‘Guy at the Bar’ takes a short vacation.


Where it all started



If you have been following my blog, you know that ‘Guy at the Bar’ was my first short story. It is the story that gave me the writing bug. I published it as an eBook on Amazon, and to my surprise sold a few copies, enough to buy a bottle of champagne anyway.

I joined ‘Meet Up’ groups where I met seasoned writers, as well as beginners like myself. I am learning an awful lot from these people, and still have an awful lot to learn. One thing I do know though is I must re-edit my first story and make it more readable. A professional editor can help make a good story great. I think ‘Guy at the Bar’ is a good story and will remain on Amazon for $2 until the end of December.

When it returns in April, it will have a facelift. As well as being professionally edited, it will have a fancy new cover, and will probably be available in paperback too.

Thanks to everyone who bought my first book and gave me the confidence to continue. You will be hearing a lot more from me next year.





Guy at the Bar – Widgets and Gizmos!

Good Morning World! It was a late night last night as I wrestled with widgets and things to find out how to link ‘Guy at the Bar’ from my blog to Amazon where you can purchase it…..I did it. I hope this makes it much easier for you all. There are millions of books on Amazon so now, if you want to, you can go directly to mine. ‘Girl at the Beach’ will be joining it soon.  Does anyone have any feedback on ‘Flat Country Snow?’ Have a lovely June day, and keep reading!