefault

The house became silent and very, very cold.


Clearing the Demons – A Ghost Story

GraveyardWas the sun rising or setting? How long had I been here? What was I doing? And then I remembered talking to the old lady in my local pub. I didn’t know her, but felt her watching me. Eventually, feeling uncomfortable, but curious about her fixation, I ordered another drink and went to sit beside her.

“I haven’t seen you here before, but I feel your eyes on me. Do you know me?” I asked.

“You called me.” She said in a quiet voice that sounded like footsteps on dry twigs.

“Called you? I don’t even know you,” I replied, something wasn’t quite right here.

Old woman

“Oh you called me, it was just a whisper, but I heard you. What do you want from me?” She asked.

“What does she mean?” I thought to myselfI began to feel uncomfortable and troubled as her piercing old eyes stared into mine, reading my mind, no reading me. I felt I may faint. She looked away and the feeling passed.

“You are troubled my child. All is not well with you. You need to clear your Demons.”

“Clear my Demons, what do you mean?” I asked, but I knew she was right. For the last year I had been haunted by thoughts of hurting myself, even taking my own life. I was in my early thirties, but felt life had already passed me by. I was an outsider looking at the life other people lived, feeling excluded, sad, different.

She cackled but it wasn’t an angry mean sound, it was just an old woman’s laugh. “Go visit your mother.”

“I’d love to, but my mother is dead.” I replied angrily.

I looked down at my drink, not wanting her to see me cry. I wiped away the tears that rolled down my cheeks before looking up again, when I did, she’d gone. Good riddance, I thought.

I finished my wine and went back to the bar to get another glass. “Who was that old lady?” I asked Gina, the barmaid as I gestured in the direction of the table at which we’d sat.

“Old lady? What are you talking about? You were alone. You looked like you were talking to yourself. I hope you don’t want another drink, I think you may have had enough.”

Was I losing my mind? 

“No, I don’t want another drink. I have an appointment. Happy New Year,” I said to the bemused barmaid as I left. I didn’t care that she thought me crazy. I walked towards the cemetery, the old lady’s voice echoing in my head, “Go visit your mother,” she said. I decided to take her advice.

How does this story end? Check back in a couple of days to find out!

My new novel, Dead of July, is available on Amazon. 

Click on the link below for more information.

A German Ghost Story

A German Ghost Story


Happy New Year – A relaxing resolution


January – Published ‘Girl on the Beach’ as and e-book

February – ‘Girl on the Beach’ published in print

March – “Guy at the Bar” re-launched as an e-book

April – “Guy at the Bar” published in print, took up snowboarding again.

May – Flew to England, marketed my book a little, had a little fun, visited family, ate curried goat and other delicious Jamaican food as well as good old fish and chips.

June – A little time in London, visited Gordon Ramsay’s wonderful restaurant ‘Maze’

July – Celebrated the fourth at the Gonzales residence with Fireworks aplenty.

August – Holy Moses – been married 34 years – I am getting OLD.

September – My lovely daughter turned 27.

October – Worked on my book as often as I could – it’s almost finished.

November – Celebrated Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday in Vail, my daughter came along too.

December – A month of Christmas parties and getting together with friends and a lovely quiet Christmas together.

I am starting the New Year by relaxing a little. I wore myself out last year. I blogged and tweeted and wrote and worked and worked out and did chores and did classes and so on and so on and so on.

Even my vacation was a rush, two fun weeks in England, but during those weeks I visited family in London, Birmingham, Darlington, North Yorkshire, Berwick-upon-Tweed and then back to London. It was fun, but it was not restful.

Yes I know, that’s life, but this year I am going to prioritize a little better and relax a little more. Life should not be so stressful. We are only on this earth for a short while so we need to stop and smell the roses!

There is no doubt I will finish my book ‘Dead of July’ this year. I will most likely be finished with the writing this month. I will then re-read it before forwarding it to the editor.

I think I have found and editor I can work with for copy and content editing as well as proof reading. Next comes the lay-out  for print and for my E-book.

Lots to do, but I am going to pace myself and enjoy the process rather than rush through it. With that I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.


Happy New Year!




Stephen King would thank you all for reading his books and call you his ‘constant reader’, I can’t claim that type of fame yet, but one day I would like to have one or two constant readers. I will never be as famous as Mr. King, but I would like to write as well as he does, I have been a fan of his since I picked up his first book, which has to be over thirty years ago. Yes, I am getting old!

Later today, my first little story, ‘Guy at the Bar’ will be taken down from Amazon for a ‘face lift’. In January it will be replaced with my new story ‘Girl on the Beach’.

I am eternally grateful to everyone who had bought and read my $2 book this year. I only sold a few, but it gave me the encouragement I needed to keep writing. I hope to finish at least two short stories and one not so short story in the new year. I hear 2011 is the year of the indie writer, so I intend to give it my best shot.

I wish you all a very Happy New Year!