Old Tarts and Blackpool Rock


Sonia’s eyes almost popped out of her head. She cut me off mid-sentence and in a high-pitched voice that hurt my ears, she yelled,

“Your mam was in Blackpool with her fancy man, and you were there, too. Your mam is nothing but an old tart!”

Although I was only seven, I knew exactly what an old tart was.

Gripping my brown leather satchel tightly, I used all my strength, and swung it toward her. It was heavy with my reading books and the remaining sticks of Blackpool rock, and it flew through the air like a missile, whacking the side of her face. My anger gave me strength I didn’t know I had, and when it made contact with her head, her eyes rolled back and she sank to the ground, where she lay like a beached whale.

Yes, I write about ghosts and haunting, but I am who I am and every story has a little “ME” in it. That means there is a lot of truth and a little humor. Hope you enjoyed this small excerpt from Ghosts on the Sand, a story about a young girl who sees ghost and has unwelcome premonitions. 

Watch out for “Ghosts on the Sand and other chilling tales” coming out soon on Amazon. 


Hey Shout Summertime Blues, Jump Up and Down in your Blue Suede Shoes – ROCK ON!

FairgroundCindy arrived mid-morning. “Still no Jan?” she asked.

“No, no phone calls either, maybe she’ll be in later.”

Cindy settled herself behind her desk. “You look tired, are you alright? You aren’t getting sick too are you?”

Shall I tell her about my dream? Will she think I’m losing my mind? I looked up, but she was already focusing on a computer print out, pencil in hand. The moment of confession passed by.

“I’m fine, just didn’t sleep well.”

“You ‘d better get as much sleep as you can tonight, the fair will be here by tomorrow. I don’t know which is worse, the noise they make setting everything up, or the blaring musing and screaming kids on the rides. I don’t know why they put it in the market place; it should be in a field out-of-town. It must damage the cobblestones.”

I smiled, “its tradition Cindy, the fair has been here over Whit Weekend for over a hundred years hasn’t it?”

“They didn’t have waltzers and dodgems over a hundred years ago though.”

Oh dear, she’s getting old! I hope I never get tired of things like the fair!

I put my head down and got on with my work. I don’t remember singing to myself; I don’t remember it at all. 

Hey kid rock and roll
Rock on, ooh my soul
Hey kid. boogey too, did ya

Hey shout, summertime blues
Jump up and down in my blue suede shoes
Hey kid you rock and roll, rock on

And where do we go from here?
Which is a way that’s clear?

Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen
Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean (James Dean)

“What is that song? I’ve heard it before. I really like it!”

I looked up to see Cindy staring at me. “What song?”

“The one you were just singing.”

Like a mist in my head, the tune hung there. I could hear it, but I didn’t know what it was. “I don’t know, I didn’t even realize I was singing.”

Then we both heard the song loud and clear. It came from outside.

And where do we go from here?
Which is a way that’s clear?

Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen
Prettiest girl I’ve ever seen
See her shake on the movie screen, Jimmy Dean
Jimmy Dean
Rock on

Rock on
Rock on
Rock on
Rock on…

I walked over to the window and looked out. The first of the huge lorries that would park in the market place and set up the equipment for the fair drove past. The music came from his open window. It was loud!

“Oh no, its starting! Peace and quiet shattered now.” Cindy said shaking her head.

I didn’t respond, I was too busy looking at the figure in black riding his motorbike behind the lorry. Was he looking back at me?

Hey kid rock and roll
Rock on, rock on
Hey shout, summertime blues
Rock on, rock on
Hey kid boogey too
Rock on, rock on
Hey kid rock and roll
Rock on, rock on

I was a child of the fifties and music ruled my life. Every memory comes with a tune. This is for those of you who remember David Essex when he was a young man. He melted my heart. This song still gives me the chills. 

The eighties were pretty good too! Dead of July is set in the eighties. 

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

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Evil Possession – Dark Angel

Time stood still. I daren’t move, daren’t speak, hardly dared to breathe. The room was filled with a different sort of energy. I felt it! It was good energy. Was this another trick? I kept my eyes closed.

“What happened here?” A soft voice said. “What happened in this room?”

The words took me by surprise, so did the gentle voice. I opened my eyes to see the tall dark man remove his hat revealing a mess of black curly hair and a face wrinkled with laugher lines.

Jeff stood up “Father Angelo,” he said “My prayers were answered, you came.”

“Don’t pretend you believe in God young man, I know you’re a doubter. We almost had you once. You’d have been happy in the church, but your doubts prevented you from staying.”

Jeff laughed. “I doubt, but I don’t disbelieve.”

ExorcismI sat up and looked at them both. “Can I get out of this circle now? Will I be safe?”

It didn’t take many steps for Father Angelo to cross the room to where I sat on the floor. He was well over six feet tall. He bent down and helped me to my feet. “You must be Lucy, its good to meet you. I see young Jeff still plays with runes and candles. Come, lets sit.”

Jeff’s face beamed with admiration and affection. He and the Father were obviously friends. I sensed a history. Although I was happy to have someone else here to help, I worried about putting another life in danger. Was my life worth risking that of these two good men. I doubted it.

Father Angelo produced two bottles of red wine from somewhere inside his huge coat, and while Jeff opened one he sat opposite me. He didn’t speak, but took my hands in his, closing his eyes. After a minute or so, he opened them again and looked around the room.

“When did your troubles start?” he asked.

“After the car crash, I almost died. I should have died, but a shape appeared above me, an angel.”

Jeff interrupted, “Father, it was a dark Angel.”

“Let her tell her story, go on Lucy, what happened next?”

“The Angel spared my life and allowed the truck driver to die. I think she killed my dad. She did something to Reverend Laybourn. I think she wants to kill me now.”

“When did you move into this apartment?” Father Angelo asked.

“A little over a year ago, a month before my accident.”

Father  Angelo took a big gulp of his wine and swirled it around in his mouth savoring it. He closed his eyes and swallowed. “I think your apartment is the problem. Something dark lives here and it wants to live through you, to possess you. I can feel it.

“How can you know such a thing? ” I asked, “you just got here.”

“I felt it as soon as I got out of my car, before I even entered the building.”

I remembered Reverend Laybourn and the look on his face as he lay in the road after being hit by a car. Maybe he felt it too. “What if I move? I’ll find somewhere else to live.”

Father Angelo laughed. “That won’t help you now. This has already gone too far. We have to deal with this and deal with it quickly before we lose you.”

Jeff sat next to me and put his arm around me. “We’ll get through this, be brave.”

I wasn’t so sure. The room was silent now, but I knew I wasn’t safe. Something evil lingered in a corner waiting for me. Waiting to seduce me into another world. It was clever and beguiling and I didn’t know how much longer I could fight it. I didn’t know how much longer I wanted to.

My first novel ‘Dead of July’ is currently available on Amazon and SmashWords.

Watch out for my short story ‘Fire and Darkness’ which will be released at the end of the year.

Dead of July – Amazon

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Preview – Dead of July!


Dead of July (Small)

eBook by the end of November.

An exciting, amusing and heartwarming story following the life a young “British Army Wife” and the trouble she gets into while living in Germany.

Sheila moved to Dortmund, in 1982 with her husband, a British Soldier. She enjoyed the life there immensely, until she got involved with two evil Russians that is.

She had a chance encounter with a young and badly beaten young German girl in a park close to home. The girl’s name was Anna. After helping Anna escape from her violent captor, Sheila’s life changed for the worse. Danger, in the form of two murderous Russians, followed her day and night, no matter where she was.

This story has many twists and turns, just when you think Sheila is safe, danger slides out of the shadows.

Paperback in December.


Evil Cossack – First Encounter!

My editor and I are working together to polish my story ‘Dead of July’. I really like the way it is turning out. 

Below is an excerpt from Chapter One, when Sheila first met Anna in the park. A chance meeting that changed Anna’s life for the better. A chance meeting that put Sheila in the path of EVIL. 

Anna!” someone was yelling. Actually, it sounded more like a growl than a yell.

This gruff male voice was yelling more than just her name, but all I could understand was “Anna.” She immediately stopped crying and literally froze. She looked at me with a terrified expression on her face, so I could only assume that the person who was growling her name was the same person who had made her cry. The man standing at the gate was now yelling loudly enough to scare us both. I took a couple of steps towards the path, which gave me a clear view of the gate, and saw a stocky man standing there. He had dark hair and a very rugged, angry-looking face. For some reason he made me think of a Russian Cossack and I knew I didn’t want an encounter with him, especially here in a park alone.

Impulsively, I ran forward to the bench and grabbed the girl’s hand. “Anna?” I asked. She nodded her head and looked at me with fear in her eyes. I took her hand and we ran in the opposite direction, away from the angry man. She needed no persuasion; she just followed me. We ran to the other gate and I opened it quietly. We slipped through silently. The angry voice was still raging behind us, but it didn’t seem to be coming any closer. I felt pretty uncomfortable running with two beers and a bratwurst not quite digested in my tummy, so we ran a little farther and then stopped. I turned and looked at Anna, who had stopped crying and seemed a little more composed. I let go of her hand and she looked up at me………

To find out what happens next keep checking in to my blog or  Follow me on Facebook !

‘Dead of July’ will be released later this year.

I started my writing career with two short stories, both of which are available on Amazon. They have received great reviews, even though I realize the editing could be better.

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK

‘Dead of July’ will be perfect. My amazing editor has helped me create my first full length novel A novel I am proud of. 

2010 – Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks!

This old dog is learning fast!


Our new company

For those of you following my humble blog, you will know I have been struggling to keep up with my writing. When I look back over the last year, it’s not hard to understand why.

In April our new company was launched, and consumed every waking moment. The job kept my husband busy long into the night. He had a reputation to maintain.

I then had to struggle with bookkeeping, expense reports, tax issues etc. etc. (and this is in my spare time)

Then there was the learning curve of how to market, edit, become part of the social media buzz and pitch my book. All of this didn’t  time leave me much time to write, and for a while I became very frustrated. After all, writing is what I love!

Somehow during all of this chaos I had to find time to maintain a house and garden, as well as my full-time job! No I am not asking for sympathy (wouldn’t refuse it if it was offered though).

We had a wonderful trip to Italy, which I shared with you on my travel blog. Whats new?

I am a published author (click on the links below to purchase). I have another book about to be published and within the next couple of months, I will have a free eBook for your reading pleasure.

I feel like I am rolling a stone uphill right now,  but eventually I will reach the summit and enjoy the fruits of my labour.

Girl on the Beach (US)

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

You can also purchase this book directly from my blog!   Words From Beyond

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And then we met Chuck!

Parker in 1995

When we first moved into our apartment in Englewood, we thought we would stay there forever. It was a lovely new two bedroom two bathroom apartment on the top floor. There was a swimming pool, hot tub, club house and tennis courts. We were surrounded by lovely landscaping, and backed onto parklands. We were happy for a while. Then the apartment seemed to shrink. As we acquired bikes, and had to carry them up to the third floor, we started to rethink the whole apartment living process.

In Summer of 1995 we started looking at houses. At first it was Joanna and I driving around looking at places. We looked close to where we lived, but the houses were so incredibly expensive, way out of our price range with only Lester working.

We started to look a little further afield, and ended up in Parker, which at the time (to us newcomers) seemed an incredibly long drive. We made the drive a couple of times though and looked around many ‘open houses’. Joanna and I got very excited about the idea of finding a house and caught Lester up in that excitement.

I think it was late June or early July when Lester came with us on that first trip to Parker. We looked around ‘Cottonwood’ first, Joanna would hop out of the car and pick up the brochures outside houses that were for sale. One one occasion, she was chased by a rather nasty dog, I have never seen her run so fast. Lester, being the ‘hero dad’ did some nifty driving (with the passenger side door open) and caught up with her so she could jump in and escape being bitten. We didn’t move to Cottonwood, the whole dog incident left a bad taste in our mouths.

We drove south on Parker Road (highway 83) until we came to an area where some new houses were being built in an older community, and made a right turn in the direction of the sales office. Lester parked the car (we still had the brown Subaru legacy) outside the sales office and we got out. It was a lovely area, right on the Cherry Creek trail.

The door of the sales office opened and out walked a sharply dressed young guy with a friendly welcoming face…..”Hi, my name is Chuck” he said “Welcome to Country Meadows”

Our life in America changed in many ways after that day. Watch out for my next posting to see how things turned out.

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Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Smashwords – Book Launch – Girl on the Beach


For sale at last

Remember this story? Some of you may have read the unedited version a chapter at a time on my blog! Now, at last it is for sale.

You can buy it on ‘Smashwords‘ by clicking on the photo above.

I will add the link to my website too. It is currently available in several different formats for ebooks. Paperback version to follow soon!



Scary Cat! Chapter 15 – German Ghost Story


Purrrfect photo!


Wow, its 2011 already. So much happening. You need to check my Facebook page to keep up with my writing career, its hard for me to keep up myself. Below is another installment of my German Ghost Story. Hopefully I will get this finished soon. Enjoy!

Chapter 15

I lay in bed, not feeling the least bit like sleeping. I was the world’s WORST sleeper. It fascinated me that people could lie down in bed, shut their eyes and go straight to sleep.  How did that happen? The longer I lay there, the less I felt like sleeping. It was like having several televisions in my head, all on a different channel. I lay there for a while with different images flashing though my head. One image kept coming back to haunt me, it was the bruise around the eye of the girl I met in the park.  I had not had much chance to think about Anna since yesterday because I had been preoccupied with work, rushing home to watch football and getting dinner ready for our guests, but now as I lay awake, I wondered if she was OK. I also wondered if the stranger that kept appearing in the shadows was the same man who had been yelling at her in the park. I hadn’t had a good look at him a he was always just beyond my field of vision. He somehow had a threatening aura around him, or was it my over active imagination making him seem that way? Maybe I was imagining the whole thing. Maybe it was one of the visitors I occasionally had. Who knew?


I heard a noise that sounded like it came from outside our door.  I looked across at Les, who was fast asleep of course.  I got out of bed and put on my dressing gown.  I groped around in the dark for my can of hairspray and picked it up.  I didn’t put any lights on and crept quietly to the door.  I looked out of the little peep-hole, but could see nothing. It was silent again. Well not quite, I could hear something that might have been someone breathing heavily.  I put the chain on the door, and opened it a crack. I could see nothing, but something was definitely out there.  OK, be brave!

I opened the door, and as something brushed against me I screamed and tossed the can of hairspray as hard as I could (this hairspray was a weapon which should have been sprayed in and assailant’s eyes, not thrown at them). Of course the can hit the stairs about one floor down and bounced noisily all the way to the bottom.  Now Les did wake up and the light went on in the bedroom. What happened next was funny, it was really funny.  It was a cat that had brushed past my legs and into the bedroom, where it stood on the end of our bed, claws extended, fur standing on end, hissing at Les, who had backed (naked) against the wall with a pillow protecting his unmentionables.  He really didn’t see the funny side of it, and didn’t understand how a cat had found its way into our apartment in the first place.  The cat, seeing the door still open, fled.  Les just glared at me and got back into bed.  I have to admit, I was still laughing (quietly inside) when I got back into bed.

I did manage to get to sleep after this, and with a big smile on my face!