My Books!

Girl on the Beach, was the first short story I published. It was quickly followed by Guy at The Bar. 
Once I started writing I couldn’t stop. I’d get home from work and write. I’d wake up in the morning and write.
Dead of July followed soon after, it was my first full length novel and I was very proud of it.

Dead of July is still available on Amazon, but I rewrote, and improved Girl on the Beach and Guy at the Bar. They are now included in a collection of stories called Ghosts on the Sand and Other Chilling Tales.

A couple of weeks ago I published a Children’s book called Princess Tess and her Mess. How did I get from chilling tales to Children’s stories? It just happened. I love to write and a certain bundle of fluffiness, called Tess, inspired me.

Will there be a follow up? I think so, let’s see how it goes.

My current books are available on Amazon. Take a look, you may find them interesting. – Dead of July – Amazon US – Dead of July – Amazon UK – Ghosts on the Sand – Amazon US – Ghosts on the Sand – Amazon UK – Princess Tess – Amazon US – Princess Tess – Amazon UK

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