Queen Tess – The Story Continues…

Yes, I’m finally writing again! I must finish this Children’s book. It’s dedicated to my beautiful daughter, her husband and TessMess, the fluffy bundle of cuteness that is part of their family now. Fendi, the older, smarter and not so patient pup in chief, should get a mention too. I usually write supernatural thrillers, but this is fun! Below is a taster of Queen Tess – a short shaggy dog tale.


An irresistible aroma wafted into Tess’s nostrils. She stood motionless, watching the slim slivers of delicious meat being peeled from the plastic.
Hey, I’m right here, right next to you, don’t forget me.
Tess stood on her hind legs, but still wasn’t able to reach the countertop.
Hello, puppy dog eyes, right below you. Look at me.
“Perfect, I feel like I’m in Italy again.” Sandra said as she wrapped the meat and put it back in the fridge. Tess rubbed against her legs.
Hungry pup down here.
“Tess you can’t possibly be hungry!”
Why not, you are. Woof!
“Hey quiet, no need to make a fuss. OK, just a bit though, I’m not even sure if you can eat prosciutto. Don’t want to make you sick.”
Tess, who had already gone through the motion of sitting and lying down, now stood on her hind legs and placed her front paws on Sandra’s knees. Her mouth was wide open in anticipation.
gimme, gimme, gimme
Sandra put the prosciutto back on the counter top and carefully tore a couple of small, thin slivers from the meat. She dangled them above Tess’s nose before letting them drop into her mouth.
“You are a good little pup aren’t you!”
You’re not so bad yourself lady!

Queen Tess – A Short Shaggy Dog Tale

“Tess, good girl, you peed. Good girl.”
Oh Lordy, of course I peed, don’t make such a fuss. Does anyone make a fuss of you when you pee?
They continued to walk.
“I could get used to this, it’s nice having company while I walk. Wait, what are you doing now? Oh no, dog poop.”
Tess squatted a little and did what all good dogs do at least once a day. She looked up guiltily, or was she smiling. Sandra put her hand in her pocket and pulled out the special green plastic bag that was used for this purpose. She gingerly scooped up the fresh poop, tied a knot in the bag and held it at arm’s length.
“Oh no Tess, its warm, let’s get rid of this now, yuk, it smells.”
Tess stood still and looked up at the dangling bag of poop.  
Lady, I just pooped, isn’t that why we came outside?

Footprints in the Snow – A Christmas Ghost Story

Christmas day in all its glory had been enjoyed by all. We relaxed by the fire, almost comatose, watching movies. We were too stuffed to move or even talk. Uncle Fred was snoring, his party hat rising and falling over his mouth as he breathed. It was a good day.

I forced myself to move and went into the kitchen to empty the dishwasher (again). Someone had to do it. I glanced at the back door as I walked past. Was someone standing there? I heard a light tap on the glass. I opened the door a crack and saw a young woman standing on the step. She was shivering as snowflakes fell around her. “Please come in, you must be cold. Are you alone?”

She was pale and thin. “Thank you for your kindness” she said as she stepped inside. “I lost my dog, I was looking for her, she’s old”

“What’s her name?” I asked

“Sandy” she said “Her name is Sandy and I’m afraid I won’t see her again”

“You aren’t from around here are you? What makes you think you will find your dog here?”

“She got out of the car whilst my husband was changing a wheel. I didn’t see which way she went.”

“I’m sorry, I haven’t seen her, but you look so cold. Don’t you have a coat?”

“I left it in the car when I ran after my dog. Sorry to have troubled you, I must be going.” She turned around. “Sandy” she shouted to no-one.

I grabbed an old cardigan from the coat rack in the hall and turned around to give it to the cold young lady, but she was gone. She had faded into the snowflakes leaving no trace, not even a footprint. Odd!

Snowy night

I couldn’t get the young girl out of my mind. She looked so cold and sad.

December 26th was a bright clear morning. It was beautiful. No one else was awake so I enjoyed the tranquility of the morning. A welcome relief after the chaos of Christmas. I switched on the television and watched the morning news in the kitchen as I drank a steaming cup of coffee, lovely.

One of the reporters was covering an accident that had happened less than half a mile from my house. I froze! A young couple had stopped at the side of the road to change a tire and were rear ended by a truck. They were both killed instantly, a tragedy on Christmas Day. They weren’t locals and their family had not, as yet been located. The face that looked back at me from the television was that of the young girl that had tapped on my door on Christmas night. How could that be? Then I remembered there were no footprints in the snow. I shivered and put down my coffee as I headed to the back door.

I did see footprints in the snow now, but not human footprints, they were paw prints. The paw prints came from the trees at the back of my house directly to my front door. It looked like an animal had laid there for a while.

Golden retriever

“Sandy” I yelled instinctively. I heard a low whining sound and a golden retriever walked slowly into view. She looked tired and cold as she came to me. I knelt down and felt for a tag on her collar. I found it. There was no address, no phone number, just a name. ‘Sandy’

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Haunting the Dogs

I saw lots of ghosts in my younger days. My young cousin, who had died of leukemia was the first. Next I felt, rather than saw, the ‘Green Lady’, in a local castle. My granddad actually visited my bedroom after he committed suicide which was a surprise as we weren’t that close. These visitations did not scare me, I became used to them and accepted them as part of my life. ‘The Green Lady’ was the only visitation that made me feel threatened, but I think it’s because she died a tragic death.

After I was married in 1977 I experienced a different type of haunting. It was something I couldn’t see and it affected those around me, including animals.

If you read my last blog you will know that things started happening in our house. Our cat  started acting strangely and saw things we could not. She made strange noises and would hide whenever she got the chance. What happened with the neighbors dogs was a little more obvious.

I hosted a girls night at my house and invited my neighbors. After a couple of drinks, one of them asked me if I knew our house was haunted.

“What”I asked surprised.

I wasn’t surprised the house was haunted, but surprised that she knew about it. She went on to tell me that her dog would not pass our house without making her cross to the other side of the road. It was obviously terrified.

I asked her over for coffee the following day, inviting her to bring her dog too.

She came reluctantly, but didn’t stay long. She had to carry her dog into our house and it sat on her lap, terrified, for the whole visit.

I had to make sure it wasn’t something that only happened to her pet, so I invited another friend to bring her puppy. Again the puppy had to be carried into our house. This animal hid under the chair and whimpered for the whole visit.

I didn’t invite anyone else, not wanting any other dogs to suffer. My husband joked about it and said that it was our kitten scaring the dogs. We both knew different. We had attracted a ghost. We just needed to find out who it was.

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