1984 – Evil Lingers

Remember the eighties? I do! I was in my early twenties and living in Dortmund, West Germany!
Remember the hairstyles, those fashions…need I say more? It was a blast…except when it wasn’t.
Remember those movies “The Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Phantasm, Nightmare on Elm Street”? Scary weren’t they? You’d snuggle up to someone for protection, feeling nervous, jumpy and wondering if those thing really happened.

For me they did happen. They happened when I had no one to snuggle up to. They happened when I was alone and vulnerable, and I’ll never forget. Evil Lingers for a long time, and the memory lingers even now!

Nazi Zombies!


So it started out like any other WWII movie. Showed promise with good actors! I’m not saying its a bad movie, but what could be worse than fighting Zombies?


Yes my friends, if you want to watch a horror movie, Overlord is definitely heart stopping and intense.

The ‘haunted’ Morello House

Morello house

Morello Car CrashI began reading about the Morello House on-line in the Philippine Star. The story is being turned into a movie. Of course I immediately became fascinated because ghosts and the supernatural always do that to me. They terrify me and fascinate me. I decided to share this story and the photo’s (courtesy of http://morellohouse.com/). Below is a brief summary of the house and its terrors.

A recent real estate listing describes a beautiful and secluded house that has languished on the market for decades. What the listing does not describe, however, is the supposed curse on the house – and the gruesome deaths that wiped out an entire family there nearly 30 years ago.

The house on 14 Woodlands Drive was once valued at over a million dollars and has since gone down to less than a quarter of that. The drop in price is no mystery to the locals. Because at least four people died in that house — an entire family, wiped out.

After her three children and her husband died, Angela Morello lived alone in the mansion for just a few years. I can only imagine the loneliness and the grief that filled those rooms and hallways — rooms and hallways once filled with light and the promise of a successful future.

An article in the local paper came out soon after Angela left the house and put it up for sale. A sense of doom seems to bother just about anyone with an opinion. Even a realtor in the area was quoted as saying, “More likely than not, no one will ever live here again.”

Over the decades, the Morello house has loomed darker and darker, as a source of mystery, fear, and death. It is exactly the kind of house that is an example of an “attractor” — a likely place to be haunted. I am building a case study around the Morello house, to examine the reality of the “Morello Curse,” the likelihood that it is haunted, and the possibility that there are more gruesome crimes hidden there than have been reported.

To read my humble ghost story, click on the link below.