Best Selling Author?

No! I’ll never be a best selling author.
Would I like to be?
Yes, but I write for pleasure, its my hobby.

I’ve written for therapy since I was a teenager, and it works, I’m still sane.
I self publish and promote my books as best as I can, but my sales never amount to enough to make a profit. If I make enough money to break even with the editing/book lay out fees, I’m happy.

Princess Tess and Her mess has been one of my favorite books to write. It didn’t wrestle with any inner daemons, it was just a book about a funny, curious pup. I’m working on a sequel. Will I finish it? Who knows?

I’m retired now and living in Italy, life is more relaxing, but I have a lot of exploring to do before I get too old. I also have a pretty busy social life for an old girl. Hopefully in between all of that I can find time to write.

If you have a couple of spare dollars, invest in my book, make me feel famous. It’s a fun story you can read to your children and grandkids, or if you’re an animal lover, read it yourself.

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Take care and stay safe.

Three Ghosts – Part Two – My Second Visitor


I sat down in my quiet home, feeling a little more calm, but melancholy. Families fade away so quickly. I was used to being along. My husband travelled with work, but I’d had a bad day. My daughter busy with her own life , so I sipped my wine and gazed out of the window, watching the orange sun slide behind the mountains.

A noise I hadn’t heard in a long time broke the silence. It was the sound of a cigarette lighter, followed by the smell of smoke, not just any old smoke, but the smoke that came from strong unfiltered ‘Players Navy Cut’, my dads favorite brand of cigarettes. I smiled. “You know you shouldn’t be smoking it the house,” I said, talking to a man who’d been dead for over twenty years.

“Don’t tell your mum!” Players Navy Cut

I laughed out loud, now I was losing my mind!


“I hear you’re having a bit of bother at work. Do you remember when I sorted your boss out. You were working at the Angel Hotel in Catterick Village? He was a nasty piece of work he was. I put him in his place didn’t I?”

“Yes dad you certainly did.” Could I see smoke rings hovering above the arm-chair? I loved it when my dad blew smoke rings.

“Who upset you this time? Do you want me to handle him for you?”

I laughed hard and loud at the thought of my dad walking into the Law Firm  where I worked and taking on my boss.

“Dad, you don’t need to do that.” I couldn’t see my dad, he wasn’t there, but I could feel his smile and I felt loved. “Well if you’re sure.” he said ” I don’t want anyone being mean to my little girl. If you want me to give him ‘what for’ I will.”

He continued to talk, but his voice faded away, as though someone had turned the volume down. The smell of smoke faded with him. “Bye dad, I think my mum’s waiting for you, I love you.”

I head my mum’s voice again. “Wilf, tea’s ready.” she said.

The house became silent, I was alone again, but not for long.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson






Murder in the Family

Angie walked into the nursing home and was immediately greeted by an old lady with bright blue eyes.

“Hello, have you come to take me home?” she said.

“What?” Angie replied. “I think you have me mixed up with someone else. I’m here to kill my father.”

The old lady walked away, her head drooping in disappointment. “They left me here, no one ever comes to get me.” she said looking over her shoulder one last time. Angie laughed because the old crony had no idea she had just admitted she was about to commit murder.

“Hello, I’m the matron here, sorry Kathy lives in hope of getting out of here. She has run away several times, once in the back of the laundry van.” she said laughing. “She has Alzheimer’s and really has no clue where she is. Can I help you find someone?”

“Yes, you must be Mrs Robinson, we spoke on the phone, I’m Angie.”

“Oh hello, nice to meet you. You are here to see Michael. You are his first visitor in four years. His son used to visit, but I haven’t seen him in a couple of years.”

“My brother died eighteen months ago.” Angie replied as she remembered holding the pillow over her brother’s face until he stopped struggling.

“Oh dear, how sad. Well you are the first family member to visit him in a long time.”

And I may be the last, Angie thought silently.

“Come with me, he is sitting in a wheelchair out in the garden.”

“Does he know I’m coming?” Angie asked.

“Yes he does.” The matron answered, looking away, unable to meet Angie’s eyes. Michael wasn’t a pleasant man and had not wanted his daughter to visit.

They walked out into the garden. A frail old man sat in a wheelchair, his clothes hanging loosely on his wasted body.


“Is he in good health?” Angie asked.

“No, his heart is failing. He is too old for surgery. He could live another five years, or he could die next week.” The matron answered softly.

Or he may die this afternoon. Angie thought to herself.


Dead of July (Small)



rain window “I’m tired of the Corporate world.  There I’ve said it.” Trina said to a group of bleary eyed executives sitting around a conference room table. “I am tired, burnt out, exhausted and this will be my last deal. I miss my baby girl, my husband and my home. I want to enjoy my life, not be a prisoner to stress. I’m done.”

“Yea, yea, until they dangle another promotion and raise in front of you. Then you will be hooked again, for just a little bit longer”. her college said.

Trina looked out of the window of the tenth floor conference room. The drizzle had turned to heavy rain. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples in an effort to ease her throbbing head. “No I’m done. I am going home while I still have the energy to drive.” She walked from the room, a petite figure in a blue suit. “She’ll be back.” The CEO said jovially. She likes the challenge.

Trina was tired of the challenge, bone tired. As she slid behind the wheel of her little sports car she laughed and though, I am going to buy a big hulking ‘mum mobile’ this car doesn’t work for kids. She drove out of the parking garage an onto the street and was immediately blinded by lightning. Wow, that won’t help my headache, she thought.

lighteningShe inched her way carefully through the flooded city streets and breathed a sigh of relief when she reached the highway. The phone rang and she pushed the button to answer it. The sweet sound of her baby girl filled the car. “Will you be home soon mummy?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie I will. You get ready for bed, I will be there in two shakes of a lambs tail.” she answered.

“Love you mummy”

“Love you too pet”

Trina smiled briefly before the truck hit her.

RainThen her world went black. When she opened her eyes she was floating in a surreal world. Nothing was solid. Disturbing shapes in suits floated past her, reaching out to her. She tried to put her feet on the ground to balance herself, but she had no control. Trina opened her mouth to scream for help, but no sound came out. Someone was calling her name. TRINA, TRINA. She looked towards the voice. It was her boss. He was reaching out to her, bundles of money in his hands. She turned away.

She heard another voice Mummy, mummy, come back, I love you, I’m over here, can you see me? I need you. That voice made her feel warm and comfortable. She turned to see her baby girl looking at her with tears in her eyes. Trina moved towards the voice, and to the lovely fresh smell of her little girl.

A loud noise invaded the tranquility and she panicked, unable to hear her baby anymore. She was sweating, fighting with something. Trina felt a hand grip her arm. Oh god, was she dead. Has she been in a car accident?

“Trina, Trina, wake up.” It was her husband Ben. “You were having a bad dream.” he said as he turned off the alarm. Her baby girl was standing in the bedroom doorway with an alarmed look on her face. “Mummy are you alright.” she asked “Can I have a cuddle?”

“Yes sweetie, come and snuggle up with me, I need a cuddle too.”  Lucy bounced onto the bed and under the covers. Trina felt good.

Ben looked at the clock. “You are going to be late for work love.” he said.

“I am not going to work.” she replied

“Are you taking the day off, I thought you had a big meeting today and would be staying late.”

Trina hugged her daughter and smiled. “I am taking the next five years off, maybe longer”  she said as she snuggled back under the covers with her precious baby girl.


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Peter Pan – Why I write – 1961

I loved Peter Pan when I was a child. I loved that he could fly with Tinkerbell. I wanted to fly for as long as I can remember. Fly away to a new world. I would take my mam with me.

I have snippets of childhood memories. Not many of them are good and some of them are downright scary.

I remember my fourth birthday. We played hide and seek in the dark because my mam had no money to pay for electricity. She lit candles and made a game of it. I had a pink cake with a pink roses on the top. It looked pretty but the icing was hard. I heard someone say it was ‘old’.

I thought the cake was beautiful. My mam’s friend at the Baker’s shop down the road gave it to us.

My Gran gave me half a crown for my birthday. That was a lot of money. The coin was silver and shiny and she pressed it in my hand. My mam took it and told me she would keep it safe for me.

Just after that the lights came back on and I knew my nice shiny ‘half crown’ had been fed into the electric meter. It was okay though, it meant we could see to eat the sausage rolls and sandwiches my mam had baked. They were delicious and I didn’t want to waste a single crumb.

My brother’s were much older than I was and didn’t live at home anymore. One was in the Air Force and the other was married and living somewhere else. I hardly knew them.

We played ‘pass the parcel’ for a while, and musical chairs, and then my dad came home from the pub. He was drunk again and not in the partying mood. Stella, my mam’s friend, rounded up the kids and took them home. They all lived on our street. My dad put the TV on and sat in front of the fire. He didn’t watch the TV, but fell asleep. The TV was still on though, and he was wasting electricity that my bright shiny coin had paid for.

Half a crown

My mum looked at my dad in disgust as she ran a bath for me. Our bath was in the kitchen, we didn’t have a separate bathroom. The kitchen was a little extension in the back yard of our little two up, two down terraced house. The toilet was outside, across the yard and not a very nice place to go in the winter.

I sat in the bath while my mum cleaned the party things away, putting the left over sausage rolls and sandwiches on a plate for my dad to eat when he woke up.

My dad had forgotten it was my birthday I think.

I got dried in front of the fire and my mum hugged me tight and gave me a big kiss on the cheek. “Happy Birthday sugar” she said.

“Things will get better mam” I said “and if they don’t we will fly away like Peter Pan and Wendy”

Her eyes filled with tears and she picked me up and carried me upstairs to bed. I could have walked, I was four years old  after all, but it was nice to be carried. I loved my mam.

She took me into the big front bedroom and put me in the big double bed where I slept with her. My dad slept in another room because he snored. I lay in bed with my eyes closed, listening to my mam and dad in the room below. They were shouting at each other again. There was a bang, and then silence, other than the television. I closed my eyes and hoped I would dream about Peter Pan. I left my window open a crack so Tinkerbell could get in.

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(Preview) Dead of July My upcoming novel is about the very strange life of the same girl after she was married and whilst she was living in Germany.

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