The Secret Author

Yes I love to write, but…when it comes to marketing, I’m useless!
I’m a self published author and always have a story in my head. A story that needs to be told, and if I don’t let it out, it would surely drive me CRAZY! (I’m halfway there already)
When I finish my books, and tell all of my friends about them, they faithfully support me so there is a flurry of sales for which I’m very grateful, then it’s up to me to continue my marketing campaign. It never happens because I simply don’t know where to start.

I’m no good at self promotion. I’m excellent at promoting anyone or anything else successfully, and with enthusiasm, but not myself.

I’ve written ghost stories, thrillers and, more recently, a children’s book. My editor thinks my books are pretty good, and as an old girl, I think I’m pretty interesting, but unfortunately I’m a secret to myself.

2011 – What will it bring?

It starts with a farewell (all be it temporary) to old friends. It just doesn’t seem right, but today I took my  first book down from Amazon. My finger hovered over the ‘unpublish’ button for a while, but finally I did it. I took ‘Guy at the Bar’ down. It will be back sometime in late April, early May, but for now it is gone.

Today is a day of reflection and relaxation, but going forward, 2011 is the year I get my act together and start my marketing campaign. If no one knows my books are out there, how can I sell them? Once ‘Girl on the Beach’ is published on Amazon, I will be a lean, mean campaigning machine.

Tomorrow I am hoping to post another story about my adjustment to life in America. Eventually that will be in the form of a book too, but while I am getting ideas together, I will share them with you on my blog. I am starting to feel like I am running ideas by my friends when I do this.

Happy New Year to you all, and keep tuning in. If you like what you read, please share with your friends. Social networking is good for me.