Nazi Zombies!


So it started out like any other WWII movie. Showed promise with good actors! I’m not saying its a bad movie, but what could be worse than fighting Zombies?


Yes my friends, if you want to watch a horror movie, Overlord is definitely heart stopping and intense.

Night Terrors and The Walking Dead

I watched the garage door close firmly, making sure no one slid underneath before the door hit the concrete. Then I did something I’d NEVER done before. I locked it. Walking from room to room, I closed every shutter, checking the perimeter of the house as I did so. I made sure the front and back door were firmly locked. The glass sliding doors in the walk out basement worried me because they would be easy to break. Pull yourself together, I kept saying out loud. What was it I’d seen in the supermarket parking lot? My brain registered a creature from ‘the Walking Dead’, but it wasn’t possible. You saw a poor young lady with a horrific skin disease, I reasoned. She tried to sell you cosmetics that’s all.

I poured myself a glass of red wine, my hands shaking so much I almost spilled it. I turned up the heating, it had suddenly become very cold. It was impossible for me to sit still and relax. I gulped my wine and poured myself another glass. Should I call my husband? I picked up the phone and dialed, but was put straight to voice mail. SHIT! I dialed my daughter, same thing. Oh well, I guess I’m on my own, I thought.

The second glass of red wine did help to calm my shattered nerves so I sat down and worked on my current novel. Thank the Lord it wasn’t about Zombies. Getting lost in my writing helped eliminate my fear. Sheila, my heroine was backed in a corner, an evil Russian closing in on her, threatening her when I heard a scraping noise coming from outside.  What the hell was that? I heard it again, the noise came from the front porch. Now I was scared! I eased quietly off the sofa, not making a sound. I tiptoed quietly to the door and looked out of the little round peep-hole. I wasn’t prepared for what I saw. I stifled a scream, but only just. The creature standing on my porch was familiar to me, I’d seen her often in the local Bar, but never looking like this. I grabbed my cell phone, and with my trembling fingers dialed 911. The line was dead!


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Zombie Driver


Zombie shoppingThe house was silent for a while as Roxy and Laurie sat staring at each other, getting used to their new bodies. They opened their mouths to talk, but could no longer form words. Laurie tried to cry, but it seemed that crying no longer worked.

They hugged, both nervous of each other. The smell of each other made them hungry. The temptation to feast was overwhelming.

Roxy stood up and went to the refrigerator. She saw raw hamburger meat on the shelf and grabbed it, throwing half to her friend. They ate hungrily, knowing that raw meat wouldn’t be the meal they craved much longer. For now, it satisfied them.

Laurie stood up and headed for the door, purse over her arm. She looked back at Roxy “uhhhu” was all that came out of her mouth when she tried to speak. It worked though, Roxy got the message and followed her. They crossed the front yard clumsily, stomping on the flowers, until the came to Laurie’s mother’s little red Mini Cooper. The trip to the mall was still on their mind. They were going shopping.

“AHHHHHH” Roxy said as she climbed in the passenger seat.

“OHHHHGGGGG” Laurie answered as she got behind the wheel.

ZombieLogoAs she turned the key, their favorite music came on and their heads bobbed in time to the sound of Maroon Five ‘Move like Jagger’. The music was loud and totally drowned the sound of their wheels crunching over a couple of stray zombies who had made the mistake of getting in their way.

Laurie hit another car as she parked outside the mall but she didn’t notice. The parking attendant started walking in their direction, but when Roxy got out of the passenger seat, he backed off and returned to his little office, where he made a phone call to Mall Security Guard. “Ron, where are you? How quickly can you be over here” he asked.

“On my way, be there in a minute”

It was too late! The two girls were in the office behind him, and they were hungry.

Every now and again, I have to write something completely different, and for me, this is completely different. Have fun with it and check out my other short story and my upcoming novel ‘Dead of July’