A Christmas Mystery

I was sick, and getting sicker by the hour. My head pounded and my body ached. I lay on the sofa, unable to make it up the stairs to bed. Covered in throws and fleeces my body felt like ice for a while before the fever set in. I was all alone and miserable until my mother showed up.

She sat in a chair by the window, a sympathetic smile on her face, just knowing she was there was comforting to me.

“Mum can I have some water please, I’m burning up?” 

With a burning fever, I slipped in and out of consciousness. Every time I opened my eyes I saw my mum watching over me.

I wish she’d bring me a drink, I thought.

Eventually, in a window of clarity, I crawled up the stairs and into my bed. I didn’t sleep well, but I slept.

The fever persisted and the following day was a blur of sleep, sickness and misery. Even my mother deserted me. I was alone again. Lying on the sofa, I was too exhausted to even read. I vaguely remember calling my husband and telling him my mum had been to visit, he sounded vaguely concerned.

Tears of misery and exhaustion trickled down my face as I watched the sun slip behind the Rocky Mountains.

And then something magical happened. 


The snowflakes falling outside my window turned to glistening diamonds as the Christmas lights came on.

I stared at them, hypnotized. Was I hallucinating? I’d worried about getting the lights up before the frigid temperatures set in. Who had done this? My husband was in Columbus and no one else had the keys to our shed.

The only person I’d seen in the past two days was my mother, and surely that was a figment of my imagination, induced by the fever.

My mother has been dead over ten years.

Maybe she is still looking out for me.

I hope so.

Mum, thanks for looking out for me and bringing light and comfort to my life. I miss you!

Believe it or not, this is a true story! Things like this have happened to me my whole life and I now sharing them with the world. My first novel ‘Dead of July’ has just been released and is available on Amazon as both a paperback and an eBook.

A German Ghost Story

A German Ghost Story

amzn.to/1ci8iX3 (eBook)

amzn.to/1hFBT45 (Paperback)

Dead of July – A German Ghost Story


It was July 4th, 1982, and the weather in Dortmund was so hot it was almost unbearable. We had no air conditioning in our apartment, which was on the top floor of a lovely old building. Heat rises, of course, so it was hotter than hell.  There was no balcony and the window in the living room was actually set in the sloping roof and opened up to the sky.  I had opened the window as wide as it would go, but the only thing coming through it was hot air and little particles of silver that shimmered in the sun.  These particles of silver looked very pretty as they slowly fluttered to the ground, but I am not sure if they were good for the lungs. The shimmering silver shower was courtesy of the huge chemical plant situated less than a mile away.  In this litigious society, I probably shouldn’t mention the name of the plant, but it was one of the largest suppliers of pharmaceutical, agricultural and industrial chemicals in Europe, the US and Asia. I have to say, I have suffered no health issues from my proximity to the chemical plant, nor has anyone else to my knowledge, but the shower was certainly a spectacle. On Sunday, July 4th, I sat in that roof-top window with my legs dangling over the ledge and watched the street below.

I first wrote the above paragraph two years ago, sitting here on the chaise under the bedroom window, my favorite writing spot. This was the first paragraph of  a book I planned to call  ‘A Walk in the Park’. Although I had a rough idea of what I was going to write, I had no idea how the adventure was going to end. Much of the story is based on experiences I had as a young army wife living in Dortmund, Germany (West Germany as it was known then), but I plucked some of it from my overactive imagination. As I continued to write my story, I realized ‘A Walk in the Park’ didn’t do it justice. I consulted my friends both here in the US, and in England, searching for the perfect title. A friend and former college, Jennifer Candee Zacharewicz, came up with ‘Dead of July’. I loved it and it stuck. 

In a little over two months, ‘Dead of July’ will be available on Amazon, Smashwords and several other outlets as both an e-Book and a paperback. I loved writing this book and I hope it gives pleasure to my readers.

Girl on the Beach Cover Art Flat with Title (Small)Prior to ‘Dead of July’ I wrote two short stories. ‘Girl on the Beach’ and ‘Guy at the Bar’. I feel like I had Guy at the Bar (Blue Text)[11]my ‘Learner’ plates on when I wrote these, as I had stories in my head, but wasn’t sure how to put them on paper. I learned a great deal in the process though.

‘Girl on the Beach’ is still available on Amazon, but ‘Guy at the Bar’ is being re-edited for re-release later this year. 


‘Girl on the Beach’ is a pretty accurate account of my first premonition, I had to use my imagination a little to make it a little more readable. Real life, no matter how ‘different’ can still be boring if it is told like a documentary. I still enjoy talking to people about this book, and it has received some great reviews, but ‘Dead of July’ blows it out of the water. I am working with Amy Eye, an editor I LOVE The Eyes for Editing and I know this book will keep you captivated.

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Guy at the Bar, back and in Blue!


Guy at the Bar - by me!

Here is my finished book cover! ‘Guy at the Bar’ is almost back in business. I absolutely love this cover. Mike Brooker, thanks.

Pretty soon the book will be edited and on sale again.

I have my own company too now ‘Words from Beyond, LLC’ so everything is falling into place.

Keep checking my blog and website, ‘Guy at the Bar’ is almost back!!!