Happy New Year – A relaxing resolution


January – Published ‘Girl on the Beach’ as and e-book

February – ‘Girl on the Beach’ published in print

March – “Guy at the Bar” re-launched as an e-book

April – “Guy at the Bar” published in print, took up snowboarding again.

May – Flew to England, marketed my book a little, had a little fun, visited family, ate curried goat and other delicious Jamaican food as well as good old fish and chips.

June – A little time in London, visited Gordon Ramsay’s wonderful restaurant ‘Maze’

July – Celebrated the fourth at the Gonzales residence with Fireworks aplenty.

August – Holy Moses – been married 34 years – I am getting OLD.

September – My lovely daughter turned 27.

October – Worked on my book as often as I could – it’s almost finished.

November – Celebrated Thanksgiving and my husband’s birthday in Vail, my daughter came along too.

December – A month of Christmas parties and getting together with friends and a lovely quiet Christmas together.

I am starting the New Year by relaxing a little. I wore myself out last year. I blogged and tweeted and wrote and worked and worked out and did chores and did classes and so on and so on and so on.

Even my vacation was a rush, two fun weeks in England, but during those weeks I visited family in London, Birmingham, Darlington, North Yorkshire, Berwick-upon-Tweed and then back to London. It was fun, but it was not restful.

Yes I know, that’s life, but this year I am going to prioritize a little better and relax a little more. Life should not be so stressful. We are only on this earth for a short while so we need to stop and smell the roses!

There is no doubt I will finish my book ‘Dead of July’ this year. I will most likely be finished with the writing this month. I will then re-read it before forwarding it to the editor.

I think I have found and editor I can work with for copy and content editing as well as proof reading. Next comes the lay-out  for print and for my E-book.

Lots to do, but I am going to pace myself and enjoy the process rather than rush through it. With that I wish you all a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.