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I’m the one in the middle. Always ready to laugh, always ready for fun. As a kid I was ALWAYS in trouble. I turn every situation into a story.

Other than my family, the important things in my life are writing and visiting Italy. I  finally realized my Italian dream and bought a house in the small village of Colledimezzo, which is in the Chieti province of Abruzzo. I’m just as pleased as punch. I have another dream to fulfill now, to make it as a writer.

I’m still working on my next book, “Ghosts on the Sand” and I have one last short story to write before it’s done. Each story is based on events in my past. “Guy at the Bar” is a tongue in cheek thriller based on a man who tried to hit on me back in the seventies while I was having a quiet drink in “The King Bill” which was a pub I frequented in Brompton-on-Swale, where I used to live. “Ghosts on the Sand” was written about five years ago and it is based on my tumultuous childhood. My dad (by blood) was a bully. Mean, lazy and extremely scary. He beat my mam regularly. I have no good memories of him. This story starts after we left him for good. It talks about a little girl who had premonitions. I do still have premonitions, very accurate ones.

There are also two very short stories in this book.They both just popped into my over active brain. “Camera” is total fiction and set in Brompton-on-Swale and Richmond, North Yorkshire. Its a short, fast paced thriller. My editor couldn’t stop reading it, which meant it was edited super fast. I think that’s a good thing. My final story “The Engineer” isn’t written yet, but it is set in Italy. Total fiction and a kind of black comedy.

Hoping to release this novel for public consumption before March. Can’t wait to hear what you all think.




rain window “I’m tired of the Corporate world.  There I’ve said it.” Trina said to a group of bleary eyed executives sitting around a conference room table. “I am tired, burnt out, exhausted and this will be my last deal. I miss my baby girl, my husband and my home. I want to enjoy my life, not be a prisoner to stress. I’m done.”

“Yea, yea, until they dangle another promotion and raise in front of you. Then you will be hooked again, for just a little bit longer”. her college said.

Trina looked out of the window of the tenth floor conference room. The drizzle had turned to heavy rain. She closed her eyes and rubbed her temples in an effort to ease her throbbing head. “No I’m done. I am going home while I still have the energy to drive.” She walked from the room, a petite figure in a blue suit. “She’ll be back.” The CEO said jovially. She likes the challenge.

Trina was tired of the challenge, bone tired. As she slid behind the wheel of her little sports car she laughed and though, I am going to buy a big hulking ‘mum mobile’ this car doesn’t work for kids. She drove out of the parking garage an onto the street and was immediately blinded by lightning. Wow, that won’t help my headache, she thought.

lighteningShe inched her way carefully through the flooded city streets and breathed a sigh of relief when she reached the highway. The phone rang and she pushed the button to answer it. The sweet sound of her baby girl filled the car. “Will you be home soon mummy?” she asked.

“Yes sweetie I will. You get ready for bed, I will be there in two shakes of a lambs tail.” she answered.

“Love you mummy”

“Love you too pet”

Trina smiled briefly before the truck hit her.

RainThen her world went black. When she opened her eyes she was floating in a surreal world. Nothing was solid. Disturbing shapes in suits floated past her, reaching out to her. She tried to put her feet on the ground to balance herself, but she had no control. Trina opened her mouth to scream for help, but no sound came out. Someone was calling her name. TRINA, TRINA. She looked towards the voice. It was her boss. He was reaching out to her, bundles of money in his hands. She turned away.

She heard another voice Mummy, mummy, come back, I love you, I’m over here, can you see me? I need you. That voice made her feel warm and comfortable. She turned to see her baby girl looking at her with tears in her eyes. Trina moved towards the voice, and to the lovely fresh smell of her little girl.

A loud noise invaded the tranquility and she panicked, unable to hear her baby anymore. She was sweating, fighting with something. Trina felt a hand grip her arm. Oh god, was she dead. Has she been in a car accident?

“Trina, Trina, wake up.” It was her husband Ben. “You were having a bad dream.” he said as he turned off the alarm. Her baby girl was standing in the bedroom doorway with an alarmed look on her face. “Mummy are you alright.” she asked “Can I have a cuddle?”

“Yes sweetie, come and snuggle up with me, I need a cuddle too.”  Lucy bounced onto the bed and under the covers. Trina felt good.

Ben looked at the clock. “You are going to be late for work love.” he said.

“I am not going to work.” she replied

“Are you taking the day off, I thought you had a big meeting today and would be staying late.”

Trina hugged her daughter and smiled. “I am taking the next five years off, maybe longer”  she said as she snuggled back under the covers with her precious baby girl.


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