Dead of July

Yes, my new book is now on sale. My very first full length novel.

This story is set in 1982 in the city of Dortmund, Germany.

The Berlin wall was still firmly in place. We were all dancing to Michael Jackson, Kool and the Gang and Luther Vandross.

Italy clashed with West Germany in the FIFA World Cup Final in Barcelona.

It was an exciting year in more ways than you can imagine! Click on the cover to purchase the book from Amazon.

A German Ghost Story

A German Ghost Story

10 thoughts on “Dead of July

  1. I started reading the book you sent me and I just couldnt put it down!!! Its like you cannot wait to hear what happens next. Your talent is amazing and your blog looks very good.
    Ideas are flowing through my head for the illustrations, I think because you describe so well(thats why you are the writer!) I can see visually how to illustrate(guess thats why Im the painter) but our combined intuitions and the fact we both see Spirit will marry words and pictures well.
    You like me are down to earth, and I know your books will set the ground breaking trend of all thats to be understood about moving forward in this world of ours. We as people are so complex and amazing and when we embrace who we are and learn to understand that our mind is a truly incredible tool, then there is a magic, beauty and realism that is released. I see this in your words, keep going and trust your instincts.

    Good Luck with everything, when you have a talent it is only good if its shared.

    Shelly x

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