1984 – Evil Lingers

Remember the eighties? I do! I was in my early twenties and living in Dortmund, West Germany!
Remember the hairstyles, those fashions…need I say more? It was a blast…except when it wasn’t.
Remember those movies “The Evil Dead, The Exorcist, Phantasm, Nightmare on Elm Street”? Scary weren’t they? You’d snuggle up to someone for protection, feeling nervous, jumpy and wondering if those thing really happened.

For me they did happen. They happened when I had no one to snuggle up to. They happened when I was alone and vulnerable, and I’ll never forget. Evil Lingers for a long time, and the memory lingers even now!

Evil Dead – 1982 Movie

Scary 1982 Movie

I had to share this with you, and remind you of the horror films we watched back in 1982. When I posted the first snipped from my ‘Walk in the Park’ story a couple of days ago, my niece Adele (who isn’t that much younger than me) reminded me that she watched this with us in Germany on our old ‘Betamax’ video recorder. 

She spent two weeks with us in the Summer of 1982. Shortly after watching this movie, she went up into the attic to hang out the washing, and was terrified something was going to come up through the floorboards and get her.

These old horror movies are pretty lame by todays standards, but they were scary at the time. I wonder if the apartment buildings in Germany still have attics full of washing lines.  I had forgotten about that! Obviously its burned in my niece’s memory, and not for good reasons. Sorry Adele!

Its fun writing stories that are entwined with my past, it brings back all sorts of memories both good and bad.  Keep reading, my German Ghost Story is pretty long and should keep you going for a while. Hope you like it.

Anyone else remember their scariest movies from 1982?