Voices in the Night

I sat bolt upright in bed! Cold sweat chilled my body. The air around me was alive, charged with activity. I wasn’t alone. Show yourself!

The atmosphere settled. Was I dreaming again?

Pulling the covers from the floor, I snuggled back down and hugged my pillow. “Help her!” It was no more than a whisper.

I froze and held my breath, hoping to hear more. Silence! The clock told me it was only 5 AM. I didn’t really want to get out of bed. It was cold and dark. Ten minutes passed and I realized sleep had left me for the night, so slipping on my robe I trudged downstairs and said good morning to the coffee machine. While it warmed, I decided to edit the last chapter of my novel. There was still a lot of work to do before it could be published. I opened my laptop and in the brief moment before the screen awoke, a face appeared. It was the sad face of a young woman. She closed her eyes and bowed her head. Before I could take a better look, it was replaced with sun setting across the Mediterranean. My desktop! What the heck?

“Help her!”

“I can’t help her unless I know who she is.”

A sad, heavy silence hung in the empty room.

Is this going to last forever? Show yourself so I know who you are.

The coffee tasted good as I sat down and worked my novel. My imagination was flowing and my fingers flew across the keyboard in an editing frenzy. Music brought me back to reality. My alarm clock! Thanks heavens I’d left it on or I’d have forgotten it was Monday morning.

As I showered I thought about my broken sleep. Who was trying to contact me? Who needed my help? I knew it was connected to the not so old man and his tragically departed daughter, but how? She was dead, he was living from day-to-day, waiting to die.

“Who needs my help?” I said out loud to a deserted house.

I dressed and left for work. My usual route was blocked by a delivery van, so I drove the opposite way through my little community to get to the main road. Houses were few and far between, hidden among the trees, all set back from the road. Country living at its best. As I passed the ranch at the top of the hill, the front door opened, illuminating the bent shape of the man who had recently come into my life. I’m going to come and visit you tonight!

He looked up as though he could read my mind. Maybe he could!


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