Children’s Book – Tess Mess

Here she is! This little scoundrel inspired me to write my first Children’s Book. Finally it’s finished, edited, illustrated and ready to sell.

Now I’m terrified.

This was fun to write, and the idea of making kids happy with this story thrilled me…now comes the test. Will anyone want to read it?

Watch out for for Princess Tess and her Mess on Amazon in the “Children’s Book” category. It will magically appear before the end of June.

Below is a little bit about silly old me!

Sandra Thompson

Sandra was born a very long time ago in the North East of England. She was outgoing and adventurous child with an overactive imagination. From a very early age her brain silently recorded the story of her life as it happened. At the age of thirteen Sandra realized she needed to write that story down. She’s been writing ever since. This is her first children’s book, but I know it won’t be her last.

Sandra is retired now and living in Italy, but still writing.

Next stop New York

My friend Tanya

So my friends came through for me and gave my book a true Colorado send off. It was a wonderful evening thanks to the ‘host with the most’, yes I am talking about you Roberta.

I was able to relax and sign copies of my book.

You all bought copies (some of you bought several) of my book and asked for personal messages to be written in the front with my special book signing pen (thanks Joanna).

I am truly grateful to have so many good friends and when I make it to the big time, I will certainly keep my promise and take my group of faithful followers to New York with me. Let the good times roll!

Signing my first book for Roberta

Enjoying talking about my book

And a good time was had by all