Rehab for ‘Guy at the Bar’

It’s time!

My first short story describes the events that happened after a young girl met a stranger in her local pub. He was called Guy, hence the name ‘Guy at the Bar’.

I had a lot of fun writing and then publishing this story, but now, with three stories under my belt, I know it needs some work. I re-read it a couple of weeks ago, editing it as I went along. There was a lot of editing which tells me that it’s time to send Guy to Re-hab.

Re-hab means spending time with Amy Eye my trusted and patient editor. I didn’t know much about editing when I released my first story. I just wanted to be a writer.

‘Guy at the Bar’ will be back next year, and it will be the story I intended it to be.

This story is set in the early seventies in a small village called Brompton-on-Swale in North Yorkshire.





‘Dead of July’

What can I say other than I am proud of this book, which will be published in March 2013. Almost there!

‘Dead of July’ happened in Dortmund, Germany. It is set in the early eighties and is and exciting story with a paranormal twist.






This book has had some great reviews and will remain on Amazon for a little while longer before I take it down and have my editor do her magic with it.

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Below is one of the reviews I received for this book. Not bad for a novice.

A good story, told very well. Sort of a ghost story, without being macabre or creepy. As another reviewer mentioned, you can see early on what’s going to happen, but you don’t mind because it is so well-crafted and paints such a vivid picture of the author’s childhood. I highly recommend it.

‘Girl on the Beach’ starts in Blackpool, Lancashire and then moves to ‘Summerhouse’ county Durham. Time period is the mid sixties.

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Writing is a hobby, which I would like to turn into a career. Since 2009, when I started publishing my books, I have learned a great deal and when ‘Dead of July’ is published, I will be proud to put my name to it.