Fighting Back – Dark Angel


Although I was still sitting on my sofa, everything around me had changed. The room was dark and full of writhing whispering shadows. Objects floated before me, indistinguishable at first, and then one by one, they came into focus. I was back under the bridge, lying on the ground, dying! I watched the life trickle away from me. A man lay dying next to his truck, moaning, clinging to life. A dark shadow crossed his face and he breathed no more. I saw a woman standing by a grave, crying. I knew it was his wife. A little girl held her hand, her face full of grief.

“No, stop I can’t watch this.” I yelled.

“Hush be still, I’m here.” Jeff whispered. I looked at him, he seemed to glow. He looked strong.

A cold harsh laugh pierced the darkness of the room. “Who dares to call me?”

Jeff spoke, and although I heard his gentle calming voice, I knew not what he said. It sounded like a prayer, but in a language I’d never heard.

“Go away, you can’t hurt me with your mumbling.”

Jeff continued to chant. Objects flew towards us and I cowered, my hands in front of my face, but nothing reached us. Some hidden force field protected us. Jeff continued to chant.

The voice of the Dark Angel laughed, shrieking. “You’ll never escape me, until I’m done with you. I kept you alive. You ungrateful bitch.”

“I’d rather be dead than owe you anything.” I shouted, trying to be brave.

“Oh I want to pleasure myself a little longer, you haven’t suffered enough yet,” the evil voice responded.

Jeff continued to chant. We were in the eye of a storm in my own home. I saw things I didn’t want to see. People writhing in pain, world-wide disasters. Were these visions things that had already happened, or a preview of what was yet to come. I grew dizzy……..the phone rang.

Everything stopped moving. Jeff stopped chanting. The dark fog that filled the room faded away.

“Answer the phone,” Jeff said, as thought nothing had happened.


“The phone, answer it, it’s the vicar!”

I picked up the phone. “Lucy, I think I’ve found someone to help us with your problem. Can you take the day off work tomorrow. I think we’re running out of time.”

I gulped, “Yes, I’ll call in sick.”

I put the phone down and looked at Jeff, who was packing his canvas bag. How did he know who was calling?

“What the hell just happened?” I asked.

“We’ve begun our fight against the evil that haunts you. We have quite the battle on our hands. It seems you owe it your life.”

I looked around me, everything was still neatly in place. No sign of the chaos I’d just witnessed, except a scattering of dark feathers on the rug. Jeff followed my gaze and walked over to them. “We have to keep working at this. Whenever you see a dark feather, burn it. It weakens her.”

He gathered the feathers, counting them as he did so. There were seven. He dropped them in the sink and put a match to them. The odor they emitted as they burned smelled of decaying flesh. I covered my mouth and nose while Jeff washed away the ashes.

“Please will you stay with me tonight?” I asked.”I’m scared!”

Jeff smiled, “I’m moving in for a while, it’s not safe for you to be alone anymore.”

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Sunday – Going to the dogs!

Greyhound Racing

One of the great British pass times I remember from the early sixties was ‘Greyhound Racing’ There was a dog track across the road from where I lived. My dad, when he was sober, would take me there at times. It was fun! My uncle Bob had a greyhound, which he kept in training all of the time. He was very proud of his dog. I can’t remember what he was called, but he was fast.

While we stayed with Uncle Bob and Aunty Gwen, we went and watched his dog race. I think he might have been called ‘Lightening’ but I am not sure. He was grey and thin, looked a little mean to me, but I never got too close to him. Uncle Bob kept him in his own special kennel out in the back yard. I used to think of him as King Racer, because he was certainly treated like Royalty. It was a very exciting day when to the race track. Uncle Bob was edgy all day, I think he had bet a lot of money on his dog. My dad used to bet money on the dogs too. That’s why we couldn’t pay the rent, he used to bet the rent money on his favorite dog.

Anyway, we were at the races, Aunty Gwen, Uncle Bob, my mam and me. It was a chilly day, but at least it wasn’t raining. The dogs were off, racing around the track, and every one was yelling, everyone but, me. I was frozen still because I wasn’t looking at the dogs, I was looking at my dad, who was looking right back at me.

I tugged at my mam’s arm, but she didn’t notice because she was caught up in the excitement of the race. I looked up at her and yelled, but as I did so, my dad got hold of my hand and yanked me away from her. I was too quick for him though, and grabbed my mam’s hand as he pulled me.

That got her attention. She looked around to see her ‘soon to be ex husband’ trying to kidnap me, an angry look on his drunken face. I felt like a wishbone ready to snap, and I was very scared “Gwen” my mam yelled.

My aunty Gwen wasn’t very big, but when she was what was happening, she turned round and swung her handbag at my dad will all of the strength she could muster. It surprised him and he fell to the ground with a thud.

My mam, my aunty and me ran like our lives depended on it.

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