My Short Stories

Girl on the Beach, was the first book I published, and will be available again in a couple of months. I am currently re-writing it. As I have grown as a writer, I have become a perfectionist and would like this story to thrill and enchant you. Once it is re-written, it will

This book was fun to write. I got many wonderful reviews, as well as a few critical ones. I learned from them all. I have a lot more to learn, but its a journey I am enjoying.

Guy at the Bar

Guy at the Bar Amazon Guy at the Bar Amazon UK











This is where it all started. although this was the second book to be published, it was my first short story.

‘Guy at the Bar’ is based on something that happened in my a local pub in the small village of Brompton-on-Swale in North Yorkshire.

I am still not sure what prompted my memory of this event, or why I wrote the story, but I am glad I did.

My husband read it and persuaded me publish it on Amazon as an E-book.

Guy is currently in re-hab but the new and improved version will be back next year.

The last three years have been a great learning experience for me. I have met many interesting people who share my love of writing.

I am having the time of my life, so keep following me and enjoy the ride.

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