Did I die?

snow lights

My car stopped at a precarious angle. I daren’t move! Had I slid towards the canal? I couldn’t tell. All I could see from the driver’s side window was snow, deep thick snow. The   passenger side widow looked up towards the sky, soon to be covered with thick snowflakes. My only escape was through that window, but if I moved my car would surely slide into the cold water that could be inches away. My engine had stalled and bitter cold seeped into the car, freezing my breath as it hung in the air.

Movement, the car shuddered. I braced myself for action. Not sure what I’d have to do to fight for my life, but I was ready!

What happened next defied gravity. The car move slowly and gently, but not down the hill as it should, instead it glided up towards the road again, almost floating! I sat still as it leveled out, waiting for someone from a tow truck to come and tap on my window, but no one appeared. Putting my hand on the door handle, I made to get out and thank whoever had saved me, but before I had chance the car moved forward. How could that be?

Straining my eyes I saw a light ahead, muffled by the snow, but still a warm glow. For a split second it brought me comfort, and then I worried what it was.

Did I die?

Am I a Guardian Angel in training?

guardian angelAs long as I can remember I have had a Guardian Angel watching over me. I have been protected and rescued from the most ridiculous situations. You doubters can laugh, but my childhood was not idyllic, and without this unseen saviour, I probably would not have survived.

My husband has had similar experiences, but on a much larger scale.

He survived a horrific train wreck by missing the train. Being Military and very punctual, missing a train is totally out of character for him. On another occasion when he had to visit London, he decided to drive to work, rather than take the train, and avoided a fire at Kings Cross Station that killed over thirty people.

A few years later he walked away from a high-speed motorcycle wreck during the rush hour on a major highway into London. IBR-1032944 - © - Jochen TackHis shoulder hurt for a while, but that’s all. It was a hit and run and thanks to the care and attention of witnesses, the stupid (uninsured) driver that left him for dead, was turned in to the police and prosecuted.

We have both come to the conclusion that we are kept alive to protect our daughter, who is now 28. Maybe she is destined for greatness, who knows? There is something special about her. I say this, not because she is my daughter, but because of the things she has survived, the lessons she has learned and the things she does.

I get the feeling that my husband and I are her living Guardian Angels, but someone is also watching over us.



We are loners, with no close family, but I never feel like I am alone. I know someone shares our home. They don’t show themselves very often, but when my daughter comes home to visit, I feel them most.

Her cute little dog feels them too, watching things that are invisible to the human eye, and running off in pursuit of things only she can see, sitting still focusing intently on something that moves around our room. I wish I could see it too.

It’s January now and our house has become very active, lights being switched on and off, doors opening and closing, but it doesn’t scare me, I am used to it and welcome it. Maybe I am a Guardian Angel in training. I don’t know why I would be given that honor, but someone had guided me through  my life thus far and as I have grown older, the feeling gets stronger. I am just going to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Guardian Angels have been around for a long time.

guardian-angels-L guardian-angel


In my very first short story, ‘Girl on the Beach’ a little girl, who could be my Guardian Angel, makes her first appearance. I don’t know her name, but she still haunts me.

In March my first novel ‘Dead of July’ will be available from Amazon and Smashwords.

At the end of April ‘Dead of July’ will be available in print too.

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