SHOW YOURSELF – You are in my house

We once had a cat called Luna. Like all cats she had character, like all cats she saw things we didn’t. There was a certain area in our living room, high up on the wall, she would stare at. Sometimes she would hiss or mew while here eyes were fixed there. Sometimes she would just run off into another room. I tried on several occasions, to see what she could see, but never did.

Black and white catThis Christmas my daughter came to stay with us, as she does every year, accompanied by her funny little dog. On Christmas day we all settled down to watch movies. The lights were out and we focused on the television screen, all except the little dog, who sat with her back to the television, staring at the wall above me. I looked, but saw nothing. No reflections, no shadows, nothing.

She started to growl and barked a couple of times, looking ready to attack thin air, but what she was growling at was way above her head so finally she gave up.

This is not an unfamiliar occurence, we have had a ‘presence’ in every house we lived in, but this one has been sleeping for a while.

What revived it? I don’t know.

Is it here for a while? I don’t know.

Who is it? I don’t know.

This could be the same ‘presence’ that shared our house thirty-five years ago when we were first married and lived in Dorset? It was much more active them, moving things around and scaring our neighbors when they came to visit.

It could be the same spirit that lived with us in Germany, where it played with us a little, but not quite so much.

When we lived in Hampshire, it was extremely active again, particularly around our young daughter, who appeared to have conversations with something on the ceiling way before she could talk properly.


I don’t remember any visitations when we lived in Kent. The locals probably scared it away.

After moving here to Colorado things were quiet for a while, until we moved to our house in Franktown. My daughter was the first to encounter something this house. She actually saw a lady in old-fashioned costume, sitting in our living room one day when she came home from school sick. It was daylight, not the usual night-time haunting.

On occasions the door to her bedroom would rattle and burst open during the night. My husband and I both saw someone glide up the stairs one night, before disappearing. We couldn’t make out any features, just a shadowy presence.

Obviously this presence means us no harm, but it would be nice to know who it is as they seem to have stuck by us for over thirty-five years.

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