Ghosts on the Sand


Ghosts on the Sand  (Art by Kara Boulden)Strangers emerged from thin air, running toward the fire, shouting to one another in a language I didn’t understand. The watery inferno illuminated their fear-stricken faces. Shadowy figures floated slowly toward the shore, bobbing up and down grotesquely in the shallow water.

Trembling, I closed my eyes and prayed. Was this a nightmare?

Kara Boulden is an exceptional artist and she has agreed to produce a fabulous book cover for me. This is where we are so far. What do you think? I LOVE it.

Juggling work, home, chores and life with my next book release is tough, but I can do it.

Ghosts on the Sand (and other chilling tales) will be released late 2017 or early 2018. It will be a compilation of three or four short stories at the bargain price of $99 for the eBook.

I’m excited for you to read my next venture, and encourage feedback (good or bad), its how I become a better writer. As I head down the road to retirement I realize I’ll never truly retire, so writing will be my new and very pleasurable job.

Toodles, pop back soon!


Cover Art – Guy at the Bar


Sketch of my book cover

Happy Sunday!

if you have been following my journey over the past year, you will know my first book was ‘Guy at the Bar’. This book started my writing career.

‘Guy at the Bar’ is now being re-edited and will be re-launched soon as and e-book and a paperback.

I have just received the first sketch of the book cover for ‘Guy at the Bar’, and I love it.

Mike Brooker is a very talented artist and this is the second cover he has created. What do you think, isn’t it great? This book will be available as an e-book and paperback soon.

My other book is available from Amazon and Smashwords, for $4.99 US or around four British pounds.

Girl on the Beach (Smashwords)

Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)