These Old Bones


Sunday – a day of rest.

I wish!

I’m sixty (I whisper that number quietly in my head). Never thought I’d live to see this age. A child of the fifties, I thought I’d stay young forever. I guess we all think that, but here I am SIXTY!

Weekends used to be spent partying, dancing, sleeping late, and then if I could find time, doing housework. I had lots of energy back in the day, it wasn’t a problem. My body isn’t quite as flexible anymore. Yesterday I cleaned house, worked on the yard (yes all 3 1/2 acres), cooked and baked. I rose at 6:30 am and by the time I sat down, it was 6:30 pm.

I forgot my age and when I got out of bed this morning THESE OLD BONES ACHED


Face in the Mirror

Once when I was a teenager I wondered

What it would be like to be my mother for a day

To see the world through her eyes

And feel the way she felt in every way


Then I began to wonder I about who I really was

Could I now be my mother and was my mother me

What if our places changed and I had gotten old

Would anyone know the difference, would anyone be able to see


I’ve thought about it often as time has passed me by

I look in the mirror to see a face that isn’t mine

My thoughts belong to the girl I used to be

But the face is my mother’s, it just happened over time












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