2011 – What will it bring?

It starts with a farewell (all be it temporary) to old friends. It just doesn’t seem right, but today I took my  first book down from Amazon. My finger hovered over the ‘unpublish’ button for a while, but finally I did it. I took ‘Guy at the Bar’ down. It will be back sometime in late April, early May, but for now it is gone.

Today is a day of reflection and relaxation, but going forward, 2011 is the year I get my act together and start my marketing campaign. If no one knows my books are out there, how can I sell them? Once ‘Girl on the Beach’ is published on Amazon, I will be a lean, mean campaigning machine.

Tomorrow I am hoping to post another story about my adjustment to life in America. Eventually that will be in the form of a book too, but while I am getting ideas together, I will share them with you on my blog. I am starting to feel like I am running ideas by my friends when I do this.

Happy New Year to you all, and keep tuning in. If you like what you read, please share with your friends. Social networking is good for me.