Stories to Tell

I started writing again just over 10 years ago. Not really sure what sparked it. I hadn’t written since I was in my early (troubled teens).
Suddenly, when I hit my fifties, stories began flooding my brain and screaming to be let out.
The first story to emerge was “Guy at the Bar”, which brought back lovely memories of a small village in North Yorkshire called Brompton on Swale. Tears flowed as I wrote about my parents, how I miss them. If there really is an after life, they’ll be looking down at me and shaking their head and saying, “Our Sandra, a rebel to the end.”
Guy at the Bar wasn’t a best seller, but it piqued my interest and more stories followed. I recently re-wrote Guy at the Bar, and bundled it into a collection of short, slightly scary stories, called “Ghosts on the Sand and other chilling tales.” It’s still for sale on Amazon, along with my second book “Dead of July.”
Ghosts on the Sand Dead of July – Amazon
Now I’m retired and have a little more time on my hands so I’m writing again. I’ve just finished a Children’s book, inspired by my daughter’s pup Tess. I took care of Tess for a short time while my daughter and her husband vacationed in Japan. I never knew dogs could be so funny, or have so much character. I adjusted my mindset to write for children. I also had to think like a puppy. It was a blast to write. “Princess Tess and her Mess” will be published sometime this year.
The pictures above are my mum and dad. I never stop missing them. On the right is the King William IV, where Guy at the Bar came to life.
Writing makes me happy!

Back to my Roots

Back to the Bar

Free e-book (Smashwords)

Going back to my roots at the end of May.

Going back to Brompton-on-Swale, which is where my book ‘Guy at the Bar’ is based. Click on the link above to get a free download of ‘Girl on the Beach’  from Smashwords. Download a copy of ‘Guy at the Bar’ at the same time.

Unfortunately the pub my story started in is closed. I will still visit Brompton though, it was my home for nine years back in the late sixties and early seventies. It is a beautiful village on the banks of the river Swale.

My parents ashes are buried there. I don’t think anyone will remember me, but it will be nice to wander around and reminisce.

The pub below is where ‘Guy at the Bar’ started.

Guy at the Bar started here!

The guy on featured on the cover of my book sat next to me at the bar in the King William IV, and started coming on to me. I slipped out of the back door, but he chased me home, well most of the way home.

To find out what happened buy this book from my website Words From Beyond and I will personalize your copy before mailing it to you.

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