Christmas Angel


I was tired, my eyes heavy, but I was no longer cold or afraid! The glowing light hovering ahead cast warmth onto my limp body. Gazing into the glistening snowflakes my worries and tension floated away. A feeling of well-being spread within me.
Did I die?
I longed to see my mother’s face one more time, but my world faded to grey and the grey darkened to black.
How will it feel when my soul leaves my body?
I took a deep breath and waited.
For unto us a child is born,
Unto us, a son is given.
A choir of Angels, I’d made it to heaven. What will I see? What does heaven look like?
I was sad, scared and excited all at the same time.
So here it is Merry Christmas everybody’s having fun!
Look to the future now its only just begun….
Noddy Holder’s voice bellowed. How could I be hearing Slade’s Christmas song?
I opened my eyes and gazed at my surroundings.
Snow no longer fell, bright sunshine kissed the snow-covered grass.
A dazzling shape floated towards me. It looked like an angel, but it couldn’t be. Could it? I blinked, and it was gone.
What would your daddy do if he saw your mama kissing Santa Claus?
My radio still blasted popular Christmas music.
I was alive!

Office Scrooge



Ian and Gina met in the break room around ten o clock! It has been a rough morning and coffee was needed. The talk around the coffee machine was animated. The room was buzzing with excitement. Gina inserted herself into the group.
“What’s going on?”
Fred, the droll accountant looked at her, a smile on his usually serious face.
“Didn’t you check your emails, we’re getting a visitor today.”
“A visitor, who’s coming Santa Claus?” Gina laughed at her own joke.
“No Valerie is paying us a visit.”
“Valerie Street? No way! Have you met her before?”
Fred’s eyes filled with tears, “Not since before George and Ethel died. She used to play with my kids at the company picnic.”
Ian joined them, “What do you think she wants?”
“Maybe she’s going to sell the Company?”
“Maybe she will,” Fred replied
The noise in the break room escalated as folks talked about the purpose of the long overdue visit.
“Don’t you have anything to do?” The piercing voice was that of the Desiree, the CFO. It commanded instant silence.
“I don’t want to ask anyone to work over Christmas, but I will if I have to.”
Fred spoke up. “We’re excited to see Valerie this afternoon. She’s been away too long.”
Desiree rolled her eyes, “For goodness sake, do you really think she want’s to talk to you folks. She’ll be coming to check on the company profits. I’ve arranged a meeting with leadership, headed by me. You won’t see her. Now get back to work, I want her to see a well run ship, not a gossip shop.”
“We would all like to…”
Desiree held her hand up. “I believe I said get back to work, now do it!”
Ian, Fred and Gina walked along the hallway together. A miserable silence replaced the excited buzz.
“She’s unbelievable!” Ian said. “A real life Scrooge!”

Death Makes Me STRONGER – Dark Angel

Dark Shadow

I was glad when the priest left, his blather made me uncomfortable. He barely touched his wine, but I drank plenty. His words rang in my head painfully:

Lucy listen to me, you’re not possessed, but strongly influenced by something. I see darkness all around you and you must break free. I don’t want to lose you. Think of your mother. Is this what your father would have wanted? May god help you and protect you, may the power of the lord……..blah blah blah”

I spoke very little and made the pretence of listening, but all I wanted was this man out of my house. His presence put violent thoughts into my head. I wondered what it would be like to smash the wine bottle and push it into his face. That would shut him up. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and pretended to pray. I didn’t want to think anymore. What was happening to me? Finally he stopped talking and stood up to leave.

“Will you come to church on Sunday?”

“Yes.” I hissed, anything to shut him up and get him out of my home. I looked into his eyes and saw sadness, for a moment I felt pity for him. He was trying to help me. Who was I? I didn’t know anymore. When Reverend Laybourn left my house the door slammed behind him without my touching it. I wanted him gone, but someone else wanted him gone more. I watched out of the window as he walked down the road, his shoulders slumped. He looked defeated. I breathed deeply, pushing the darkness from my heart, I was myself again. How long for I didn’t know.

“Please spare this man, he’s only trying to help me.” I said softly to no one.

The priest disappeared from view, but there was a reflection in the window looking back at me, a reflection with wings.

“I won’t harm this man. I don’t cause death, but I am attracted to it, DEATH MAKES ME STRONGER.” Sly, chilling laughter accompanied these words. Words that echoed all around me! 

I knew I was in trouble, maybe I would go to church after all!


Another great read by Sandra Thompson

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson



Mothers Past and Present

Mother Teresa

We all know this is mother Teresa, not my mother, but someone I would like to remember this mothers day, along with Princess Diana and of course Phoebe Ethel Newman – My Mother.

Princess Diana and Mother Teresa died within a week of each other in 1997, neither will be forgotten. Not so many people knew my mother passed, who passed away in April of 2002.

I miss her.

I didn’t think I would because she lived in England and I am here in the US. We only spoke on the phone every couple of months, and that was when I called her. She was in her eighties, getting forgetful, and would tell me the same thing over and over again. I wasn’t as understanding as I should have been, I wish I could go back in time and tell her things, but I can’t.

When I am alone, I sit and talk to her, and then laugh at myself because I would catch my mother alone in a room, seemingly talking to herself at times. I would ask her what she was doing and she would answer “Talking to Grandma”.

We all become our mothers eventually.

To everyone out there, whose mothers have passed away, spend a couple of minutes taking to them, I am sure they will hear you.

Happy Mother’s Day!