Ghosts on the Sand

Ghosts on the Sand1

The sun slid behind a cloak of darkness while I cowered on the sand terrified and alone. A flaming ball of fire burned a path through the darkened sky tumbling towards me. Closing my eyes, I waited to die. An earth-shattering explosion rocked the beach. A volcano of hot gushing water erupted from the waves. Angry flames reached out hungrily, looking for something to devour. Strangers emerged from thin air, running towards the fire, shouting to one another in a language I didn’t understand. The watery inferno illuminated their fear stricken faces. Shadowy figures floated slowly towards the shore, bobbing up and down grotesquely in the shallow water. Trembling I closed my eyes and prayed. Was this a nightmare?

My new book is almost ready for the first round of editing. Here’s a small preview from “Ghosts on the Sand”

This story will feature in a compilation with three other short stories. I’m aiming to release it at the end of the year.


Back to the Future – 1982

When I think about 1982  I go back to the future.

I go back because 1982 was thirty years ago, yet it only seems like yesterday.

I go back to the future because my book ‘Dead of July’ which is set in 1982 is part of my future. It will be released later this year and will be a major milestone in my life.

A lot happened in 1982.

Popular Musicians

  • Human League with ” Don’t You Want Me ”

    The Human League

    The Human League

  • Bucks Fizz
  • The Jam
  • Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder with ” Ebony and Ivory “
  • Olivia Newton-John
  • Vangelis
  • Steve Miller band With ” Abracadabra “
  • Survivor with ” Eye of The Tiger “
  • Chicago with ” Hard to Say I’m Sorry “
  • Lionel Richie 

    Magnum PI

Popular TV Programmes

  • Magnum, P.I.
  • The Other Arf (UK)
  • Dynasty
  • Falcon Crest
  • Hill Street Blues
  • Only Fools and Horses (UK)

    Only Fools and Horses - TIT (Trotters Independent Traders)

  • Knight Rider


Cost Of Living 1982

How Much things cost in 1982
Yearly Inflation Rate USA6.16 % 
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average 1046 
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve 11.50% 
Average Cost of new house $82,200
Median Price Of and Existing Home $67,800
Average Income per year $21,050.00
Average Monthly Rent $320.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas 91 cents
New Car Average price $7,983.00
US Postage Stamp 20 cents
Vic 20 $299.95
Satellite Receiver $245.95

Below are some Prices for UK guides in Pounds Sterling
Average House Price 23,644
Gallon of Petrol 1.59
Yearly Inflation Rate UK 8.6% 
Interest Rates Year End Bank of England 10.00% 

My earlier books are both short stories, ‘Guy at the Bar’ is set in North Yorkshire in 1974. ‘Girl on the Beach’ is set in Blackpool in 1964. They can both be purchased as e-books from Amazon, or in print from my website from the links below.

My new novel ‘Dead of July’  will be available later this year Follow me on Facebook for updates.