Back to the Red Barn!

FootstepsAfter tossing and turning in bed for most of the night I gave up. Sleep wasn’t visiting me! At 4am I donned my robe and went downstairs to make coffee. I was tired and irritated. The dark silent house offered no comfort. It was no use calling Les, he was two hours ahead of me in Ohio, and probably already working, but what would I tell him?

I sipped my coffee and stared outside into the darkness. Nothing to see!

Gran what should I do? 

Opening my laptop I tried to work on my book, but I was too tired, too irritated!

Goddamn it, I have to get to the bottom of this.

After two cups of coffee and a lot of pacing, I showered. Work was out of the question, I was incapable of driving let alone working. Exhausted and defeated, I began to cry. I couldn’t go on like this.

Just after eight o clock, the phone rang.

“Hello pet, I had the strangest dream and I had to call you.” It was my mam. She had no clue about the time difference between England and the United States, had I been at work I’d have missed her call.

“Hi mam, I’m glad you slept long enough to have a dream. I was awake all night. What did you dream that made you think of me?”

“I dreamed about your Grandma! She was walking through the field near your house. It was very odd because she died long before you moved to America.”

“What a nice dream. It makes me feel like she’s watching over me.” My Gran had been watching over me since the day she died, but my mam wouldn’t discuss such things. 

“There was an old man with her, but it wasn’t your Grandad. He was very sad. Your Grandma was holding his hand, like she was leading him somewhere.”

I cold barely breathe. Mam had never shown any signs of having the gift my Gran and I shared, but somehow she’d become part of what was happening. I let her continue.

“They were walking towards an old red barn. I could hear someone crying.”

The phone went silent.

“Mam, are you still there? What did the man look like. What happened next?”

“I don’t know pet, your dad started snoring and I woke up. I wish he’d stop smoking, I’m sure it makes him snore.”

I exhaled deeply. Dammit, I needed to know what happened next.

I chatted with her for a while, not really listening, but making the right noises. Finally in the distance I heard a doorbell ring. “I’d better go, some one is at the door. Take care.”

“You too mam, love you.”

By the time I put the phone down I had a plan.



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