Haunted House!


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All I could think about was the sad face that haunted my dreams at night, and my thoughts all day. The face that was taking over my life. Why? I didn’t know her. If it was the old man’s daughter, she was long since dead. My day at work was painfully slow. Finally, eager to talk to the old man, I made and excuse to leave early.

January dusk soon fell, cold and uninviting. I was grateful for my heated car seat after being chilled to the bone walking across the parking lot. It was dark when I pulled onto the drive way of the ranch. There wasn’t a light to be seen in anywhere in the house either. Wishing I’d brought a flashlight I opened the car door. The breeze was no longer gentle.

Watching my step I walked in the direction of the huge shadow which loomed ahead of me. It’s all I could see of the house. I approached the front door and tapped on it nervously, feeling like an intruder smothered in a blanket of darkness.

The door swung open slowly, creaking as it did so. Doors always creaked in these situations.

“Hello, is anyone home?”

No answer, no movement. The air was deadly still. I took a step forward into the house. The temperature dropped several degrees when I did so. How could it be colder inside than out. My breath formed a cloud in front of my face.

“Hello.” I said softly.

A floorboard creaked. The sound came from above. I looked in the direction of the stairs, but thought the better of going up there.

What if he’s dead? 

Standing just inside the doorway I wondered what to do next. I had no business walking around the house uninvited. People did that in movies and it always ended badly. Turning around I pulled the door shut and walked back to the car. Should I leave a note?

Footsteps crunched on the gravel drive way and I looked up expecting to see the old man. The steps continued, but there was no one to be seen. Instinctively I locked the car door. Footsteps crunched past me, stepping onto the porch. Looking in my rearview mirror, I watched the front door open and close on its own.

Time to get out of Dodge! 

I started the car and floored the accelerator, pebble dashing the front of the house with gravel as I left.

Thank God I didn’t go upstairs! 


Conversations with a ghost?

When my daughter was young, and I mean very young, she would wander around the house in the night. I have no idea why, but it would scare us to death. She is 27 now and I know if she reads this it will embarrass her, but she would have conversations with invisible people before she could even talk. Seriously!

The first time this happened we heard a noise downstairs and realised it was the childish giggles of a one year old. My husband and I jumped out of bed and ran downstairs wondering if someone else was there. Our baby girl was standing on a chair, looking out of the window and talking to the moon. She jumped up and down and down on the chair, unaware of our presence. She talked in child talk and then stopped as thought she was listening to someone talking back. Then she would giggle. We stood for a few minutes amazed as we listened to what seemed like her side of a conversation. When I scooped her in my arms, she didn’t object, and I tucked her back into bed, where she slept soundly for the rest of the night.

The next ‘night time’ conversation was a week or so later. I heard my baby girl get out of bed and ran to her room to stop her from clambering down the stairs again. I picked her up and put her into the middle of my bed, between my husband and I. If she tried to go downstairs she would have to crawl over one of us and we would wake up and stop her.

She didn’t try to crawl out of bed, but instead laid on her back, her arms animated as though she was conducting an orchestra. She proceeded to have a conversation with someone whilst looking at the ceiling. There was nothing there but shadows. I lay awake and listened to her childish giggles and baby talk for thirty minutes or so before she fell asleep. I wished I could hear the other side of the conversation, I would love to know who she was talking to. Who was making her giggle so much?

I wondered if she had inherited my gift, and the gift my grandmother had before me. We saw people who no one else could see, but it didn’t happen to me until I was five years old. My daughter was only one year old!

She vaguely remembered these incidents until she was about fifteen. There was one more occasion when she a freshman in high school. She came home from school sick. She lay on the sofa and remembers seeing a woman sitting in the corner of the room looking at her, maybe even watching over her until I got home.

If my daughter still has this gift, she no longer talks about it. Maybe it’s hard for her to come to terms with, it was for me too. When she is older she may open her mind again. I believe someone is watching over her. I hope so anyway.

You can purchase my two short stories from Amazon. They are based on paranormal experiences I had as a child, and then as a teenager. They are my first attempt to talk to the world about what happened to me. I am still learning how to put my stories together. Later this year my first novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released. This novel is being edited by a wonderful editor called Amy Eye and I believe with her help, it will be a great read. It is based on things that happened to me whilst living in Germany in 1982. It is a German ghost story.

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Ghosts from my youth – Tan Hill – North Yorkshire

Tan Hill Pub. A place I visited in my youth.

Tan Hill was a short drive from where I lived in Brompton-on-Swale, North Yorkshire.

On the Pennine Way, Tan Hill was loved by hikers too!

It was in the middle of nowhere and a very spooky place. The food was great, but the atmosphere was better. It was haunted, no question about it. We scared ourselves to death on the way there and on the way back. Whilst in the pub at Tan Hill, we were always high on adrenalin (and Merrydown Cider or Old Peculiar), expecting a ghost to appear at any moment. It was charged with energy of a different kind. I loved visiting Tan Hill.


Jan 11, 2010

SPOOKED-OUT staff and drinkers say spirits of a different kind have appeared in an isolated pub.
People who work at the Tan Hill Inn – the highest pub in England – have reported ghostly strange goings-on inside the building.
Ghost sightings have led to a team of ghost investigators making a film at the pub, which sits on a windswept moor near Bowes at 1732ft above sea level.
And Angie McKinnell, manager of the Inn, says customers are now reporting unexplained smells of smoke inside.
“The customers often smell smoke and we just can’t explain it. It’s very strange and it’s been happening for quite a while now,” Ms McKinnell said.
Staff claim that they can smell it near kitchen, outside the toilets, near the cellar and in a rear passageway.
“It smells like pipe tobacco and I’m sure you can’t buy anything like it now. It happens inside the pub and it’s definitely not cigarette smoke from customers.”
Ms McKinnell said the smoke may be connected with the story of three drovers who used to smoke heavily in the shelter of the pub’s walls several hundred years ago.
The manager added that ghost of a boy often appears in the bunkrooms.
“I’ve seen him twice and he wears a brown jacket and shorts. He looks as if he has been caught out and just stares back before disappearing. There’s definite eye contact,” she said.
Ellie Chadwick, who works at Tan Hill, also described seeing a mysterious figure nearby while she packing boxes outside the pub, before he too disappeared.
“He was just watching what I was doing. I even spoke to him,” she said.
The team of paranormal investigators visited the pub in the autumn and made a documentary about the ghoulish activities at Tan Hill. To see it,
visit video sharing website YouTube.
Have you seen anything spooky at the Tan Hill Inn? Write to the Mercury at the usual address, or email editor@teesdalemercury.co.uk
I was always attracted to places like this, probably because I was sensetive to the residents that many people didn’t see. Its’s hardly surprising that I started to write stories about my youth, and the things that happened to me. Check out my first to short stories. 

My first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be released later this year. This is an unedited preview  (Preview) Dead of July

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