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As a part-time independent writer, I don’t have the time (or money) for huge advertising campaigns. My day job keeps me busy and pays the bills. What I want to do more than anything else, is have people read, and hopefully enjoy my stories. I’m an old girl now and get tired a little more quickly than I used to, but I still write at every opportunity. For two days only, my latest stories will be free on Amazon. If you enjoy reading Ghosts on the Sand, please take the time to give me a review. I’d really appreciate it.


Halloween Treat!

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The nostalgic aromas were intense, his nostrils devoured them.
“I miss you Sadie, I miss you so much.”
Sammie come closer and keep me warm, I’m waiting for you.
He took another step and his knees buckled beneath him. He sunk to the ground. He was aware of hands grabbing onto him, finding a place to grip him and lift him and carry him.
Sam opened his eyes. His vision was blurry. He tried to speak, but couldn’t.
The aroma wasn’t wood smoke anymore, it was rancid, sickening. His eyelids were heavy.

Childish giggling roused him from unnatural slumber. Still unable to move anything but his eyeballs he looked around.
I’m inside the cottage, the old hag has me in her cottage.
As though reading his mind a dark figure appeared, her face was hidden in the shadows, but he could see her body, it was young and shapely.
Is this who Dirk saw in the woods? Is this the old hag playing tricks? She has us drugged.
“Yes you’re in my home, you should be thankful I have you. You fell to the ground out there. I brought you in. Saved you from the forest. I’m insulted that you call me names. Do I look like an old hag?”
I’d be safer in the forest!
“Really? It depends what you call safe?”
Sam’s eyelids were still heavy.
“Come children, give our guest some soup, he’s weak.”
The pattering of tiny feet, the scraping of a chair. The shapely figure disappeared and a deformed face bent over him. A face that looked like it had been patched together roughly from spare human parts. The ears didn’t match, the eyes were odd. If Sam could move, he’d have screamed and run. A grotesque smile twisted the drooling mouth above him. A hand that looked more like a claw held a spoon of steaming liquid. From the shadows at the far end of the cabin a voice commanded him to eat. As the steaming liquid trickled down his throat whispers invaded his ears. They floated around him, above him, beside him. The filled the dark, thick atmosphere of the cabin.

Drink your soup, let it warm your insides,
We need to fatten you up,
We’re cold and hungry we need to eat,
Any you are our special Halloween Treat!

The patchwork face above him licked its lips and drooled a little more, then grinned, revealing two rows of  razor sharp teeth.

Halloween – The Scent of a Woman

halloweenCome on, think, come up with an idea! You have to write, if you don’t write you don’t eat! Funds a are low!

Jane sat at her desk tired, frustrated and brain-dead. Writer’s block had set in and it looked like it was here to stay. It’s Halloween for Christ’s sake, I write horror stories for a living. Why can’t I come up with a single idea?


A couple of miles away, in a derelict house on the edge of the lake, sat a man, the word man is used loosely. He was more mutant than human. Born from an inbred cult who’d been dead for a decade, he was the only survivor of the mass suicide of the Lake clan. For days he crawled across their limp bodies, looking for nourishment, which he’d eventually found. I don’t think I need to tell you what he ate. He was five years old when he was left to fend for himself, and already damaged. More to the point, dangerous! His now dead family were the only people he’d ever known, a loveless breed who lived in caves and tree houses deep in the forests of the Appalachians. Preying on lonely hikers, stray dogs, and anything else they could eat. Their language was a serious of grunts, mixed with the occasional word. They were long gone now, except for one, and he was hungry!


Pouring herself a glass of wine, Jane stood by the window and looked across the lake. She’d used money she couldn’t afford to rent this place, hoping to get away from worldly distractions and write. She had no cell phone signal, no television, and was miles from the nearest town. Her only living contact was Penny, her elderly mutt, who lay sleeping on the rug by the fire. Have I wasted the last of my savings? She walked out onto the porch. It was a beautiful clear night. The lake reflected the full moon. It looked like mercury. Other than the rustling of the trees, and the sound of the night creatures, all was still peaceful.


At the other side of the lake one of the silent night creatures felt Jane’s presence. He sat still and sniffed. His animal instincts smelled human. It smelled woman. Instantly aroused he silently rose and looked towards the scent. He’d located his prey and moved stealthily towards the cabin.

Halloween – not my kind of Ghost!

I write about ghosts, premonitions, weird unexplainable happenings, but I write about my life! My marketing friends tell me, “its your time of year, make the most of it, market your books. It’s Halloween, go for it.”

Yes I get it, but my spirits are with me all year-long, they don’t just jump out of the closet on Halloween. Life would be much easier for me if they did.

My visitors don’t jump up and go BOOO, they simply wander into the room and silently make their presence known.

So as Halloween approaches I sit here and ponder. Shall I promote my book because it’s a little scary? Why not?

Dead of July a great Halloween read, available on Amazon by clicking on the link to the left and Dead of July – Smashwords

BOOOO – I hope it scares you.

Dead of July by Sandra Thompson

Allyson and the Devil

Allyson slept well that night. She didn’t really think her spell would work, but she enjoyed the exercise. Playing with magic felt good.

The following day Allyson got ready for school, eager to see if her magic worked. She dressed all in black, deciding to go for a Gothic look, no one cared, everyone hated her anyway. She grabbed a granola bar and smoothie from the refrigerator and ate her breakfast as she waited for the bus.

Things weren’t quite right when Allyson got to school, she noticed it right away. Nothing she could put her finger on though. It was just a little different, calmer somehow.

She dreaded her first class because she shared with Linda, Ann and Janet. They were the ‘in crowd’, the beautiful people, the girls who made her life miserable. Today would be just like any other, unless of course her spell worked.

Allyson walked into class and took her usual seat at the back. The three desks by the window, where her tormentors normally sat, were empty. It looked like it was going to be a peaceful morning. Allyson sighed with relief.

Then Linda came through the door. At least it looked like Linda. The girl who walked through the door was clumsy, she dropped her books in the doorway, stood on the front of her skirt as she bent down to scoop them up. She was uncoordinated and ungainly.

She was followed by Janet, was that really Janet? The tall, usually glamorous looking girl was far from glamorous. She looked like a bean pole, her clothes hanging on her in an unflattering manner. Her usually long, silken curly locks hung down her face, limp and greasy. She shuffled to her seat and sat gazing listlessly out of the window.

That left Ann, she came last. Her blonde short-cropped hair still looked great, but couldn’t cover the acne pitted face. You could almost see new eruptions on her chin as she walked to her seat.

Allyson smiled as she touched her soft skin and silky hair. She felt good, glad she had found the old black magic book in the library, she though she may just keep it. Did she want to reverse the spell she had cast on her three classmates….maybe…but not just yet!

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK


Brenda and Phil Rutter were Halloween folk. They didn’t have children of their own, but the local kids loved to visit them at Halloween. They went to great lengths every year to decorate their farm for the occasion. Old and young stopped by to pass the time and enjoy the home-made treats and hot apple cider.

The welcoming roadside display encouraged everyone to stop by and linger. Brenda and Phil sat on the porch, dressed for the part, wearing a different costume every year. It became a family tradition for the locals, a tradition that started in 1957.

The porch always looked inviting and never too scary for the young ones. The aroma of freshly baked pumpkin cookies wafted from the kitchen. It was a good safe place to be on Halloween.

The Rutter’s farm at Halloween became a tradition, passed down through families.

Because of heavy Halloween face paints, and baggy costumes, no one ever noticed that Brenda and Phil had not aged. No one saw them during the day, or any other time of the year for that matter, but every Halloween, regular as clockwork, they were there.

The first time Susie visited this Halloween haven with her parents was in 1983. She was six. She loved it and begged to go back every year, rain or shine, until she was thirteen and it wasn’t ‘cool’ anymore.

In 2010 Susie had a child of her own, and whilst visiting her parents one year for Halloween, decided to carry on the family tradition and take little Jane to visit the Rutter’s. It was a crisp cold night, but worth the trip. Susie stood back and took photos as Jane ran up the steps onto the porch.

“Hi there, remember me? I am Susie, the Thomas’s little girl. This is Jane, my daughter.” she shouted, unable to get too close because of the children swarming around them, helping themselves to Candy.

The couple gave her a mechanical wave. “Happy Halloween” they said, just as they always did. Then they looked back at the children, smiling and waving at them as they left with their spoils.

Jane came back down the porch steps with a bag full of candy. “Come on mommy, let’s go home it’s cold.” she said.

“But sweetie, we just got here, don’t you want to stay a while?”

“No mommy, it smells bad.” She said. “I don’t think I like it here”

“OK just one more photo, go sit on the step”

Jane nervously sat on the porch step, forcing a smile, but looking uncomfortable. Immediately after the camera flashed, she got up and ran right past her mother, not stopping until she reached the gate.

“Kids” Susie thought as she ran after her.

Jane was quiet on the journey home, and as soon as she got back to her Grandparents house, she dropped her candy in the trash……………….part two coming soon!

I am at the beginning of my writing career and blogging helps my be creative. My two short stories are available for free to Amazon Prime member (e-Book). In the Spring my first full length novel ‘Dead of July’ will be published, it is currently with my editor. When this is released, I will take down my two short stories for further editing. Although I have received great review for both of these, I am becoming a perfectionist and would like to make them better. Try them for free while you still can. 

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Girl on the Beach (UK)

Girl on the Beach (US)

Guy at the Bar Amazon

Guy at the Bar Amazon UK